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so... you're doing everything everyone's telling you but not getting what you want out of it? Everybody depending on their body has a different metabolic rate.  As you get older, yes! losing weight gets harder. whether you're  active or not.  But EVERYONE can lose weight. In one pound of body fat there are 3500 calories.                                                                             If you consume 3500 calories in one sitting, you have gained a pound. When you are trying to lose weight, you MUST use more calories than you consume.                            If you exercise, this increases the amount of calories burned. Using the Body bug, or some sort of calorie burn monitor, you can specifically see exactly what your numbers are, but if you are no interested in the technology, you can go off the aproximations on the machine but you might not be accurate, so underestimate what you've burned. Jogging one mile is apx 100-120 calories  it's just how long it takes you that depends on your speed. Riding the stationary bike you burn 200-300 kcal per hour... so... if you jogged a 10 min mile for an hour, you'd have burned 600+ kcal so make choices that work best for you.  You don't HAVE to workout hard, but if you go at a slower pace, make sure you include more activity. Choose a ratio of 2:3    this is cardio vs. weight training.  It doesn't matter if you do more cardio or more weight training if your sole purpose is weight loss.  Both burn calories (legs burn the most due to their size), but combining the two contributes to ultimate health and is how your body is designed to function and stress. Once you burn 3500 calories.... you've lost a pound.                                                                      But this takes time! set goes which are under your control. "I will do 3 days of cardio for 1 1/2 hours and 2 days of weights and maintain 1500 cal/day" When you accomplish this... which you CAN... reward yourself WITHOUT food. and start again for the next week with similar controllable goals. Doing this... you will be able to keep yourself motivated.  Focus on CONTROLLABLE goals, not Outcome goals. ("2lb loss";) These will come in the end, but they will not help to motivate you.  It will lead to discouragement.  Let it be the suprise at the end of the tunnel. That "OH! I did all of my goal and on top of it I lost 10 lbs" remember an excess burn of 100 cal/day, it will take 35 days to lose a pound. So aim for 300 (11 days)-500(7 days)/day in exercise and keep nutrition at the 1200-1500 kcal/day will increase that deficit and you'll be reaching your goals in no time.

Weight training, fat loss and muscle gains

It's all about the consistancy. consistancy in nutrition and correct training. I don't have specific days I do specific things, because sometimes I tend to overtrain when I can afford to. I keep a journal on my person at all times, so then I take what I've done and keep it in a circle. Doubling up what I am trying to build the most. these are the groups that work the best together for me: Chest, Tri, shoulders I do two chest exercises back to back to 3 sets of each Tri-same thing, only I do 4 sets of each (this is my target group) shoulders- usually just one exercise mixed with another tricep exercise back to back for 3 sets I am not trying to build my chest or shoulders, simply due to the look I'm going for. But a shoulder press or chest press both involve your triceps, so this is a good way to reach burnout. Back n Bi This is my favorite day! I'm going to list out my exact workout, which I sub other similar exercises in when I need a push. the grouped together ones I do back to back or ina circuit till I've done them all 3 or 4 times. arm circles 10 forward, 10 back, each arm, with dumbell pull ups whatever it takes till u reach 15 lat pull downs one arm bent over rows seated row preacher curls one arm hammer curls to burnout Leeeeegs leg curl x4 leg ext x4 one leg squats ( one foot behind u on a bench)great4 ur butt sit to bench or smith squats - feet out in front so knees stop at 90 degree angle standing 1 leg ham curl mach or prone ham curl mach glute kick back machine or my favorite smith kick ups you get on your hands and knees and place one foot under the smith bar. raise the bar with your foot and hold on tight. If you are doing 15 reps.... you won't get what you're looking for. Increase your weight. 10 is the magic number. If I'm not struggling to keep the correct form at 10 reps, I go harder. doing 4 sets of a superset is the best way to switch things up, without doing anything much different. It puts added stress on the muscles you're looking to change. The goal is to get your heart rate up and stress your muscles so that certain chemicals can be released to grow the organ. If you are looking for growth, you MUST fatigue out from 4-10 reps. 8-15 reps is the endurance end. You'll get a workout in, but human growth hormone is not going to be released at those intensities. I also aim to run 10 miles a week. if your calories are low, 12-1500 you are more prone to injury, so watch and listen to what hurts. if my back feet or knees act up, I swim or bike. the bike just isn't always the most fullfilling for me. If there's any interest I have lists of swimming circuits I could post up :)

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