what is wrong with people!

okay, i have to ask myself and everyone out there in cyber world, why would any one in their right mind thank god for their body?  they are the ones going to the gym or home gym or running, and dieting like crazy starving themselves of tasty treats.  not any god.  if it was so easy i would just get down on my knees and pray for a six pack and a perfect body, but it doesnt work that way because there is no easy way and there is no god.  it is november 11 2011 11/11/11 and people are still acting like it is were in tribes in africa dancing around fires from a lightning strike that must have came from zeus or whatever god you or they think shot down the bolt of fire.  WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!  dont be scared to open your blinds on your windows and look outside, its a world, a beautfiul world, not created by a mythological god, but by a matter of chance, that all the chemicals and atoms needed for life, like CO2 and H2O and all the rest, just grab a periodic table and look at them, they happened to be here and people waste every sunday sitting in a giant church, putting their hard earned money in the priests pocket so he can buy a new car or molest some kids, its insane.  what really piss's me off is there are millions of people who go to college, get degrees, have science classes and are told how the universe and everything came to be to the best of our scientific knowledge, and yet the are dumbass's who think the earth is 2000 years old and are running this country!  look at all the wars the earth has ever had, 90% of them have been 1 religion against another.  i heard the other day some one say how mormons are retards and i asked him what religion are you, he said catholic, so i asked him how his religion wasnt as ****ed up and fake as mormons?  he couldnt talk.  thank u! 

gained weight

Finally gaining weight not working fulltime, body has time to rest, but im eating to many carbs and fat and my once almost visible abs are gone, now im getting a beer belly, need to change diet to reduce fat.  but happy im heavier, been wanting to gain weight since i was 16!

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