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12 weeks transformation.

Nearly the end of my first week of doing Kris Gethin 12 weeks transformation program, I had found this week a little hard as I am constantly feeling hungry and seeing my wife and other people eating all the lovely sweets and big healthy meals is very frustrating. I am very determined to stick with my daily meal plan for the next 11 weeks and workout hard in the gym. I have people in the gym watching me do my workouts and I can see by the look of there face expressions (what the hell is that man doing to himself) as I am having to work each muscle group to failure and that don't come easy either. I need to remain focus on what coming the next day, week and month as I know it will get alot harder than it already is, I am on my day 6 of week 1 resting my muscles today and preparing my meals for tomorrow. I am not supplementing as I can not afford to buy the products but I'm sure if I stick to the rest of my diet and workouts I should still see massive results.

May is just around the corner

I am doing really well since I started my new workout programme. May is nearly here and I am planning on upping my sets to 4 instead of 3 this is beacuase I am finding some of my workouts are getting easier and I feel it is time to intensify it abit. I might have to drop some of my weights to start with as I know it will be hard doing 4 sets of a heavy weight so I will need to increase it throughout the month. I am still enjoying doing my routine and I still get the benefit from my partner who guides me through each exercise. My diet is going smoothly and I have notice that I have been eating more carbs than protein I don't think its a bad thing either and I have been thinking about bulking but I don't even know where to start lol. Yeah I know I am a complete beginner in this whole thing lol. I still need to get some Cyclone supplement as I had not had the money to get this as things have been difficult in the past few days once I get sorted I will deffinately buy some as I am not taking any protein shakes. the new lifestyle is getting there just get hard at times.

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How I feel....

Hey everyone,

I am writing this to express on how I am feeling after 3 weeks of my new worout programme that I have created, I am feeling like the workout have became a part of my life and I can not live without it. I feel like I am making some good progression in the exercises and I see some changes in me. I can be quite ratty from time to time and I think this is due to lack of energy after a 3 day workout sessions. My routine is the main important part of my bodybuilding training and I feel like that if I go out of routine I would be lost and it will take me time to get my mind back to where it meant to be. I have notice that bodybuilding is not just about getting massive muscles it is also about the mental and physical strength of your body and mind. My body and mind sometimes say to me that I can not push it through the pain barrier and I do try my best to keep going. I have been working out for over a year now and I remember when I first started in the gym in southampton with my fiance, I remember what I use to be like on certain exercises and how I can do them with a heavy weight well what is heavy for me lol. I am hoping in year time from now I have entered a bodybuilding competition and I have grown the muscles that I am happy with. Alot of people I know that is training are taking steroids and I am like why do you feel the need in taking stuff like that to get big muscles, I want to do everything naturally I think I will get there eventually.

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What a day yesterday...

Yesterday me and my partner went swimming and we both done 24 lengths, I was proper aching after that and I had to do my workout aswell but I am gladly to say that I did the whole workout no matter how tired I was. My workout yesterday was on my shoulders, chest and triceps I never worked so hard in my whole life and felt so good for it. Me and my partner has now decided we are gunna go swimming either once a week or once a fortnight depending on the money. I can't believe since started my new workout I am starting to see some differnences in me I feel confident in my self and feel very positive about everything. My partner has recently joined slimming world and I hope I can inspire her throughout her weight lost as it can be hard as I am trying to become a bodybuilder and she just wants to lose the weight and tone up lol having this type of lifestyle is hard but one day the hard work will pay off and we both will look great in our own way. Today I am having a rest after doing six days of hard workouts which I still enjoy doing, my weights has increased so the exercises has got harder I might need to buy some more weigths soon as I am improving quite dramatically in my fitness and health. I will get my partner to take some more photos of my progress so I can put them on here to show you all.

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New weight plates

Hooray, I am finally getting some new weight plates as I can bench press 47kg not a problem just as things can't get any better for me at the moment. I'm feeling positive, energetic, happy and most of feeling fit really fit. Now I have 20kg weight plates in the post coming my way, my workouts is bout to get even harder I'm loving it though can't wait. I feel like a little kid waiting for xmas to arrive lol I think, sorry I meant I know I am going to do well in bodybuilding just gotta keep focusing remain positive and and work hard as I can :). my new weight plates has arrived last week and I have only just start using them last night 02/04/2012 due to having to recover from a pulled muscle that I did at work. I can now go up to 67kg on my barbell and I think it was 28kg on my dumbbells lol can't quite remember :D. Gotta another workout session tonight and that will be working on my legs gunna be a killer tonight can't wiat though.

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Back On Track!!!!

Hey Guys,

I am feeling absolutely fabulous... I feel like I am on top of the world as I have only been in my new home for nearly 3 weeks now and I have a job as a Warehouse Operative and I also have been maintaining my workouts. I got some advice from a Personal Trainer who is based on strictly bodybuilding and I have showed him what I have been doing for the past few months only to find out that I have worked my muscles to the point that it becomes an endurance workout lol. He is going to set me up a plan this week for me to follow so I don't have to struggle to think what muscle should I work on lol. I have been eating alot of protein lately not realising that I have been eating to much of it, my fiance has sorted out my nutrition side of things now and I have been eating so much better that now it is sorted for this week I know it just only going to get much better. I know things don't happen over night but I do feel like there is something happen with my body my mind is clear and my concentration has increased, maybe it's all those fish oils I've been taking lol. I have actually got a smile on my face knowing this is the begining of a new future in my new home with my fiance.

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March is around the corner !

I have been doing alot of thinking lately.... well I have started doing my workout in the Gym back in March 29th 2011 I was doing that for 7 months because by that time I was experiencing financial difficulties so I could not attend the Gym anymore. My fiance has bought me a weight bench with 50kg weight set so I can carry on doing my workout in the comfort of my own home. Since July last year till now I have been sticking to my workout routine and eating as healthy as I can, a year has nealry past me by now and the only change I has notice is I lost abit on my stomach and I got abit broader across my shoulders, I don't seem to have much growth in my muscles as I expected to have after a year worth of workout. It is starting to make me think that I am doing something wrong I've been planning my workouts in advance so I am not always working on the same muscles all the time and I haven't been planning my meals but they has always been healthy meals and I don't snack on junk in between meals. I think I need professional help to put me in the right direction and hoping I get that body builder look soon.

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Moving Home :)

Hey guys, I am writing this blog because I would like to share with you all that me and my partner are moving home in ten days time I can't wait we are moving up north to staffordshire starting a whole new life, new work and a new 3 bedroom house. The exciting part about having a 3 bedroom house is that I can have my very own proper personal Home Gym over the period of time of building our new home I will also be building my Home Gym by getting more equipment. I would not have to travel far either to go and see a body building tournament and also get that one step closer feeling to be apart of a tournament when we move my main focus is bodybuilding and getting into a tournament hoping that I will make something out of it. I am so lucky to have a partner like I do to help me through it all and I also want to thank all of you guys for the positive comments as well as lomng we all stick together and we all can achieve our goal so lets all of us keep up the good hard workouts.

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Wedding is off !!!!!

What can I say now the wedding has been cancelled so now I have to focus on another goal. I some how keeping myself motivated and staying positive to build on my muscles and getting bigger. I am making slow progress but I want it to speed up a notch or two but not sure how to, I am sticking to my natural eating diet and maintaining my workout routine ideally I could do with a gym buddy to have a laugh with and do most of my workouts with. I am moving home soon to staffordshire hopefully into a three bedroom house so I can have my own personal gym room to do my workouts in I can't wait to move I am sharing this because I am feeling fit and happy in myself :)

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My journey

A new Year is now here, my wedding is in july and I need to really knuckle down in getting in shape just to look at my best on my very special day. I have only just increased my sets in my workout and do small reps as I can really feel the muscles working, I only workout 4 times a week and having rest periods in between. I have got lots to do and lots of plan and ideas for this year I feel like a one man army going on this very tough journey I don't really get a lot of support but I am a tough guy to let that bother me. I am determined to reach my goals by my wedding and by the end of this year 2012. Last year I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and had so much going on in my life but now things have calmed down I can really concentrate on getting big muscles. Staying motivated is the toughest part in my plan just as long I have got my gym kit eating the right food and doing my workout as and when they need to be done I know my motivation will drive me through this year. I have been watching the world strongest man lately and the weights they lift is amazing and would love to lift a giant dumbbell of 115kg, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I lift something like that lol. Anyway I thought I share what my plans are for this year and what I want to achieve anyone who reads this I hope you have a good year this year and you achieve your goals.

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Cancelled the gym

Hey I just want to share on how I am feeling.... well I don't know where to start I feel like crap I have lost my Job even though it is agency work, I had to cancel my gym membership due to not having the money to pay for it and my body has been runned down for the last 3 days. My partner is being very supportive she bought me a V-Fit STB09-1 Folding Weight Bench + 50kg Weight Set I am very grateful for what she had done to help me maintain my goals. So I can do my workout at the comfort of my own home instead of going to the gym. I hope I get back to my normal self again soon.

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Today 2011-10-10. I have started my dieting and I will be eating 6 meals a day, I find it hard to plan out 6 meals as I have never done this before over the next four weeks I will see how I am coping with it and if I cope fine then I will continue to eat 6 meals for a very long time lol.

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I went to the Gym yesturday and done a really good workout, after my workout my muscles were aching like mad they felt like they were about to drop off. I woke up this morning feeling great when I usually still ache from the workout from the day before. I am not sure if i should go and do another workout today or just wait for tomorrow when I see my personal trainer to give me another workout for the next so many weeks. Does any one think that my recovery time is too quick or am I not working hard enough?

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New starter

Hey guys I am new to this site and I would like to gain muscles. My goals are to become a bodybuilder and also to compete in some competitions I really want to achieve these goals so I will be working very hard to get them.

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