Working Out during my 12 week transformation.

During my transformation period, I usually tried to give my 110% in the gym, if not 200%! I worked out usually around one hour, with 20-22 sets per training day. I tried to stay in the 8-12 reps for my upper body exercises and 12-25 for my legs. As they say, "Go hard, or go home!" 

My nutrition during 12 week transformation

My nutrition was also a key for my success. I concentrated on high protein diet (supplementing most of my protein from whey since I am a student and I cannot afford buying 7 solid meals a day), and low in carbohydrates (especially in simple carbs). Therefore on my training days I had 7 meals a day. At the morning I had a scoop of Gold Standard Whey Protein with a scoop of natural oat meal (full grain). After my workout I had 2 scoops of Gold Standard Whey Protein or Hydrolyzed Whey Protein. For my lunch I usually enjoyed tuna in water or grilled chicken breast. I also had one or two protein shakes (Gold Standard) between my classes. For my diner I had usually some lean protein like turkey breast or chicken (grilled or on steam) with complex carbs such as green beans. At the end of my day I usually supplemented with another scoop of whey. Therefore I took around 220 grams of protein per day, 100 grams of complex carbs, and around 50 grams of fat. 

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Training for my 12 week transformation

The training was an essential part for my success. I trained 6 days a week, with no excuses! On Tuesday i concentrated on my chest, on Wed. I concentrated on my legs, on Thur. my delts and abs, on Friday I did cardio, on Saturday I worked out my back, and on Sunday my arms (triceps and biceps). On Monday I had day off. I took this approach from ideology of Jamie Eason, the superstar member on BodySpace.

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Supplements that I used for my transformation

Supplements that I used for my transformation are following: 15 lbs of Gold Standard Whey protein (two thumbs way up), 1lb of Hydro Whey from ON, Opti men multivitamin from ON, Melatonine from ON (for deeper sleep), Amino Energy from ON, 4.4 lbs of Micronized Creatine from ON (two thumbs way up). These are supplements that I used for my transformation.

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