Hi Guys in gunna start my first course of deca and testiviron on the 1st January ready to kick start the new year of 2008, hate being the way I am with 2 yrs serious training i feel its time to up the anit and get on to what i want and not be held back by my ex partner.  I wanna grow to compete and get a first show under my belt a feel the buzz from what it could be like.  Gunna start on deca and then add the test a couple of weeks into its and then finish on clomid for a 8-10 weeks copurse if all goes well could extend to 12weeks. Ive read loads of info and got it aswell sorted so i can look back and read more on how to get more and decent gains not just body fat.  After a couple of months i know have a source but always had deca on the sideline but now i feel its time to take the plunge a be a real bodybuilder and show people what i can be like.


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