Back and Triceps Yesterday

Started on the elliptical for 10 mins. to get the blood going. Then isolating the rotercuff I use 10lb dumbbell to loosen and strengthen the small connective muscles of the shoulder. Dorian Yates said it was one exercise he wished be knew about years ago, he could have avoided some serious injury. That's good enough for me so I do them before lifting anything in the gym.

Used a bunch of different Hammer Strength for the back. Lat pullover, seated rows. I had to use wrist straps as my forearms and biceps were blowing up halfway through the back workout. It was a good workout.

Did Legs last night

Squats 4 sets Hack Squats 2 sets.. hate em Quad extensions 4 sets Abduct 4 sets Adduct 4 sets Hamstrings Prone and seated, 4 sets each Calf raises 4 sets to failure ... ouch!! Soaking wet after this workout. Legs really tax the system. I seem to remember D.O.M.S ( delayed onset muscle syndrome) used to be the next day when I was younger. Now it seems it takes two day before I feel the full effect. I should be hurting good tomorrow.

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No Legs!

Ok... so I had to put off training my legs today because I had a twinge of sciatica return. So I worked on the front and medial deltoids and the triceps. Hit them pretty good, had a nice workout. It is always easy to justify bypassing leg training, but in this instance I had to do it. One of my main concerns is to not get injured. If your injured it is very difficult to progress. Getting a little older now, recovery from injury takes a long time. I do many warmup movements to work connective tissue in the shoulders and hips to avoid injury. Larger muscle groups can over power the small connective groups and cause injury, so I warm everything up real good! I gonna see the Chiropractor tomorrow to get straightened out and hopefully get to legs in a day or two.

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Blasting the chest

Hit my chest today. Flat bench, incline, decline. Flys.

Ran 3 miles on the street after the workout.I hope to become

more proficient at explaining what I am doing in the gym as I become organized.

Feeling good today :-) 

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