New 12-week transformation

June 6th marks the day of a new transformation and workout! I really believe the best was to be successful in fitness, exercise and nutrition is keep it interesting. That's great you love the elliptical, or the stationary bike, or running, but if that is all you do, you will get bored of it and move on, and that move on will be most likely to the couch.

This month marks the 16th month of wanting to get healthy and also help others along the way if I am asked for advice. I have never been the type to push stuff on anyone, but if you ask me, I will be more than happy to help any way I can.

The last transformation program I did was Kris Gethin's 12 week transformation. It was an outstanding line up of 84 videos. 84!!! He has a video that you will watch every single day. All you need is a gym, the desire to want it, and the motivation. The best part is they were all free! Now that sounds amazing and all, but I will not lie to you, coming from a person that did the whole program, it is not easy. You have to be in the right mind set to completely change your diet and being prepared to have a workout to do There are days when I was sick, but still did my cardio (Kris gives you amazing advice throughout the videos, with one being still do your cardio, keep it moderate, even if you are sick, but lay off the weights until you are healthy because it will bring down your immune system further). Here is the link if you would like to check it out. I could talk forever about all I did and learned. Watch the intro video on the page and keep going through if you are interested. Feel free to ask me questions about it. And p.s. Kris is a big dude to begin with, but when I completed the program you can see I am not like this stupid huge guy. I built so much lean muscle mass and didn't bulk up. That was the beauty of the program, you can bulk up if you want or you can get a lean body. In summary, don't be intimidated by his size, do what you can do with your body in the gym, don't try and match him, he has been doing this for years.

Now! To keep things interesting I took almost a month off. I finished the program proudly on May 8th. Hit the lowest I have weighed probably since high school, 169. Big change from the 215 I use to be. I took the time off to give my muscles and body to just straight up recover. The program puts your body through hell. I detoxed off all of my supplements except my multi-vitamin. So when I began this new program my body would react that much more when they were re-introduced. Kris really inspired me and I had to pick up his book "Body By Design". An amazing read if you are looking for continuous motivation, support, your environment, and much more. It also includes a 12-week workout program complete with supplement tips and all that jazz. Here is the link to the book on Amazon, 4.5 stars out of 5.

As I said I began the books program yesterday. I will be posting soon about how yesterdays workout went. When I did Kris' videos over the Spring I probably stuck to the diet 70% of the time. I am not going to lie I am not perfect, at the end of the day I am like any one else, I want that slice of pizza, a burger, but I am mindful that these cheat meal are just that, MEALS, not a feast of epic proportions, like hitting up an all you can eat buffet for 5 hours and cancel all the progress I made in one meal. So if you are starting something it is fine if you enduldge. I feel in the long run having that cheat snack is fine, because if you go cold turkey that will lead you to crack, and gorge on all the things you have been missing and you are right back where you started. Most posts to come!


Making better food choices!

Please bare with me, I had a wicked leg workout today, they are still shaking! But I freakin love it.

 I wanted to throw up a post about my diet and the small changes I made to get to where I am at now, and grips a little about calories from fat and how much Americans take on.

At the start of my transformation I just started to make simple exchanges. For example, instead of a handful of potato chips, I had an apple, or banana. Instead of mashed potatoes, I would have broccoli, or green beans. Instead of soda 5 times a day, I switched to water and when I needed some flavor I used those propel water enhancers. I feel starting this process slow is the key to doing great on your new diet. If you go hella crazy extreme like I see some people do, that will quickly lead to failure because there was no gradual process. I also hate the term "diet" and how it is used. People ask "What is you diet" like its a prescription or something. A diet simply means the food you eat on a daily basis, not necessarily good food or bad, just the things you decide to put in your body daily. It is up to you if it should be good or not. 

Another thing you need to know about when I eat is I don't count calories. I feel like it is a waste of time, you forget things to add, the numbers are wrong, and some people will use counting calories as an excuse to not eat all day or very little to eat a chocolate cake in the evening. I suggest you don't count calories either, its a time waster. But think about it if you replace all your meals with the 3 main macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) and you are working out, there is NO need to count calories. You are replacing the bad things you use to eat with nutrient packed goodness. The reason why this country is as bad off health wise where all states but Colorado (they are coming close though) have a 20% obesity rate is because people eat tons and tons of calories from fat, and this source of food mostly comes from fast food, and poor choices in the store like boxes of donuts, cookies, or chips. Think about it, do you think your body would be better off with the nutrients when you eat 200 calories of a burger, or 200 calories of chicken, broccoli, or spinach? A burger would have tons of calories from fat than any of the latter 3 would ever have, and THAT means fat that wont be stored around your body. An example of how we eat, take the Big Mac, just the burger. It is 540 calories, 260 of those calories are just fat, thats almost half! 260 calories that have zero nutritional value, the only thing they do is cling to your body, which means more you have to burn on workout days.

For now stick with slow changes in the decisions you make, make them smarter choices. I will soon throw up additional posts about nutrition when it comes to the 3 macro-nutrients I talked about, so don't worry this won't be it, I have a lot to say about nutrition and tips to give. And yes I mentioned carbs...OMG. Trust me, carbs really have gotten a bad rap in the past years but they are a critical nutrient for your success. See you soon!

 Yours in BS&T,


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I would say probably one of the BEST parts of is the full array of workouts they have. Many people have been asking me what is it you are doing now that is getting you in great shape and it is Kris Gethin.

 Kris is the editor in chief for and has been one hell of an inspiration for me after I did Insanity and p90x, he took my workout to a NEW level. The big thing with Kris' workouts is that you have to be willing to go to a gym. I will make MANY more posts soon about just P90 and Insanity and how great at home programs they are, but with Kris a gym is necessary.

Follow this link to get to the beginning of the videos:

 Watch the first video and take it from there. He tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, from your diet, your meal plan, nutrition, supplementation. I mean he gives you SO much information and then you get 12 weeks of some of the hardest workouts you can imagine. I am currently on week 7 and will be hitting legs tomorrow morning (man! Need to get to sleep soon! hah) But watch his videos, he is a great coach and trainer. I also highly recommend Kris' book that came out a few months ago called "Body By Design". It is a great read of health, fitness, motivation, and so much more. Almost 5 star average rating from almost 200 reviews, they can be wrong! I have been loving the book. He also provides you with tips on off days and things to keep in mind like temptations, motivation, and so on. I seriously cannot believe they are all free, at first I was thinking you got to see the first week of workouts but had to pay afterwards, but NOPE they are all open for everyone to see. It is one of the best kept secrets out there and I want to spread the word about it!

 I will keep it at that for now, as you look through Kris' videos check out the other workout videos out there, there is another great 12 week trainer for lean bodies. Surf around!

Yours in blood, sweat, and tears,


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Welcome to!

Hey everyone!

I am glad to see you have followed me over to to read on about getting into shape :)

If you have not already done so, I heavily suggest you set up a account. I know the site can seem somewhat imtimidating at first (especially with a name like bodybuilding as the website), but it has been an excellent resource to help me with my goals and make sure I stay on track. It has workouts and plans for all types of people (not just bodybuilding). You can actually create blogs (like this), find groups that you can join so you can find people with similar goals, take all your measurements now, and enter in new measurements every so often and it will generate a graph from everything from your weight, to the size of your thighs and a lot more. And the best part it is all FREE. Feel free to search around, there are workout trackers, nutrition advice, different food recipies, product reviews and a lot more. Just check out a little at a time. Friend me so that was you can also follow my blogs, I plan on trying to update this frequently so you can check out my workouts, reviews and just thoughts of things going on in our society and culture. 

Keep checking them out and I will see you guys on y'alls bodybuilding account! 

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The "Get in Shape" Spark

Hey guys!

As you may know, my name is Shelton and I made a big change in my life in February 2010 which was to get healthy. Not necessarily get 6-pack abs, not "get in shape for Spring Break" fever, but a simple task, get healthy. Something I have learned through this journey is when looking to get fit, you have to start with a limitless motivator, a goal that is ever evolving and changing and something you reach for every day when working out, and it can be as something as simple as "I want to be healthy", or it could be "I want to play with my kids at the park", "I want to be proud of who I see in the mirror everyday". These are critical goals to help keep you on top of your fitness goals. It is the short term fixed motivators that will keep you in the gym, but only in the short run, and ultimately to failure of fitness goals if that’s all you have in mind. When Spring Break is over, you stop going or at least not as much, when you get six pack abs, you stop and realized you reached your goal with nothing else in mind. More on goal setting later. I learned a lot about limitless and fixed motivators from Kris Gethin's book, "Body by Design", if you have not read it yet, DO IT. It is an excellent read about all things fitness. Hey, almost 5 star average rating from close to 200 reviews on Amazon can't be wrong!


Next I want to give you a little background about myself personally in terms of my former habits, and hoping on some level we can relate so you know you are not the only one in the same boat. I use to be 215 pounds which was the heaviest I had reached. For you, this may be more or less but for my size and shape it was very unhealthy. However, whatever your weight and size, anything is possible when it comes to getting in shape, no excuses. My bad cholesterol was through the roof, around the 190's, and at the time I didn't know much about bad cholesterol but it didn't take long for my doctor to tell me some things and just googling around about what it meant. I would have to be on cholesterol meds the rest of my life, and my doctor played out how my health would go the rest of my life which was very eye opening, and possibly having some kind of heart disease by the time I was 40. If you have never had your cholesterol tested, go to your doctor and give it a go, it can be an eye opening experience and it can be that "spark" you need to really motivate you.

My diet was not helping at all in the period of my life. When growing up, I was almost always the skinniest person around, I would even be teased about how thin I was, but when I came to college that all changed. Up until this point in my life I never really had to worry about my habits (diet/fitness wise) to remain my scrawny self. When I came to college I was not active like I use to be, and food? I ate anything and everything under the sun. You name it, pizzas, burgers, super size fries, milkshakes, 4-5 sodas a day and looking back, it is scary to say, but this is the typical diet for many Americans. It makes sense though, I have been there, this food tastes great to us because it is greasy and fatty and sugary, and it’s cheap, win/win right? Not if you are looking for health problems that will be right around the corner. Don't put yourself in a situation when you have gone so far that you tell yourself "I wish I didn't eat that way before now", or "I wish I could go back and change those habits". It is YOUR time NOW to make that change before your habits make it for you.

I wanted to briefly give you an overview of my past, so hopefully you can relate on some level with me. Maybe you relate on the diet aspect, or the lack of motivation/activity or just something. I hope this contributes a little of that "spark" you need to start thinking about making a change, because hell I have been there and it sucks. I will never forget that in addition to my doctors talk, it wasn't until a good friend in passing said "Well Shelton, you are a little chubby." It was actually hearing it in such casual conversation that sparked me and motivated me for change.

When you think about getting into shape, it seems just like a diet, or a fad like everything else, it is only in the short run you feel motivated then you stop because "life" happens. This is probably my biggest frustration with people who want to get healthy and that is they look for an excuse like "life" got in the way, "I got busy", "I got bored with my routine". I say I get frustrated with people, but the irony is I was the exact same way before I got serious; I started a plan, and gave up 3 weeks in because "things" came up and it was put on the back burner. I hope this kind of fad seems familiar to some, because I can remember starting so many times, and stopping and it’s frustrating. I will say you have to WANT this, you really want to own this, and you want to set yourself up for success with the right tools which I will provide for you such as motivation, goals, and tips. Also, to give you a brief overview of my schedule now: I work full-time, I attend grad school which comes with time spent in class and lots of homework, sometimes my job has me working until midnight. At home I have a beautiful wife I spend lots of time with, and 2 fun pooches. Needless to say, I keep busy, especially if I am involved in other committees or organizations. My point with all of this is that if you really want this, you CAN find the time; you have to make the time. For me that time was working out early in the morning, we are talking as early as 6:00am on workout days. Now peeps, I am a person that LOVES sleep to no extent, and this was a big sacrifice, but I made the choice because I wanted it bad enough, I wanted to be proud of who I see in the mirror every day. Sure there were COUNTLESS days when I tried to compromise with myself and tried to convince myself to stay in bed a little longer, which meant a shorter workout, but you cannot give in to the temptation. Working out that early was my preference though, I learned early on in this transformation that the whole "I will workout after work" did not work, because I would be tired after a long day, which led to temptation and compromise, which led to failure. This mind set might sound familiar but it is also up to you and what works best, but you have to find the time though because I guarantee it is there.

I will keep it at that to begin with! I will have many more posts to come about fitness, health, diet, and everything and anything I can help with. Talk to you soon!


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