Today's Workout. Back:

Warm up: Chin ups Supine grip Full Extension 3x10

Workout: A1 Chin ups Neutral Grip Full Extension 3x10 10" Rest A2 Lat Pulldown Wide Grip Prone 3x10 10" Rest A3 Pull Overs 3x10 90" Rest

B1 Lat Pulldown Lean Away Supine 3x10 10" Rest B2 Seated Cable Rows Close Grip with Long Stretch 3x10 10" Rest B3 Standing DB Rows 3x10 90" Rest

C1 Standing BB Rows Wide 3x10 10" Rest C2 Low Pulley Rows Wide 3x10 10" Rest C3 Seated Cable Rows Wide 1/2 range

3x15 90" Rest 

2 Week Meal Plan: High Protein, Low carb

For the next couple of weeks I will be doing a high protein, low carb protocol to lean down.

Here is an example

Meal 1: 1 Cup Sweet potato 3 eggs
Meal 2: 2 scoops myofusion 1tsp almond butter
Meal 3 (postworkout): 3/4 cups rice 3.5oz chicken 2 rice cakes with blueberry jam
Meal 4: 5oz steak handfull asparagus
Meal 5: 5oz Chicken handful of spinach handful mixed nuts
Meal 6: 5oz Steak Handful of Broccoli and almonds
Pre Bed: 2 Scoops Myofusion Probiotic

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Want Big Arms? of course you do: Big Gunz Workout 1


Last week I felt like doing some arms to increase strength on my push/pull.   

What I did was combine 3 exercises back to back and work on both agonist and antagonists muscles with minimal rest.

The result was: Major cramps on my biceps and a hard time brushing my teeth the next morning.

Video bellow:

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Giant Set Workout for Quads Featuring IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev

The picture says it all.  Milos Sarcev killed me this week!

1 Days before leaving the DR, Milos Sarcev saw me doing torso and said the words "Tomorrow at 10am Quads"

I prepared mentally, I had steak and potatoes for dinner the night before as well as for breakfast.  I grabbed a Spike Shotgun (yeah the big ones) for pre-workout and used half a serving extra of my PreWorkout aminos.  The result was obvious "when you do legs with Milos you end up dead in the ground"

Click to see video here:

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Torso Workout 2 and 1 Complex

Every time I visit the Dominican Republic means that I have to bring my A game.  Even people like Charles Poliquin have reviewed this small island for having some of  the best coaches in the world doing their work there.  I couldn't agree more.

During my visit, I went trained a few times at "Workout" a Strength Coaching facility that is a dream gym for any kind of athlete or gym rat.  The first workout I'll share with you is a Torso routine using a 2 plus 1 complex.

This principle pairs up agonist and antagonist groups making emphasis in the area that needs more work.  In this case my back.  The Idea is to super set 2 exercises of one muscle, followed by 1 exercise of the antagonist.

 Click here to view workout:

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