I may use the BB later but people have told me to use the WorkOut Journals so I made this thread:

 In spite of linking it in my sig as a reminder I'm not updating it very often. But I am working out more often and haven't felt my biceps injury for a long time, which is good.

OMG pull ups

So I screwed a "perfect pull-up" into the doorway, the one with the rotating handles and all that. Since they hang below the central bar (I tried using that, head hits ceiling) I don't have something to touch my chin to, so I'll basically terminate the rep when the heel of my palm touches the chesty area.

 2.5 reps! Amazing! I suppose I should do a lot of sets of these, compensating in volume for what I lack in endurance.

 I'm still really wishing I had a lat pulldown though. I know I have a lot of strength in the tank (I mainly feel biceps, barely anything in lats) and I'm sure if I could do a drop set I'd be able to reach a greater level of fatigue.

 The idea occured "hey do curls so you don't feel biceps" but that's probably a ****ty idea and I should just practise these more often.

 So yeah. I don't know what else to do. Maybe I should try some push-ups, perhaps the tricep stuff would help relax the biceps a bit and keep me busy doing something to keep the heartrate up while they rest, and when I'm done that, try another pathetic "strength" pull up set? Yeah...

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Weight loss

Shoot, I'm down to 174lbs last I checked. Can do about 5pulls or so but I don't think I got stronger, they just got easier obviously.   Woah, imbed YouTube vids? Sounds interesting! However...  Ican't stalkers, eh well. Or maybe I should... I dunno. Will it make things more problemati? Surely that one focuses on lifting rather than fighting Ripley's nemeses and the Terminator would be comforting, but I think they'd think it's just to make pulling arms easier.

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Cool, a bodyblog. First post eh? Well..let's see, I've been making some progress. I can do about 5 chinups without struggling hard. I haven't actually tried struggling much to the point of extreme panting. I guess I have trouble getting psyched out, so I have to stick with the whole GtG method for consistancy due to the lack of enthusiasm.

 I'd like to think it's because I'm getting stronger, but I think I've actually lost weight, I should go weigh and check. Basically because pants are fitting looser and abdominal fat has decreased a bit (though still more than I'd like). Probably some kind of combination. No doubt chinning has supplemented other physical activities to help burn fat more.

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