IF and eating what I want.

Thought I would post my thread linke here. I lost about 30 lbs. eating whatever I wanted last year. Fell off the wagon during the holidays and gained 26 of it back. I am now about 11lbs. lighter since I started back up on 01/18. Now that so many myths that made dieting 10x harder have been busted I look forward to having a solid six pack this summer! http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=141677741&page=1

One week down, atleast 16 to go!

Sticking to CHA still! Just had a t-bone steak during the superbowl at my brother's house. Resisted the rice, beans, chips and cookies.

My workouts are continuously getting better weight-wise. Increased numbers on all of my back lifts. Took yesterday off to recuperate from 7 days of straight lifting. Doing shoulders tonight and I can't wait!

Still trying to manage my time a little better so I can get more walking time after lifting. Right now I am averaging 10 minutes and it needs to be atleast 15. I am already looking leaner at the same bodyweight!

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Chest workout.

Still going strong on no carbs! I did the exact same workout for chest as I did last week with carbs and my numbers were actually better! 

Chest workout from last week: (2 sets, same weight, today's numbers in parenthesis)

Incline bench: 225x13+2(15), 9+2+3+1(12+3)

Machine press-250x11+4(13+2),11+4(11+4)

Dumbbell Flyes-35'sx10+5(12+3), 10+5(10+5)

Cable crossovers-140x15(160x14+1), 10+5(160x15)

Machine Flyes-100x8+4+3(11+4, 10+5)

Leg press calf raises-225x15, 275x15, 15(calves were too sore)

Hanging bent knee leg raises-13+2, 9+6, 7+3+2(20, 15, 7+3+2+3)

This is the cutting program from the book. All numbers following the + are rest-pause reps.

I will note that I had Xtend for the second workout. Maybe that made the difference! :)

  Also, I must say my pants are already noticeably looser and my face is starting to slim down after only 3 days on CHA!

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My workout for today:Legs

Leg extensions(warmup)-90X15, 15
Squats(these are light sets to warmup further)-135x15, 15

Leg Press pyramid-405x15, 495x15, 585x12+3, 675x11+4. Only 30-45 second rest between sets.

Hack squat-300x12+3, 12+3

Leg curls- 120x15, 150x15

I had to skip lunges due to time. Walked on treadmill for 10 minutes afterwards.

Diet has been awesome for the last 3 days. Still feeling strong on almost zero carbs.

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Early still but feeling good about the future.

    Started off great today. Had another 6 DHA eggs and 4 eggwhites for breakfast. After my arm workout which was ok, I had a chicken breast, 30 almonds and one fish oil cap. Hopefully my energy holds up in the coming week on this diet. Heard that the first can be killer.

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Ok, started the CHA diet by Scivation early. Starting on the last meal of the day. I work nights. Just ate 6DHA eggs and 4 egg whites. No salt or anything.

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I'm back and focused.

Well, I've been back into lifting for 2-3 weeks. I slacked off for 2-3 months! No excuse! I had to ease into it at first to avoid extreme soreness. I'm going to start the C.H.A diet soon, I did the chest workout included in the book last night and it was the best workout I've had in a while.

I usually lift on instinct so switching to an actual program made a difference. I probably cut my rest periods in half compared to usual. Made the workout pretty intense and the pump was great! Looking forward to tonight's back workout!

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Still here.

I've been hitting it hard with my friend. He helps me workout harder than usual and I believe I am seeing results quicker because of it. The soreness is worse than usual but as long as I keep the protein intake high I should be good. Sometimes I feel like the only person who cannot decide to bulk or cut. Sure I want to look lean for the summer but I also want to keep getting bigger/stronger. I'm looking bigger than ever in a tank but I know that once I hit the beach I will wish I cut longer. Maybe one day I will start to count calories and structure my diet for more than 2 weeks at a time....

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Workout partners rock the ****.

    I haven't had a workout partner for so long that I forgot how much better a workout can be with one. This last week has been great in the gym. Brazila is a monster so naturally I'm motivated to lift heavy and harder than ever. We've had 4 great sessions(workouts you pervs) so far. The combination of working out harder and getting less calories is making me so sore(just, no). Brazila says he will take a camera to the gym on Sunday so hopefully we will have some new pics soon.

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Long time no post

    Well, yesterday I had one of the best chest workouts in a while with my friend Brazila. He switched shifts so we are able to workout together again. Did some thai pad work today which was awesome. Mom came over and made some enchiladas so my diet was off but I going to the gym made me feel better. STILL no pic updates. Sorry guys. Brazila is supposed to take his camera to the gym sometime soon so hopefully I will have something up within the week.

     On a side note Spiderman 3 is in a day and Halo 3 Beta 11 days later!

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    Well, we drove about 4.5 hours north for Easter weekend and my diet suffered terribly. This is my second day back and I feel much better. Worked back with dumbbell rows, seated cable rows and pullups. An unfocused workout really. The weather is a real downer. My run was much better than the weight lifting. Jogged 2.7 miles today which is almost a whole mile further than I have since I started to add cardio back into my routine. Looking forward to the warm weather to return.

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Chest and Shoulders+Treadmill

    I don't usually do two big bodyparts in one day but I just felt like it I guess. Sad to report that my bench press is on the decline now that my calories are restricted and I'm doing cardio now. Oh well, there is always the bulk season to get the ego back up there, besides the cuts will more than make up for it. For chest I did flat barbell and incline dumbbell. My dumbbell presses have not started to suffer yet so that's good. Moved on to seated dumbbell shoulder presses. Still strong here as well. Next were Arnold shoulder presses and then I supersetted standing laterals with bentover laterals. I love the burn.

     My running is steadily increasing. Jogged 1.5 miles today going for 1.75 tomorrow if I have the time.

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     Got to the gym an hour earlier than usual so my workout was 45 minutes longer which was nice. Did bentover rows, pullups and seated cable rows. Supersetted barbell rows with dumbbell rows which felt great. Got a good stretch with the cable rows since I would lean forward and let the weight stretch my lats before pulling the weight back with a good squeeze. Did some abs consisting of two exercises. Roman chair twists with a 10lb. plate in my hands and normal sit-ups. Also did 2 sets of one arm deadlifts for obliques. Ended with a 1.25 mile jog. Great day diet wise as well.

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    Started with smith machine flat bench. Did some slow reps to really feel the muscle working. Next up were Dumbbell incline presses. These are always awesome. I supersetted these by cutting the weight in half and countinuing my set. Ended with 2 sets of chest dips. Jogged 1.1 miles and headed home. Had a free meal from Rancherito and some ice cream for dessert on Sunday night. My diet started off kind of rocky today but after my workout I was back on track. Pretty good for me since I usually have a free day instead of just one meal, I gorge myself for an entire day.

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Worked shoulders today. Started with barbell overhead presses supersetted with smith machine presses. Second up were dumbbell Arnold presses. Finished with sidelaterals supersetted with bent over rear lateral raises. Great pump. Jogged a mile and headed home. Slept for 4 hours and then took my beast of a dog for a walk for 1hr 45 minutes. Chilly 48 degree morning. Wife is singing at church for the first time today so she is heading there early. Diet has been excellent for the week overall. I hope the Chinese or Pizza buffets can be avoided today after church.

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