Muscle Beach In Two Weeks!

WOW! It's exactly two weeks away from the first big show of the Summer at Muscle Beach! Monday. Memorial Day on the 28th! Be there! Mike Manibog was there in the "pit" and in front of my camera!


Weather Report!

The weather here this week... Hot and Sultry! So I wanted to start the week out with the right photograph. Victoria Kirsanova from one of our photo shoots.... I think this one makes the point. What do you think?


Personal fitness trainer, national level competitor, model, spokesperson and professional horse trainer. One of the most intriguing people I know. The beautiful Victoria Kirsanova.

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Dumpster Climbing!

Leave it to Andy Haman to drag his wife Michelle on top of a graffiti covered dumpster at Venice Beach for our photo shoot!


That's Andy... a big guy with a bigger personality who has become the biggest star in bodybuilding. And he has brought his wife and kids along on the journey first hand like no other guy before him!

Keep watching for Andy, you find him everywhere, in the magazines, at the shows, guest posing or maybe even on a graffiti covered dumpster near you! He is always too fun and always Andy Haman! Thank You!

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It's A Marriage!

It's a marriage! My love of photography and my love of bodybuilding and fitness. Made even better when you add in the extraordinary Sasha Brown.

Sasha-curl copy.jpg

A fitness competitor and trainer, Sasha has travelled the globe competing and certainly makes herself known by her presence alone. Thanks for being in front of my cameras Sasha!

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The Guy Who Did Write The Book!

Doug Brignole doing preacher curls during our photo shoot. Doug is perhaps the most knowledgeable person you could even know in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, weight lifting and exercise. His recall in the world of bodybuilding is encyclopedic. Very respected and ever enthusiastic, Doug Brignole is one great guy! Check out his book "Million Dollar Mu$scle at "", cover photo shot by yours truly! 


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Big Win For Stacey!

A huge congratulations to my buddy Stacey Naito! She walked away with a trophy as tall as her for winning Overall Masters Bikini at the NPC Pittsburgh Championships this weekend! But I will tell you something... I'm not surprised! Stacey is just amazing!! From our photo shoot...


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How to start the week off better...

How to start the week off better... Start it out with Randalene Sergent! Personal trainer and fitness model, you will not find a more enthusiastic person with a wonderful outlook on just everything! See, you feel better already about your Monday! Randalene Sergent from our photo shoot...


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Which Came First?

Which came first? Photography or lifting weights in the gym?


Well for me it was photography when I was about 9 years old and lifting when I was 12 years old. To this day those classic photographs we saw in the magazines years ago are still my favorites and yours too. All those photos you see of Arnold and others of that time are still the best. Photos before "photoshop", before digital cameras. I still shoot that way too when I can. One of my best subjects in front of the camera ever, Sean Jones, in the gym. Photographed by me on film with a medium format camera, no extra lighting either. I Love It!

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A Real Stand Out!

Duyen Ariss stands out no matter where you put her! A beautiful woman who sculpted an amazing body to do the NPC Grand Prix earlier this month. The word WOW was created to describe Duyen! From our photo shoot...


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Muscle Beach Summer!

The place "Where Muscles Were Born"... Muscle Beach at world famous Venice Beach. And Jack LaLanne inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. Can't happen anywhere else! It all starts again on Memorial Day weekend, the big shows of the Summer and the only bodybuilding show in the world that starts out with a United States Air Force flyover! Be there on May 28th... you will LOVE IT!


Standing behind Jack LaLanne is John Balik, the Publisher of Iron Man Magazine. One of the most respected men in our world of bodybuilding and fitness and one of the most respected magazines!

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Amateur To Pro At 46!

Just a little over a week ago in front of my cameras he was an amateur... How he is a Pro! Congratulations to Mark Ebinger who picked up his Pro Card at the INBA/ABA Colorado State Naturals. And he did it on his birthday turning 46 years old. Looking good at 46 to say the least! Very cool Mark!


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The Now Famous Kelechi Opara!

The now famous Kelechi Opara from our photo shoot when we featured him as an Iron Man Magazine BodySpace Physique of the Month. That was two years ago and now you see Kelechi in magazine features and advertising all over our world of bodybuilding and fitness. Good Job!


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Amateur Boxing At Muscle Beach!

A little over a month away, the big Summer opening of the shows at Muscle Beach Venice! Did you know there is more at Muscle Beach for Memorial Day than just bodybuilding, so much more! Like how about a huge day of amateur boxing too! There is nothing like it in the world... Muscle Beach Venice!


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More To It!

****ght I know what you are looking at, but there is much more to this photograph! Of course Ying Tan looks phenomenal! However I have to tell you about the people who really make my photo shoots work so good.


First I did not shoot this photo. My assistant Clyde Sawyer shoots behind the scenes photos in between handing me cameras, working with props, getting us all water and so much more. He sets up my lighting and even builds sets. He is truly amazing.

Then there is Natalie Lyle who you see in this photo. The Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist who has been with me for something like four years now. Creative, dependable, she has developed an eye for the details that I see and watch over so closely. Even taking her turns in front of the camera, Natalie knows what I see and how it translates to having the model follow my lead.

Without Natalie and Clyde I would certainly still be out there shooting photographs, but they sure make my life in photography so much better and are the team who make it work for the personal portfolio shoots, advertising shoots and editorial shoots that you know me for! Thanks!

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First Time Out!

First time out and picked up a 3rd place trophy! Duyen Ariss had worked very hard and never wavered front the diet and the workouts. Then stepped on stage for Bikini at the NPC Grand Prix and did good! Then a few days later she stepped in front of my cameras and I could only say a jaw dropping WOW!


My good friend Duyen Ariss, co-owner of Palm Springs Fitness with her husband and accomplished competitor too, Carlos Ariss. Very cool people, very cool gym!

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