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Article Series, Pt 7: Winner Announced!

The seventh in the article series documenting this year's contest and the five contestants is now available on

This is the second-to-last article in this series, and we now get to see not only the winner (Maddi!) and her side-by-side before and after photos, but also the prize breakdown and who won what exactly.



Thank You!

I just want to take a quick moment before I go workout to thank for the opportunity that they gave me with this contest. For some of us, this web-site means more than to others. For the past two years since I became a member, has become a tremendous part of my life.

Many of us feel misunderstood at times, whether we are accused of overexercising, or of eating disorders. In a world that values television over exercise, the french fry over good health, we are most definitely out of the norm. Eating is social and to be different in one's eating habits sets one up for ostracization. It takes a strong mentality to be able to deal with this.

Looking at the bodies of those of us who choose to live this way, (at all the different levels we are at), I believe we should shoot for making this lifestyle the new normal. Just because something is accepted doesn't make it right.

We do this not by preaching, or even with a single word. We do it with our example. Be healthy, be happy, be strong. And others will want to know what you are up to. Let them come to you.

Thanks again for giving me a voice. Thank you for giving us all a healthy community.

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Final Results Now Posted (For Real)!

Dear BodySpace Transformation Blog contestants:

We had 11 judges from staff (with representatives from various departments) and last year's contest winner vote. The judges were, in no particular order:

Ryan D. (Administration)
Richard B. (Web Team)
Paul T. (Marketing)
Scott W. (Web Team)
JP U. (Web Team)
Joe G. (Store Team)
Jeran D. (Graphics)
Crystal M. (Affiliate Program)
Will W. (Content Manager)
Kris G. (Editor-In-Chief)
Vanessa Adams (last year's winner)

And the votes are now officially in and tallied...

The official winners are - in order:

1) Maddi
2) Dave
3) Alen
4) Steph
5) Jason

1st Place Winner, Maddi!

An article will be coming out with this info and more tomorrow (including information on how the prizes are being distributed), and we'll be doing a transformation interview on Maddi this week.

Thanks also go out to each of our sponsors for this contest, including our main sponsor, Gaspari Nutrition!
Main Sponsor, Gaspari Nutrition.

Thanks, everyone, and remember - everyone of you is a winner, and we truly believe that: the amount of determination and mental focus required even just to stick with a 3-month long contest is tremendous, let alone seeing the physical changes you all have made!

Richard Barnet
:: Web Developer

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Final Results: And the winner is...

Can I get a drumroll, please? After much deliberation, hair pulling, and polling of judges, we've reached the final decision. And the winners are, starting with the bottom and working our way to the top: Just kidding, we're not done yet, but the results will be posted here ASAP!! wink

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I Will Remember You Guys and Gals

Again, I just want to salute my fellow contestants. Each is a terrific person.

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339 Up 2 Pounds

My final pictures were a bit late. Traveling was a bit tough on me and you can see it in my weight gain and bloating.

I want to thank and the sponsors for this contest. It showed me how far I must go and gave me the impetus to post pictures and journal my journey. Without the contest you would never have seen my fat belly in print. These pictures have done a great deal to motivate me and keep me going when I felt like eating everything in the house. The pictures make it easier to get back on the wagon even during times of deep depression, like I am in today. I know that it is tough to post pictures, but it is the best way to see progress and to keep your fat burning in the fire.

I also want to thank my fellow contestants. I said it before and I say it now, I have no business being in the same contest with these guys.

Mali, you are a stud and I hope to see you on stage one day soon. I hope all your hard work and dreams come through for you.

Fusion, don't quit man. I know how debilitating network IT can be. Strange hours all spent on your ass with tons of stress thrown on top of you. You stuck it out and you are a champ.

Maddi, you were already sleek and beautiful but now you are rock hard. It is obvious that you are so very close to the stage. Great job.

Dare, you are my personal winner of this contest. You have made such great changes and show yourself to be such a strong woman.

You have all been so supportive and caring.

As for me, I have gone from 366 to 339 in this contest. I wanted to lose 35 pounds but am happy with the 27 that are gone. I am down about 40 pounds since last November. This is just the beginning for me, as Mali pointed out. My next 12 week stint starts Monday so keep following my personal bodyspace. I will not join a contest again until I am closer to my goal weight. It was very tough to stay motivated in competition as I saw Maddi and Mali looking so good so quickly. For now I continue to try and focus on NOW.

I will continue to use products from our sponsors. They proved themselves to be quite helpful.



I will be fit for him.


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Final Pictures

Well its over, and here are the final pics.




Here are weeek one pics...



I notice the most in the side shots.

Thanks again to all the great gave us all a great kick start..

My losses are minimal...I almost feel bad my team name was Team Xtreme...yikes!But I put on some great strength, dropped approx 5% BF, and put 25 lbs on my bench...not to shabby..looking forward to the future to come.

Its been fun!

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I can actually see the progress LOL

Yes I can, but my shots are dreadful, I did managed to make one clear, but I guess you can see the point, the camera still sucks LOL

Here is the good one ;)

and the bad ones:

and the newspaper shot :D

and before shots, just as comparison ;)

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13 Weeks.

Starting Weight: 157
Ending Weight: 130

13 Weeks.

Starting Bodyfat: 24.7%
Ending Bodyfat: 17.4%

End Of Contest.

Before Waist: 32"
After Waist: 28"


Sometimes I kick my own ass.

Starting to get obliques.

Yes I had 3 pieces. :)

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Article Series, Pt 6: 'Lost' Commentary!

The sixth in the article series documenting the progress of this year's five contestants is now available on

This is called the "lost commentary" because while these observations were made several weeks ago, the manuscript got buried under a mountain of other things, and just recently surfaced - gasping for air! LOL

As we close out this contest, let's take a moment and get another outsider's viewpoint on how our 5 competitors have done! Smiley



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This is it.

This is it. The moment we have been working towards. Here are my final stats. I must tell you that my original scale is messing up so I have to use my old one. My moving guys dropped some furniture on it. I didn’t think it was hurt but apparently I am wrong since I cant get the same reading twice in 10 tries. As a matter of fact all were different. I know I could just pick one but I know my other scale at home has been consistent and I like to play fair. I really doubt I am down to 178 pound. LOL The only thing is I cant get my final fat percentage. I will use last week’s number for that. I will tape the actual weigh in tonight when I get home for proof as well as take the pics. All will upload first thing in the am.

Here are my measurement results:

Starting Weight: 227.4
Ending Weight: 212
Difference: 15.4 lost
I will have video posted in the am.

Starting Bodyfat %:51.5
Ending Bodyfat%: 44 as of last week.
Difference: 7.5%

Starting chest: 44 7/8
Ending chest: 42 ½
Difference: 2 3/8 inches lost

Starting Rt bicep: 16 1/8
Ending rt bicep: 15.5
Difference: .63 inches lost

Starting lt bicep:16.5
Ending lt bicep: 16
Difference: .5

Starting waist: 38 ¼
Ending waist: 36
Difference 2 ¼ inches lost

Starting Thigh: 29
Ending thigh: 27.5
Difference: 2.5

Starting hip: 50.5
Ending hip:49.5
Difference 1 inches lost

Starting high hip: 50 ¼
Ending high hip: 47
Difference: 3 inches lost

Starting Calf: 17
Ending calf: 16.75
Difference .25 lost

Grand total of inches lost: 12.51 inches gone. WooHoo

Verification picture100_1196a.jpg

Front view100_1197a.jpg

Side View100_1199a.jpg


back too100_1200a.jpg

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Bi Bi Baby. Goodbye.

Much love to my fellow contestants. Much love to you all. Everyone keep reaching for those dreams, and never say goodbye.

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Last video, last competition update. Otherwise, just another day ;)

Aright, let's get it done, I have my last video update and I honestly hope you will enjoy it :D

Best of luck to everyone ;)

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Putting Down The Kryptonite.

Well it's been one hell of a day. I let stress and fear get to me. I binged. I am not proud, but I am human. I would still be human if I had not binged. Just a stronger less vulnerable one.

I am working on this thing daily. Honestly, I can say, I am not there yet. I believe I can find what it takes in me to be a competitor someday. This contest has been the warming up for me, the springing forth into action, and dusting off the cobwebs of my psyche.

So dusting off those cobwebs what did I find? I found this. A woman with both strengths and weaknesses. A woman who can kick ass. And a woman who can crawl into a corner and cry.

Even heroes have weaknesses. For Superman it was kryptonite. And Jesus cried tears of blood at Gethsemene. Yet ultimately he did finish what he came to finish. And so shall I.

Going for a workout now.

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