Demolished my legs this evening and it felt great! i think legs might possibly be my favorite group to work out! I was really excpecting to cramp up really bad during the excersises but i didnt, i assume its because ive been staying super hydrated and did several really light warm up sets before i dug down into it. Now, im not sure what a decent leg press is but i did 350 10 times and was loving it. granted thats only 85 pounds more than i weigh but im still happy, looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow. Its only day 4 but so far motivation is high and im enjoying the pain lol. I still havent began to take a pre-workout, and i think ive been doing pretty good. The only reason i might take it is that its got some creatine in it and that is currently not on my list of supplements. OH! im also gonna throw in a carb after my workout with my protein shake, im thinking banana but well see. let me know if anyones out there id love to hear from yall every bit of motivation helps.

First "off" day (cardio) food plan.

Ok so i just finished day 3 of my 12 week transformation. Still really sore from the upper body workout the first 2 days but it feels good in a painfull sort of way lol. Got made fun of at work, the guys were picking on me beacause the way i was having to do things. They laughed when i went to take off my jacket, went to scratch my face, or anything else that involved the large movment of my very limited range arms. I stretched alot throughout the day to try and keep myself from locking up. The guys at work seem supportive of my change in lifestyle. Im finally getting used to the chicken, brown rice ,and steamed brocolli, just a matter of finding the right spices. as of right now my diet consists of 0430: 1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal and 2 boiled egg whites, 0800 CRB ( 1 cup chicken, 3/4 cup rice, 1 cup brocolli) 1200 CRB 1600 CRB 2000 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese and an apple. And 2 scoops of whey protein after workout (whenever i get it) The first few days my digestive system seemed to have an issue with the food change but as for now it seems to be ok if the problem consists i will more than likely try to find a digestive supplement to take. I also began taking my fat burner today and man it works good no jitters but a very noticable differance within 15-20 minutes of taking it (oxy elite pro) at first hated the taste of my protein powder but realized if i cut the recommended water in half i loved it so i will continue to do that. Motivation is still high hoping it stayes that way, well time for a shower some cottage cheese and bed, gotta get ready for tomorrows leg workout.

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day 2 no sups

Well im in day 2 now. Yesterday i did back and biceps and today did chest, shoulders and triceps. The workout went great had a little issue building up the confidence going over to the weights section and starting my work out beacause there were alot of really fit guys there working out. After a breif warmup on the stationary bike. i decided "screw it im paying money to come to this gym and im doing this for myself. i dont care what others think or say they will not get in my way of what i want" after that walked over did my workout and felt silly because i came to the realisation no one cares what your doing, their trying to get there workout in just like you. I also decided to do the last 2 days without the use of any supplements other than protein powder because its in my diet. i did this so i could feel what its like pushing without them and then what its like with them, if they dont enough to where i can feel the differance i more than likley will not buy anymore but well see. Tomorrow is an "off" day i will still be doing cardio but am thankfull for the rest day. my entire upper body is in pain but the great thing is i know the pain is a great thing, once the pain is gone i know im one step closer to the body i want. i hope and pray that i can maintain this level of motivation throughout my 6 month plan.

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glad i havent started yet

Did a bad bad thing today that i know i shouldnt have. Granted im not dieting or working out yet i still feel bad. i really over endulged badly today, i mean worse than normal. Ended up rushing for lunch and stopped in at good old trusty Taco Bell for 2 burritos and a large mountain dew then later wife didnt feel like cooking dinner and decided she wanted pizza (shes pregnant i dont argue) so there was my dinner. ive been trying to move towards that healthy diet gradually and have been doing decent lately. After eating and drinking all that i honestly can say i feel like complete and utter ****............... im bloated body feels weird i can actually feel the differance in foods that i eat now and i really do not plan on eating fast food ever again.......so happy i have decided to turn my life around. i cant belive ive been living on that garbage for so long. more than likely gonna finish up food shopping tomorrow and begin cooking for next week. Need to take me some pictures with a newspaper i guess since i signed up for this 2012 body transformation thing. accidentaly signed up for it several days before i needed to so gotta catch up. plan on being in full swing before monday with diet and workout. Oh yeah! got my gym key today! 24 hour gym so i got no excuses!

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Almost ready!

Will be starting soon! here are a list of supplements ill be taking.

Fat burner: Oxyelite pro

Multivitamin: Opti-men

Pre-workout: N.O. Explode 2.0 (watermelon)

Protein: Gold standard whey (rocky road)

i will be posting on this blog constantly throughout my transformation so comment talk to me and keep me motivated! will speak again soon!

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Gearing up

Hello everyone, im starting to gear up and get my mind right. Going to kick it in heavy come the new year and failure is not an option. Never dieted or did alot of workouts before (besides military for a few years) now im fat and unhealthy. Plan on becoming legally insane for the month of january. Stopping smoking, dieting and begining a workout routein. My life needs to change. will be posting pics and stats later on when it gets closer to the new year.

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