PUA terms

neg / neg hit

A negative remark towards a girl designed to break her indifference to you by showing her that you are indifferent to her beauty (or other striking features). Not an insult, that would be bad. More like "Those are interesting nails - are they real?" or "It's really cute how your nose wiggles when you talk - look, there it goes again! <chuckle>". No more than 2 negs on an average HB (7-9/7-9), a maximum of 3 on a super HB (10/10). Negs are pretty much a necessity for 10s or strippers (whether they're 10s or not - simply because they are in an environment which is conducive to them thinking they are 10s).


Display High Value (action/verb) or Display(s) of High(er) Value.  An action or story which increases your perceived value.  Can be used positively or negatively depending on your perceived value prior to the DHV and whether the chick is Lower Value (you increase hers or reduce yours, preferably increase hers) or Higher Value (you increase yours or reduce hers, preferably increase yours).


Indicator of Interest - signs/signals from you or from the chick which indicates (real) sexual interest. ?


Indicator of Disinterest Mystery


A disorder commonly found in AFCs, that forces them to think that one chick is so special that they'll do ANYTHING to get into her panties. The most common cure for this disease is to go out and **** a Baker's Dozen of other chicks to see that one piece isn't that special. Also see the first question in the
http://www.fastseduction.com/asf-faq.shtml. John C. Ryan, AKA Jack "Jetma


OverQualify. The point where the chick rules herself out for not feeling competent enough for any kind of relationship with you. A situation where you come across so smooth and alpha that you simply overqualify yourself to your target.

sarge / sargy

The act of explicitly going out and picking up women using pick-up and seduction techniques.


Sort of like an alcoholic... except addicted to wanting to meet, pick-up, and seduce women.... do I really need to describe this?

**** test

When a chick does or says something which is meant to judge the reaction or response from a male, whether the test is done consciously or unconsciously.   The specific words of the response are less meaningful than the method and mode (attitude) of the response. ?

Social Proof

The concept that when you are seen with other women (or keeping a crowd entertained) your social status is raised in the eyes of HBs in the near vicinity. Other forms of display can be seen as social proof (chummy with everyone at a certain place, at ease in your environment, etc.) Robert B. Cialdini, initiated as a seduction concept by Nathan


Statement of Intent / Show of Interest. In initiating conversation, or perhaps during fluff-talk stage, making your intent (sexual interest) clear so as to nip LJBF in the bud early on. By declaring your intent (directly or subtly) clear early on, you avoid later resistance to taking the conversation in that direction and clear the way for an easier close.
Show of Interest: A (sincere) compliment - Followed by a QUESTION intended to elicit some values (which can be fed back to her later).
Statement Of Intent: To suggest doing some romantic activity together. Followed by a CHALLENGE - that is either to do a takeaway, or take the comment back with a "Just Kidding!" or whatever. Rio


Victim Chick. A chick which comes with a lot of emotional baggage (possibly of past abuse) who gives guys the opportunity to be a rescuer, feel like a hero, feel loved and vitally important in an intense way. Quite often, you'll hear this type of girl say "I've never told anyone this..." when talking about her messed up past. Alan Palmer / SweetAssSweet24
Comments on rating girls by their looks... Some guys use the following ranking:

  • 1-7.5 is an UG

  • 7.6-8.4 is a B or Babe

  • 8.5-10 is a HB

  • the TV gorgeous SHB (super hot babe) is 10.1+

Formhandle Rating System:

  • 1-5 is an UG - 30% of all chicks

  • 6 is a neutral until screened for personality (she can gain or lose points)

  • 6.5 is a B or Babe (50% of the chicks run into on average)

  • 7-8.4 is an everyday HB (waitress, receptionist, cheerleader, 10% of all chicks)

  • 8.5-9 is an eye-catching HB (magazine model, stripper, aeobics instructor, 6% of all chicks)

  • 9.5 is high-quality HB (girl-next-door who could be model/TV personality, healthy, natural, intelligent, 3% of all chicks)

  • 9.9 is SHB, way less than 1% of all chicks

  • There are no 10s

On my scale, 1 out of 5 chicks are a "HB" before getting to know them and, of the remaining 4 only 1 of them might be a "HB" after getting to know them.  Of the rest, maybe 1/3 might be able to improve their appearance to be a "HB" if they took care of themselves physically, dressed & primped themselves better, increased their self-esteem, and improved their attitudes.  So many girls let themselves go because of a mixture of laziness and western society's PC message that people should be accepted for the way they are, even if that means being unhealty and obese.  Also, western society rewards people for rudeness.  Too bad for those chicks, I won't deal with them or they're going to get my Jerk Response. Formhandle's comment: Keep in mind that people's personal rating systems vary widely. A lot of people would consider anything above 8.0 a HB. Not that we should rank females in generic categories like this, but hey, we gotta track our successes somehow. Another thing to keep in mind is that some 8.0+s will have a < 5.0 personality but some 5.0+s will have a > 8.0 personality. Some guys also like to differentiate between the face and body. E.g. "She was a 7.5/8.5", meaning a 7.5 face and 8.5 body (or is it the other way around?). Got it?  Don't got it?  OK: 1 is bad 10 is good.  Simple enough? Also, some guys rate HBs on whether they could be a model, porn star, or stripper in order to determine the difference between an 8, 9, 9.5. I personally rate looks based on how much they turn my own eyes on rather than if they appeal to the masses. I'm an artist so I have a different aesthetic taste and prefer girls who are more natural looking than waify and more vibrant than curvy. For example, although I would take Pamela Anderson given the chance, she would only rate an 8.5-8.7 on my scale.

omg, did 36 reps on curls with 90 lbs

wtf!  it was crazy as hell. did this buddy curl thing...wow

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Cardio sucked

Yep, gotta hit the bag harder. Oh, well. and I need a tan lol diet is going good

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owned these steroid freaks today

LMFAO, it was awesome. The guy's been lifting about 10 years, I've only been at it 9 months. Him and his bud were talking about all this HGH, androl and all this other ****. Basically, they do about 20 different bench variations lol. Well, I was already done with 10x3 bench, and supersetting my deadlifts with overhead dumbell presses. I was doing 365 for 5 on the deadlift, and the guy tells me I'm not looking high enough. He said I should look straight towards the ceiling(WTF!)...I look about horizontally forward, I think it's enough. then his buddy tells him to show me how to do it...he comes over, all 230 lbs, 5'11 of him, and he can't even move it an inch! LOL. Also, he was using wrist straps to bent over row 145 LOL! I tell ya, they don't make roids like they used to.

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Amazing workout!

details in my journal ;) http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=3865263&page=2

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forums are down

wow, they are down a lot.

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Started a workout journal on the forums

Richie's Awesome Workout Journal I'll still log random daily things here, HeatherAC told me to ;)

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didn't do much last night

nope..just chilled on bodybuilding.com.  friend was unreliable and didn't call me back... I need more reliable friends lol

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Not much going on

right bicep was hurting...gonna hit it hard tomorrow.

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10x3 bench 210(6 sets) 215(4 sets) a1 3x5 deadlift   350, 355, 360 a2 4x6 sitting dbell military press 40, 40, 45, 45 b1 4x6 upright rows 80 b2 4x6 tri pushdowns rope 115 2x15 cable crossover level 5    60

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10x3 squats 240 a1 4x6 dips 260 total a2 4x6 bent over rows 190 b1 4x6 close grip bench 175 b2 4x6 wide grip ez bar curl 110 3x20 cable crunch 100

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10x3 Chinups BW(215) + 15=230 a1 4x6 decline dumbell bench 60 lbs a2 4x6 standing hammer dumbell 55 b1 4x12 cable crunch 120 b2 4x6 leg curl 100 4x6 lunges(left foot first!) 40 lbs each

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10x3 bench 200 lbs(going for 210-215) next week a1 3x5 deadlift 345, 350, 350 a2 4x6 standing military 150, 155, 155, 135 seated calf 75 reps in 4 minutes    140 lbs b1 4x6 upright rows 75 lbs b2 4x6 tri pushdown rope 100 lbs

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Legs kind of sucked today...pulled my calf muscle last night and woke me up...but it's all good. 3x8 squat...did 5 reps of 240, 8 reps of 230, and 7 reps of 235 4 minute 75 rep calf raise standing 230 lbs 3x8 EZ curl bar squats 85 lbs 3x12 adductor 90 3x20 cable crunch 110 3x12 rotator 25 lbs 3x15 side bends 55 lbs

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3x8 dips  body(217) + 35, 40, 45=262 at end 3x8 chinups body(217) + 5 4x6 close grip bench 125, 140, 155, 165(easy) 3x8 incline curl 30, 35, 40 lbs dumbell 3x8 tri pushdown ROPE 90 2x12 cable crossover 50

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