Muscle Promotion to the general public

The Muscle Bros are all about promoting healthy muscle life style to the general public, and opening their eyes to our beautiful world.
We attended Japanese Fall Festival in our area, and we did our job.


Party time!

Pre Olympia Party! 

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No Fap September

So Blast Quads and I decided to carry out this mission.  No Fap September.  The rule is we cannot fap during the month of September.  We tried to include King Lats and many of our friends, however, with in the first day of September, they had already failed.  So we could not ask them to join this mission.  

So far, I have to say that no fap September is going really well.  It is actually helping me lift weights in the gym.  I have better focus and strength.  My lift went up tremendously, and my stamina also increased.  

I dare you all to try No Fap October.  Actually, try out No Jizz October.  
I'm convinced that no jizz will give you greater gains, because it will help you contain male hormones inside of your body.  If Phil Heath did not Jizz for the past 16 weeks.  I think he might take the title away from Jay Cutler.  

Broski signing out.

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Pre Olympia Party- Protein Pong??

Sup Bros,

 We had a Pre-Olympia party to get a jump start on Olympia weekend. I challenged Broski to Protein Pong, cause beer has too many carbs.

It was as epic as the showdown between Jay and Phil!

King Lats

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SuperPump 250 Review

Sup Bros,

Here's my take on SuperPump 250.

Wednesday's my back day, and for back (according to 5x Olympia Jay) you gotta lift heavy with high reps. I was feeling low on energy so I took some SuperPump 250 I got from

 I have used quite a few pre-workout supps (like Jacked and Pre-Surge) in the past, and I knew that SuperPump was supposed to be one of the best. 

When I used to take Jacked, my head/ body will get warm and I'll feel pumped. I remember me and Blast Quads set our deadlift and bench records that night. We felt like we could lift forever. After each session,  I'll get cotton mouth and also needed to take more than 1 scoop to get the same effects. When I took Presurge, I'll (literally) feel a surge of energy going through me, same as Jacked, I had to up my dosage to about 2.5 scoops. PreSurge made me feel very uneasy/antsy after each session.

 When I took SuperPump, I didn't feel anything special (no warm feeling or "surge" of energy) at first. But when I started my back workout (barbell rows,deadlift,lat pulldowns,cable/dumbbell pullover,dumbbell rows)  I felt like a boss. I usually do 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps, but today I could do about 8 sets each 8-10 reps. Plus, I didn't feel uneasy/antsy afterwards either.

Muscle Bros Rating: 9/10 

 I would recommend using this but MuscleTech just came out with NeuroCore, and I gotta say Olympians are taking it with amazing results. 

King Lats

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2011 Road to Olympia!

Sup King Lats here,

Who's excited about Olympia weekend?

We already know who the champ is. 

This Guy:


We got motivated to also get pumped. In honor of Jay, we followed in his footsteps. Check it out below!

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Supplement Review Video

so we've decided to review a sample that we got at an expo.
It's by the Professional Supplements.

So it's pretty legit product right?

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2011 Europa Show in Dallas

So our crew attended the Europa show here in Dallas couple of weeks ago.
it was our first bodybuilding show that we attended.  We had lots of fun meeting cool muscular guys in hot bodies and bunch of chill Pros..

Except for Branch Warren who was not chill at all, but that's ok, because He's just frustrated that he will not be placing top 3 this year in Olympia.

 Here's the video coverage of the Europa

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The best way to get pumped to hit the gym!!

So we decided to write a song about working out.

This song gets us pumped to hit the gym!

You guys should all check it out.

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