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Great Week 08/05/2009

Soo it has been a great training week for me. I did slack on Saturday with the diet slightly I went out drinking.

 Monday I had a great ab & leg workout for about 1.25hrs, then I ran 5 miles and walked another mile on the 15incline.

 Tuesday I did abs, chest, and bi's with my husband the did HIIT. It's great I whine a little bit but he pushes me soo hard and I really enjoy working out with him. I am definetely sore from that today.

 Wednesday got up at 5 and ran somewhere around 2.75miles. Left work feelign nauseated and shakey, went to the gym had a short tri & back workout, walked for about 20minutes at a slow pace and then ran a 2 mile race. I had planned on running this race but I wasn't up to it when it came down to it I just felt so sick thought I was going to puke before I even began. However I finished it in 18.12 which wasn't as good as I expected but I just got back into running the last few months and I was feeling like crap.

 Thursday, tried to get up this morning to run but my whole body is sore, I will just do more cardio at the gym tonight. Definetely going to get up and run Friday morning though. Gotta burn the calories I am going to take in on Saturday.

Saturday is the Red Dress Run...everyone wheres a red dress, there are trucks filled with beer a long the way and there is a list of bars you stop at on the way. It's an all day event and is lots of fun but won't be fun on my diet.

 Overall I have had a great week of training and very proud of myself and it's only Thursday. Looking forward to see what next week brings :-)

Hormones all over the place...hopefully getting better soon...

Since my surgery my hormones have been on one extreme roller coaster. First I was in a medical menopause which was insane, I had all side effects besides the weight gain. I actually lost weight on this shot that was supposed to make me gain. My weight went from 156 to 140.5 (my lowest weight no matter what I have tried in the past 4 years!) in a couple of months. I have was always disgusting skinny until I miscarried 4 years ago and I packed on the pounds. Ever since then I have been battling my weight. I was thinking this surgery and shot have helped put my hormones right again. To drop 15.5lbs in 3 months was nuts. The best part was I was eating healthy and working out but still not doing all that great with my diet on the weekends, b/c we were traveling to NOLA every weekend. I was still dropping the weight. I was hoping to continue and get down to about 135...then my doctor gives me the birth control shot, agh...another fat shot!!! But here I go with this innocent way of thinking, I have been dropping all this weight I will be fine. Well now that I am almost done with it Aug 1st, thank goodness!!! I have gained back some of the weight. It baffles me b/c nothing in my diet/workout plan had really changed besides my hormones. Soo come August 1st my hormones should be settling back to normal, no more birth control, no more injections of any sort. My body can just be normal and hopefully I will get to where I want to be.

However, I am going to try and eat really clean for the whole next month even on weekends. Which went well for me this past weekend. I am excited to see where my body will go from here. Everything is tightening up like I want it to, I can see my abs, my butt is still bubbly but firm, and the cellulite is almost nonexistent!!


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Back at it again...after a rough couple of months...

Soo it has been a rough couple of months for me. First we had a huricane that closed our gym for a little while, then I started a new job. All at the same time I started having some really bad female problems. My endometriosis was always pretty controllable til a couple months ago. When I went to the doctor we tried a couple of things to help with the problems but it wasn't working. I was constantly hurting, exhausted, and my hormones were all over the place. I completely stopped working out and paying attention to my diet. I basically went to work then went home and got in bed every night.

I finally opted to have the surgery when nothing else was working. I had it the first week of January and they removed all the endo and a lesion that was sticking my uterus wall together. I am feeling soo much better already. The doctor put me into a medical menopause, so I am curious to see how the mood swings will affect my exercise and diet. However, some report weight loss while most report weight gain. So right now I am more determined to eat healthy and work my butt off to counter the possible "fat shot" I have coursing through my veins! Just started at the gym yesterday, boy it felt great to be back in there! Besides the fact that I am soo much weaker than I was, but unfortunately that's what happens when your out for soo long. I am feeling motivated and ready to get back to my old self again. Today my lower body is pretty sore, but odley it feels soo good, lol!

Anyhow I will soon be taking some scary pictures to track my progress...Haven't really gained any weight but definetely loss all firmness and strength! I will also be active again on bodyspace, since it's a great motivator!

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Monday @ the gym & Please Re-Rack!

Soo I've been thinking... Every Monday night when I go to the gym it is packed! I mean at least double the people that are there every other night. Trying to figure it out it's almost like when you go to church on Easter or Christmas everybody who isn't there all year long is there that day. Do they think one day in the gym is going to make up for all the bad eating they did?
Oh and my gym needs to start charging people a fine for not racking their weights how annoying. Everyday I have to take 45lbs weights off of the leg press, bench press, etc. Don't get me wrong I am in there to train hard it would just be nice if people would respect others and re-rack their weights and wipe the sweat off the bench!

Ok sorry for that lil rant, I'm a lil cranky today!

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Broke Lil Toe

Soo on June 12th as I was packing up boxes for our move I kicked a box (on accident) and my little toe immediately began to swell and turn blue. The next morning I went to the Urgent Health Care and they confirmed I broke my toe and that I needed to see an orthopedist b/c they may need to put a pin in it the way it was broke. I was pretty aggravated b/c my work outs were going so good and there is a trail run I want to enter at the end of July. This isn't my first broke toe and it all just seems soo ridiculous 6 weeks for a toe to heal! Anyhow defiant of the doctors about 5 days later I began to lift and do cardio again. I was doing fine with it and it wasn't bothering my toe. However I seem to continue to bump that toe or bend it the wrong way while just doing nothing. Saturday night I smashed the crap out of it again and fell to the floor. This time it hurt worse than when I broke it, I mean a nauseating pain! So I have been taking motrin again to help with the swelling and I will stay away from the cardio for a few days til I see the doctor again. Now if I can just figure out how to stop being a clutz so the dang thing can heal!

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A lil bit of my history...

Growing up I was a runner and always skinny with a extremely fast metabolism never gaining a pound. After Katrina hit I gained almost 30lbs without even blinking an eye bringing me up to almost 170lbs. Not sure if it was stress, hormones, or just age and years of bad eating catching up with me. A year later after much denial I finally realized I wasn't happy with the weight. I immediately cut sugar out my diet and went on a high protein diet and began working out again. I lost 20lbs and now have a constant battle with my weight. I have become accustomed to healthier eating habits although living in New Orleans I am always tempted with great food & drinks. I gained about 5 of the 20lbs I lost back putting me at 155 which isn't bad to me for being 5'9" but with being a full time student & having a full time job & having a husband that was deployed my working out consisted of going up my stairs to bed. I graduated in December (Thank God) and in January started working out again. Towards the end of February I began hitting the gym hard preparing for my husband to come home at the end of April. By the time my husband came home I had lost more cellulite than I thought I would have ever had and my body is tighter than it's been in almost 3 years. I am trying to continue that lose the cellulite and tone my body really good. With my husband home we are now motivating each other. I found this website via my husband and decided to give it a try for more motivation. I am happy being the curvy girl I do not want to be stick thin I just want my curves to be toned and not have cellulite. The only problem now is continuing the war against chocolate!!

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