ANY WORD ON HERBALIFE supplements? Thinking of using this product...ANY SUGGESTIONS???

What supplements do you recommend to build lean mass?

Trying to purchase a few supplements to gain some lean mass. Any recommendations? I've used creatine about a decade ago, but I'm looking for alternatives. If you have any proven suggestions, please let me know!

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It's definetly been a struggle, but I'm trying to learn how to put my fitness goals first and stay motivated. The actual workout isn't difficult, it's getting TO the gym itself! One of my greatest inspirations said to "PUT [YOURSELF] FIRST" so that is what I plan to do, and I think the rest will fall into place!

Anyone else have these challenges???

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(Lactose Free) Whey Protein Supplements

Are there any suggestions for Lactose Free Whey Protein Weight Gainer? I was also reading Muscle&Fitness and saw an ad for MUSCLE JUICE...is this any good? I'd appreciate any advice...

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Weight Gain

Does anyone have any suggestions on gaining weight without the use of creatine, or products containing creatine?  Soy, whey, raw eggs...any success stories or advice are welcome! Thanx

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Calf Size Increase....

When I started my workout routine I believe my upperbody increased in size and strength. However, my lowerbody didn't respond the same way. So if anyone has any tips on getting MASSIVE increases in legs.......PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO GIVE ME YOUR ADVICE!

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