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My YouTube Training Video

Hey everyone! So I'm about 7 weeks out from my next show! Can't wait! This is my first training video!

Hey Check out my Boys new Shoulder Video

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Contest Prep

Long time since I did a blog.... I took first at my 2nd NPC show the TopFrom Classic here in Utah on March 20th Class A. Was so much fun. Took a few weeks off to figure out my next move. So I'm back on my diet and training like crazy. Getting ready for my next show...

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Contest Time

Well its almost one week out. I can't wait. Made a few improvments in my legs and shoulders but still more to come. If all goes well after the Utah show I'm off to the emerald cup.

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Adding Size

I'm working on my legs and shoulders. Trying to add size to them. My weight is going up because I'm eating again. lol... The crazy part is my abs are still showing even with a bit of weight gain. Training Quads and hams on different days. Hope this will help bring up my legs. I'm huring so bad this morning all I could do was roll out of bed.... But I love it!....

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Top 5

Just finished up with the Las Vegas Classic. Placed 5th and couldn't be happier!... Now off to CA for one more show then time off. Just wanted to thank Noel Clark with Maximum Fitness Consulting for all her help, couldn't have done it with out her.  She has a great web site and offers help with contest pre.

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Got to Drive around Mr.O Jay Cutler!!

I had one of the best weekends of my life. Went to the Utah NPC show and was asked to pick up Mr.O Jay Cutler himself from the hotel and take him to the show. How can I ever top that one. So me and my friend drove to pick him up in my little yellow H3. He is a really nice guy. Like I said how can I ever top that one.

Now I'm really pumped for my show.

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Crazy life

I'm so ready to step on stage again. It's been to long. Some crazy things have been going on in my life for sure. Have good friends who push me and keep me motivated. Time to post some new pix. Doing some crazy training and diet is rocking.

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Contest prep

Things are rocking. Noel has my diet on track and I'm getting tighter everyday. I started at 126 lbs and now I'm 5 weeks out down to 114 this morning. I'm still strong and doing very little cardio. I'm still kicking butt at the gym and loving every minute.

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Diet and Training

Everything is going great with diet and training. Abs are getting better and better everyday. I will have a few changes I'm sure next week and can't wait!...

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Show Time Baby!

So I'm back in track for the NPC show. Didn't think I would be able to do any shows this year. After my injuries my weight when up and down, just couldn't train. Want to thank Noel Clark for all her help. She is amazing. Love the workouts and diet. Diet is working great and workouts are so much fun.

 I also wanted to thank the boyz in Green and Remember thoses who have fallen.

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No Show for me....

I just re injured my ankle a few days back and hoped it would be healed well enough for me to train for my show, however it’s still swollen and I can’t train legs really and no cardio but walk.  So I will have to set out the Oct. NPC show in Utah….. So not happy right now. May look for a show in Nov somewhere close to home. Have to see doctor when I get home and see what’s up with the ankle. It's the size of a baseball.

I will just pick up and keep training when I can. Hope it gets better soon......

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New Job

Just got the fitness director position at Gold's Gym in logan. I'm so happy. Working on some great ideals....

Gym is being built, 2 floors. We have a smaller gym to train in for now. My next be step is to get my crossfit certification. Ready to kick some butt...

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Not Happy!

So I was going to start my diet and training on Tue but I knew that I had to haul a horse to WY for a buyer Wed morning.  I wanted to wait to start everything after I got back so I didn't start off on a bad note. I get all the way to WY with the horse and the man backs out of the sale. I have a few words to say but wanted to be nice. So today was a total crap day. I missed my training and diet for that. So not happy at all. Was trying to help someone out and got shot in the foot. Want do that again. So a few set backs but Thursday I'm hit the gym and diet at full speed ahead. Wish me luck!...

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Crazy weight

So I start diet on monday and my weight is on a crazy ride right now. I'm up then down and up and back down again. It's driving me crazy. I'm thinking that I will skip the show in Sept and just work hard for the NPC in Oct. This would be my first NPC show. It's 12 weeks away. I don't know if I have the size but it will be fun no matter what.

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