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IFBB KentuckyMuscle Pro Competitor List

The IFBB KentuckyMuscle Pro Figure contest is speedily approaching in just 4 weeks.

Here's a tentative list of the competitors who will be facing off in Louisville.

2008 KentuckyMuscle Pro Figure Competitor[list as of Oct 10th]:

1 Anthony, Teresa USA
2 Briceno, Tivisay USA
3 Brown, Darlina USA
4 Carvalho-Ferreira, Andrea Brazil
5 Emborg, Maiken Sweden
6 Gibbon, Marie USA
7 Green, Heather USA
8 Mehling, Christina Canada
9 Mello, Patricia Brazil
10 Montanaro-Griffin, Melissa USA
11 Peters, Amy USA
12 Seiwald, Liane USA
13 Smith, Brenda USA
14 Sutter, Laura USA
15 White-Lamm, Elizabeth USA


This should be a great and interesting show. Who do you think will take this one?

For details about the show, please visit:

IDFA Eastern Canada Classic Results!

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2008 Great Lakes Results

2008 IDFA Eastern Canada Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 IDFA Eastern Canada contest here.

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IFBB Sacramento Pro Competitor List

The IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure contest is speedily approaching in just 3 weeks.

Here's a tentative list of the competitors who will be facing off in Sacramento.

COMPETITOR LIST [as of October 10, 2008]:

2. Darlena BROWN, USA
3. Michelle CRAVEN, USA
4. Maiken EMBORG, Sweden
5. Michelle FLAKE, USA
6. Erica FUERST, USA
7. Celeste GONZALEZ, Spain
9. Carol KING, Barbados
10. Christina MEHLING, Canada
11. Patricia MELLO, Brazil
14. Consuelo ROJAS, Mexico
15. Rosa-Maria ROMERO, Australia
17. Liane SEIWALD, USA
18. Kristi TAUTI, USA
19. Waleska VALLE, USA

This should be a great and interesting show. Who are your top 3 picks?

For details about the show, please visit:

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Oct 18 Columbus, GA Body Be 1 NPC BB & Figure

My husband, Mike Horn IFBB pro, and I will be at the NPC Body B 1 NPC bodybuilding & Figure show in Columbus, GA on Oct. 18. Hope to see some of you there.

Who else is going?

Will write a follow up with details after the show.

Jan Horn

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Alaska Crystal Cup Results!

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2008 Carla Sanchez Results

2008 NPC Alaska Crystal Cup Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 NPC Alaska Crystal Cup contest here.

2008 Carla Sanchez  Pictures

2008 NPC Alaska Crystal Cup Photos

Check out the pictures of the 2008 NPC Alaska Crystal Cup. See pictures of contestants, crowds and competition!

Prejudging Photos:

[ Men ]
[ Figure ]

2008 NPCAlaska Crystal Cup:
The best small show ever???

story: Garry Lodoen

September 27, 2008. For most, the weekend of the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a very proud few, one of the best small town shows in years. An AlaskaFit production, this show proved to be every bit entertaining as exciting. From the top down: Venue to music, entertainment to competitor quality, everyone agreed that the competitors and fans came out big winners.


One lone competitor faced the crowd, Vivian Wood. Vivian came in RIPPED beyond her years. Beautiful and eloquent, from the minute she walked on stage, everyone knew she was there to give ANYONE a run for their money.


Next up was the incredible shape of Heather Lindell. Heather walked on stage equally as stunning, to the OOOO’s and AAAHHH’s of the crowd.
Although we have only seen two competitors, the crowd knew this was going to be a fight.


Talk about improvement! Troy Burns from Fairbanks came in nearly TWICE as ripped as he has in the past. I think everyone can agree, this dentist came in prepared for battle, and ready to show the world that it doesn’t matter your occupation… everyone can find time to train.


Next up, Mike Patino. Mike decided to do the show only two days out, but you wouldn’t know that by the condition he came in. Ripped, symmetrical and very poised there is no doubt we will be seeing Mike in the near future.


Scott McKinna stepped on stage for the first time filled with questions, but walked off addicted to his new found sport. Muscular and symmetrical, there is once again no doubt we will be seeing him on the stage once again


Now came the battle between Troy Burns and Josh Kronbach. Both coming in in fantastic shape, Burns’ age and experience were no match for the ultra shredded Kronbach. Kronbach easily walked away with the first place trophy, and his striations fluttering in the wind as he walked off stage to take a breather.


The amazing thing about this show was, the bigger the competitors got, the more symmetrical. Kalani Lagao faced off with Derek Ross in a battle of sheer finesse. Both were muscular and symmetrical, but Ross edged out Lagao with an incredible back double bicep. This decision came down to one point, but nobody would have argued either way.


Steve Cherry walked on stage alone, but to thunderous applause. WOW is the only way to describe this local light heavyweight. Abs, legs, lats… he has everything. If Steve works on his posing a bit, he will be VERY dangerous in larger shows.


Miss Amanda Dickens and the amazing Arctic Angels performed for the crowd, four beautiful and visually stunning routines. A treat for all to see, a mix of Hip Hop, belly dancing and just plain beauty… these girls are amazing. They were a show in themselves, but hopefully we will see these fine young ladies all compete someday.


Todd Scott. When you meet this man, he is everything you expect to see in a pro bodybuilder. Wide as he is tall, with mind blowing size we expect to see him on the IFBB Stage soon. His routine was original and very comical, a wonderful break in the stress of competition.


In the end, only one can be the overall. Heather Lindell made off with the cup for Women’s figure, and Josh Kronbach made off with the Men’s
overall. Slightly breaking from tradition, the best trophy girl
category was replaced for this show with the Favorite Arctic Angel, which Miss Amanda Dickens was given by a very close decision.

AlaskaFit productions wishes to thank every one of its sponsors, especially BODYBUILDING.COM for its years of continued support! Don’t forget the next flavor of the Crystal Cup… join everyone at the NATURAL Crystal Cup, October 25th at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska!!!

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2008 Carla Sanchez Results

2008 NPC Carla Sanchez Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 NPC Carla Sanchez contest here.

2008 Carla Sanchez  Pictures

2008 NPC Carla Sanchez Photos

Check out the pictures of the 2008 NPC Carla Sanchez . See pictures of contestants, crowds and competition!

Prejudging Photos:

[ Junior Fitness ]
[ Figure ]
[ Models ]
[ MISC ]

2008 Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness and Figure Championships
By Isaac Hinds

The sixth annual Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta took place on October 4, 2008 which showcased some of the brightest upcoming female talent.

Jr. Fitness
The highlight of this show is always the Junior Fitness competition.
These youngsters are able to perform moves that many top national competitors struggle to complete. The ages ranges from 6 to 17 and these young ladies knew how to play to the crowd. The show stopper was MaKayla Laurita who knew how to ham it up better than most pros. She worked the crowd and performed her gymnastic moves with ease. This girl is already a fitness star. 17 year old Sarah Alred was also impressive in her moves and could be one to watch in the NPC ranks soon. Sarah headed to her homecoming dance right after the show, now that’s what I call dedication.

The figure competition was a little lean this year and it could be due to the earlier date from year’s past. There were a variety of physiques and with some refinement a few of these women could go on to do well at larger shows. It happens on every level and every show, large and small, competitors need to practice their posing, stage presence and find the right balance of not being too hard or too soft.

Chris Kramer has been on stage a few times before and was definitely the leader in the pack for this show. She showed poise and confidence and she took home top honors. Danielle Marez also showed promise by winning her class and the overall novice title at this show.

Special Guests
This show featured guest performances by Elements in Motion, Denever Nugget Dancers, new IFBB Pro Jo Marriner and IFBB Pro Andy Haman & family. IFBB Pro Elaine Goodlad was also on hand to help hand out awards. The special guests did a great job of entertaining the crowd with each of their performances.

This is definitely a show worth attending as a spectator or competitor.

-- Isaac Fitness Model search
Denver’s fittest compete for the chance to fulfill their fitness dreams
Reviewed by Jacqui Skibba

By day they are average working professionals; Lawyers, nurses, graphic designers, students, parents, all striving for personal excellence in their respective lines of work. Once per year, however, these “average” every day individuals make their way to beautiful Denver, Colorado to display their commitment to physical excellence by participating in the Fitness Model Search, held annually in conjunction with the NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness and Figure Championships. This year’s contest featured the men’s and women’s model divisions, as well as the Fittest Couple and Hot Mama Divisions.

First place finishers in the men’s and women’s divisions received a photo shoot with renowned fitness photographer and Bodysport owner Terry Goodlad and will be featured on his website, All of the division winners also received a photo shoot and portfolio from Denver-based photographer Jason Hayes, and prize packages from event sponsors including Dr. Jeff Raval, PR Beach Body, VPX, and Bodywell Nutrition. This year’s panel of celebrity judges featured IFBB figure Pro Elaine Goodlad, Professional boxer and Denver resident DaVarryl Williamson, former Denver Bronco Cheerleader and local sports radio and television host Renee Herlocker, as well as other local and national fitness personalities.

Free from the formality of quarter turns and mandatory poses, the model search allows competitors to showcase their tight and toned physiques through more relaxed and natural posing. Contestants are judged based on stage presence, poise, beauty, fitness, and model qualities. Participants present themselves in a swimsuit of their choosing, many of them showing their creativity and personality by using fun and funky fitness-themed props and accessories.

Women’s Model Search
This year’s top honors went to 22 year old Sonya Vecchiarelli of Lakewood, Colorado. In her first appearance on any competitive stage, Sonya bested the highly competitive field of 18 fit ladies with her adorable smile and athletic curves. Sonya was absolutely shocked yet thrilled with her win, and was looking forward to fulfilling one of her ultimate fitness dreams; her Sunday morning photo shoot with Bodysport’s Terry Goodlad. Sonya plans to continue building and shaping her physique in preparation for her first figure competition this fall.

Much to the delight of her numerous supporters in the audience, The Fan Favorite award in this category went to Aurora, Colorado’s Yvonne Vaicius. Another first-time model search competitor, Yvonne’s four months of hard work in the gym and dedication certainly paid off. She hopes to continue her winning streak in future model searches, and as a figure competitor.

Men’s Model Search
Although the quantity of competitors did not match that of the women’s division in this year’s event, there was certainly not a lack of quality physiques amongst the men’s division’s two competitors. Ron Worley of Greeley, Colorado won the men’s overall title, as well as the Fan Favorite award. Hopefully Ron’s fit physique will inspire more of Denver’s athletic men to don their swim trunks and display their model-worthy bodies onstage.

Fittest Couple
Continuing his winning ways, Men’s Model Search winner Ron Worley also took top honors in the Fittest Couple division, competing alongside girlfriend Erin Brady. Their “cops and robbers” themed costumes were quite appropriate as Erin is a police officer and Ron a bail bondsman working in Greeley, Colorado. Despite opposite schedules and near break-ups due to contiguous contest dieting, Erin and Ron prove that the couple that trains together stays together.

Hot Mamas
Always an audience favorite, the Hot Mama division featured 8 of the fittest mommies in the Denver area. Somewhere between soccer games, homework, and violin lessons, these amazing women find the time to sculpt their post-partum bodies into enviable athletic physiques. Byers, Colorado resident and mother of two Tara Lynn Woodis finished first in this incredibly fit field, with Fan Favorite honors going to Overall Figure Division winner Chris Kramer.

Congratulations to co-promoters Carla Sanchez and Jeff Taylor on another successful event. Be sure to visit to check out Terry Goodlad’s photos of the Model Search winners. We hope to see you next year in the Mile High City!

-- Jacqui

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NPC BSN Washington Ironman

Check out's full contest coverage from this competition right here.


2008 Washington Ironman Results

2008 NPC Washington Ironman Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 NPC Washington Ironman contest here.

2008 Great Lakes Pictures

2008 NPC Washington Ironman Photos

Check out the pictures of the 2008 NPC Washington Ironman. See pictures of contestants, crowds and competition!

Prejudging Photos:

[ Men ]
[ Women ]
[ Figure ]
[ Fitness ]

Washington Ironman goes Back to the Future

Text and Photos by Mark Mason

As the last notes of guest poser Brandon Curry’s music faded into history one could only marvel at the full circle that the Washington Ironman had traversed. It has been nearly a decade since Brad and Elaine Craig held their all-natural bodybuilding, fitness and figure contest at the Everett Civic Auditorium. In those ten years the depth and breadth of the Ironman has grown by epic proportions.

The 2008 Ironman boasted one hundred and twenty-seven competitors. That is one hundred and twenty-seven bodies, not trumped up numbers, the product of dozens of crossover competitors. As a result of the true numbers, the show flowed smoothly and effortlessly.

Add two thousand fans, the irrepressible Kim “Kong” Farrison as MC along with super-star guest posers Tanji Johnson, Peter “The Punisher” Putnam and the new Black Prince, Brandon Curry and you have yourself a physique extravaganza extraordinaire.

Women’s Figure
Fifty women in five classes brought the packed house alive and tested the strength of the Civic Auditorium’s very foundation. Short class winner, Kristina Whitehall’s conditioning and stage presentation as well as her dynamite smile gave her the edge over more seasoned competitors like the raven-tressed Audrey Penza and the leggy Kiana Phil-Lewis.

In the medium short class a single point separated winner Heather Lindell and 2007 Ironman masters winner, Heidi Hansen-Carlin. Hansen-Carlin took the near miss with her usual grace and charm. Once again showing the quality of competitors third place Carole Castillo edged out fourth place Jacey Bourne by three points.

Jade Coffman of Team Physique ventured up from Vancouver USA to win the medium class. Coffman left second place for Ti Wickland and third place for Diana Gere.

The largest class of the night was the tall class. Fourteen ladies vied for top honors. Veteran competitor Casey Tuttle’s training with Kimberly Agnew paid off big. The Montanan secured the win over newbie Andrea Canonge. Canonage was in great shape and presented well. Third place went to Tina Tricoli out of Puyallup’s Bodylogic.

The masters figure class was loaded with some of the Northwest’s best talent. Winner Julie Barnett finally got her due. Barnett has been a constant in competitions throughout the region for the past several years. Each time she returns she has improved her body, conditioning or presentation. 2008 at the Everett Civic her perseverance paid off by scoring a resounding victory. Second place went to Mary Napolizano and third to Jennifer Knox.

The figure overall was about as exciting as the law would allow. As masters winner Barnett lined up next to Tuttle, Coffman, Lindell, and Whitehall head judge Rick Kasten took the ladies through a dozen minutes of fierce quarter turns. Complete pandemonium was imminent as the scores were tallied. After a three-way split decision MC Farrison declared Heather Lindell of Anchorage, Alaska the Ironman figure champion for 2008.

As fitness competitor numbers decline around the country, here in the Northwest, fitness is on the upsurge. Most likely this unique trend is due to the support and inspiration of the bevy of fitness pros in the area. Michele Mayberry, Tami Ough, Sandy Grant, and the newest IFBB pro, Rose Hendricks, continue to wave the banner for the fitness renaissance. Without a doubt the heart and soul of the revival is the first lady of fitness, Tanji Johnson.

Fresh from her fifth place finish at the Olympia, Johnson was on hand to flaunt what she does best. Her ninja routine was filled with strength moves, hip-hop dance and highflying gymnastics. People talk of TJ’s come back. There is no comeback. Tanji Johnson has never left and she is just as viable as she has ever been.

Not only were fitness competitor numbers up but the competition was strong. Eventual winner Genie Markwell had her hands full. Rival Kristina Lum pushed Markwell each step of the way. Markwell won both the one and two-piece rounds but it was Carole Castillo passing both Lum and Markwell to win the routine round. It ended Markwell, Lum, and Castillo with Janice Zander fourth and Emily Arger fifth.

Novice Men
The novice men classes featured some of the best posing of the show. Lightweight winner and hometown boy, Eric Sailer, swept through the class taking all but one of the first place votes. Second place Brian Bear was a handful of points ahead of third place, Brenton Moore.

Winner of the novice middleweights, Ernesto Rios, had one of the most solid physiques of the show. Rios came out fast and never looked back. Second place Cory Patterson is another contestant whose posing belied his experience. Third place from Mill Creek Gold’s Gym went to poser extraordinaire Jon Blodgett.

Novice heavyweight Tyler Leenknecht stood tall and took home first. Leenknecht possessed a well-muscled upper body and with continued improvement to his legs he will become a formable open competitor. Derek Hess and Ronnie Sullivan rounded up the class second and third respectively.

Novice Women
The novice women’s bodybuilding class was swept by Janet Guenther protégé Anastasiya Chumova. Not only was Chumova’s conditioning dead on by her posing routine was punctuated with subtleties that help put her far ahead of her competition.
Second in the novice women class went to newcomer Jacqueline Siochi. Third place went to Nancy Pooler.

Junior Men
If the future of men’s bodybuilding can be predicted from the junior division the forecast looks bright indeed. Seven young men, twenty and under, swaggered across the stage showing off physiques that appeared beyond their age.

The battle for first place was between Paul Tomko and Lueth Alexander. Tomko the shorter of the two possessed thick muscle density as well as phenomenal conditioning. Alexander’s posing routine was perfectly paced and he looked as if he owned the stage. Another junior with a bright competitive future was the Ironman himself, Brandon Craig. Standing at least six foot five Craig displayed impressive upper body musculature. With time and training he will turn out to be a threat in the novice and open classes. The class placings went Tomko, Alexander, and Craig.

Masters Bodybuilding

Masters women winner, Linda Ham, hit the stage like a runaway train. Her spirited posing routine was well received. Ham received another first place award in the Mixed Pairs division, which she shared with her son, overall novice winner, Eric Sailer. Seattleite Susan Elliot won the battle for second place with Canuck Eden Davidson placing third.

In the men over forty division DynOmite Daniel Rutherford was back after a disappointing near miss in the 07 Ironman. Rutherford’s eclectic “Will Pose For Food” routine wore perfectly in the midst of the present financial crisis. If anyone could give Rutherford a challenge it was Rob Barnett. Barnett was at the best shape of his bodybuilding career. Although smaller then Rutherford his conditioning was superior. Good enough in fact to garner three first place votes. Rounding up third place was the “Huggy Bear” of bodybuilding, Jerome Williams.

In the masters men over fifty all the usual suspect showed up in full force and ready to rumble. Plus one…Perry Plush. Plush, sporting a Dorian Yates coiffure, posed his way to victory over the likes of second place Corky Gainsford and third place Charlie Brown. Both Gainsford and Brown are crowd favorites and pride themselves with coming up with outlandish posing routines. Both out did themselves this year.

In the men over sixty it was the Silver Stud, Walt Radke, one upping the senior statesman of the show, seventy-two year old Robert Mussehl. Radke, who is seventy, has his eyes on the grandmasters title at the 2009 Masters Nationals.

Open Women Bodybuilding

To say that heavyweight winner and overall champion Lilli Ewing dominated the division is no slight to the other competitors. Back to Ewing in a moment. First, props must be given to lightweight winner Cindy Goodrich. Goodrich comes ready to compete in every local show and is rarely even opposed in her class. The fact that she continues to come back show after show to pose and pick up her first place trophy is a testimony to her love of her sport. That being said, I know Goodrich would welcome some competition.

Middleweight winner Jennifer Erickson, another competitor from Pete and Apple Grubbs’ Construction Zone, really brought it to Everett. She was a delight to watch and the exuberance in which she accepted the first place trophy was thrilling to witness. Fellow CZ teammate Marni Alvarez place second and Zoe Lefrancois-Hansen took third.

It seems that the mantra of women’s bodybuilding nowadays is “bringing femininity back.” From what I witnessed at the Ms. Olympia contest the previous weekend that is nothing but lip service.

The truth is the future of women’s bodybuilding lies with the likes of competitors like Cindy Goodrich, Jennifer Erickson and Lilli Ewing. Ewing possessed the perfect amount of muscle for her frame. Her lats tapered down to a small waist and the sweep in her legs was just the right size to accentuate her symmetry. Her conditioning was sharp and her skin clear and healthy.

Lilli Ewing is a worthy champion of the 2008 Ironman and hopefully she will be leading the march towards the new direction of women’s bodybuilding.

Open Men
Neo-classical poser Andrew Saguid’s impressive routine and his sharp lines are why the judges gave him the unanimous victory in the open men’s bantamweight. Robert Bauer and Diamond Dale Morishige rassled through prejudging and into the evening. It ended up Bauer over Morishige by a point.

In the lightweight class it was Jon Stockwell who pushed through to victory over veterans Tony Ruggiero and Shawn Ryan. But final placings don’t tell the whole story. The prejudging scrap between Stockwell, Ruggiero and Ryan was one of the longest of the morning. Rick Kasten took the group through several rounds of comparisons before the results could be determined.

A three-point difference is all the separated middleweight winner Andrew Lindaas and second place “Montana” Jess Edens. The crowd response was so loud for third place winner Jacob Hall you would think he brought his own cheering section with him.

Light-heavyweight winner Paul Halalilo came back strong after taking a year off. The time served him well. He was thicker through the chest with better definition in his hamstrings and quads. Jonathan Gibson just squeaked under the heavyweight limit and was the only real test to Halalilo’s supremacy. Scott Hickman placed third to Gibson.

In the open men’s heavyweight it was Pastor Ken Ralston all the way. In the past three years Ralston has not failed to show up in top condition and there are few men his size that can mount any serious challenge to his posing ability.
Kim Farrison called all five athletes to center stage. As Kasten took the lineup through both the symmetry round and muscularity round s the house came alive with excitement. Shouts for favorite competitors nearly stifled Kasten’s callouts. Halalilo received some strong competition from lightweight Jon Stockwell. At evenings end the overall title of Washington Ironman Overall Champion went to Paul Halalilo.

The team award went to the Construction Zone and the male best poser award went to Jon Blodget and the female to Jennifer Erickson.

The after show party was held around the corner at Alfy’s Pizza. Pizzas were eaten by the dozens and beer drank by the pitcher as the competitiveness faded into the camaraderie that only amateur bodybuilding can inspire.

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My Thoughts on Competing...

I have many thoughts on the sport of figure competing! My first thought is that I LOVE IT! I love everything about it! (yes, I even Love the dieting as crazy as that is!) I just love all the challenge of it!

I travel all over to compete at a national level and I have the opportunity to meet all types of people and competitors. I get a chance to hang with the pros and to hang with the wanna be pros (yep, I guess that's me too, haha).

I hear so many girls that either aren't placing where they want to or aren't placing at all, talk about their opininons on the sport.

Yes, as I have said before, the sport is still new, it's still going through changes and that's just part of it. I think this year has been the most consistent as to what the judges were looking for.

This is how I see it, Figure is NOT bodybuilding, it is NOT fitness, it is FIGURE! I don't think it's a matter of coming in hard, or coming in soft, I think it's a matter of coming in balanced, shapely, fit and feminine. They don't want us flexing our guns, or squeezing our glutes or quads on stage! They don't want our lats flared out (or like some girls do and try to flare their arms out to make an appearance of a big back!--ummm doesn't work, just looks silly). Smiley

I hear girls (or better yet, the girls trainers), say they don't care what the judges think, they are only here for themselves, and blah, blah, blah...well, if that's the REAL case, then great for you! and I'm proud of you and you should be too! ,but usually it's not the case , because they are upset about their placements! (if you didn't care about what the judges think, then why would you care where they place you!)

Pamela Soper at the 2008 IFBB North Americans.

Most everyone comes to the show for the same reason (notice I said MOST)-- they want to win, or at least make top 15, top 10 or top 5! WHo doesn't like to win!?! THIS IS A COMPETITION!

Personally, I like the way figure has gone, it's a look that is something an average person could acheive AND maintain through diet and exercise.

Take a look at MOST of the top girls that are winning, they are "marketable", they are beautiful, in shape, fresh looking and feminine. THey are girls that could grace the cover of most fitness magazines (and many do or will!).

Now I am speaking from a national stage point of view, girls from all over the NATION come to compete at this level to achieve that ultimate goal: IFBB pro status.

If you are just getting into the sport, GREAT! You then need to find a good coach (just like you would if you were playing basketball, football, golf, etc.) Listen to your coach, and trust them. I am a coach to many figure girls, but it wasn't until I found my coach (MIke Davies), that I really learned what it would take to become the athlete I needed to be.

Many girls sometimes mistake the sport of Figure for not working or dieting hard, UMMM yes! we train VERY hard and diet VERY hard to achieve the look we are going for. Everyone has different genetics to work with, but through the proper type of training for your bodytype you can achieve anybody you want (within reason, haha). it just takes some longer than others! (and try not to hate on the ones it comes easy for!haha).

So, I know I'm blabing right now, LOL - so let me sum it up:

If you are a competitor, or planning on competing, educate yourself on your sport. Find a the right coach and/or trainer for you make a comitment to them and yorself and follow through! When competing be that athlete you were trained to be and PLEASE do us all a favor and have good sportmenship! Understand that it is a competiton, everyone wants to win but in the end there will only be one winner! That winner worked just as hard as you did and should be congratulated! Learn from each show and take it to the next! Lastly, don't ever QUIT or giveup! If you want it, you can achieve it! it just takes, time, education, and consistency!

Until next time~~~ Keep training hard, live life with no regrets, and always love yourself first inorder to love everyone else!

Pamela Soper

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2008 Great Lakes Results

2008 NPC Ohio State Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 NPC Ohio State contest here.

2008 Great Lakes Pictures

2008 NPC Ohio State Photos

Check out the pictures of the 2008 NPC Ohio State. See pictures of contestants, crowds and competition!

Prejudging Photos:

[ Men ]
[ Women ]
[ Figure ]

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Natural Kansas City Gold's Classic Results

Check out's full contest coverage from this competition right here.


2008 Kansas City Results

2008 Kansas City Results.

Check out the results from the 2008 Kansas City contest here.

2008 Kansas City Pictures

2008 Kansas City Photos

Check out the pictures of the 2008 Kansas City. See pictures of contestants, crowds and competition!

Prejudging Photos:

[ Men ]
[ Women ]


September 13, 2008 at Johnson County Community College the NANBF Natural KC Gold’s Classic took place with over 84 amateur entrants only 79 amateurs made it to the stage. In the Gold’s Classic 9th year, it was the second year in a row to divide the show on two stages with 61 WNBF Pro’s sharing the stage concurrently in the WNBF Pro International.

Amateurs rocked the stage in Polsky Theater. After opening ceremonies and a guest posing routine with WNBF Pro Shaun “the giant killer” Clarida, the Open Women’s bodybuilding division began for a Pro card challenge. Corrina Hamill's super muscular physique captured the Pro-card and winner in the Open Women’s division. In second was well defined Tracey Seib and in third was the conditioned Sheryl Stocker. Fourth and Fifth place were the muscular physiques of Elizabeth Young and Terri Bradley respectively.

Tracey Seib went on to take the Submasters Women’s title and the Natural Kansas title. Anne Foote’s lean physique took second in the Kansas with Angelique Anderson’s finesse taking third. The Masters division was dominated by Terri Bradley’s shoulder caps and in second was well developed Terre Kern.

In the Submasters Men, the battle began and was over with Scott Harrick taking the large class with a sliced and diced physique. In second was the muscle bound Danny Taylor. Third was dominated by lean and shredded Frank Maltose. In fourth was arms-of-steel Michael Blunt. Jason Thompson stomped on fifth with Gerald Byrne taking sixth. In seventh was Sean Linhoff.

The Masters Men placed the lean, muscular physique of Don High in first. In second place was Morgan Edwards and his broad shoulders. Kirk Douglas and all his muscle took third. In fourth was Scott Rowe and fifth place was Steve Richardson and his shredded muscle bellies.

The 40+ Masters Men then battled it out for the Masters Pro-card with Efrem Williams overall symmetry and nice developed muscle bellies taking the class. In second was the lean and cut Frank McAloose. Third was stomped by Don High with Morgan Edwards eked in fourth. Fifth was Kirk Douglas with Scott Rowe finishing sixth place. Lean Steve Richardson took seventh with Frank Dreiling in eighth. Frank went on to win the Grandmasters division.

The Teen division was won by nicely built Cody Ray Allen who also went on to win the Collegiate as well. Chris Hawley placed second in the teens. In the collegiate, Don High took the second place spot with muscular shoulder of Anthony Green taking third. In fourth was lean Daniel Neff. The fifth place was dominated by the teen Chris Hawley. In the Collegiate Women Jeanie Welker won that division and later placed second in the Novice Women’s division. Anne Foote’s ultra lean physique won the Novice Women’s division. In third was Terre Kern and Angelique Anderson won the fourth place.

Novice Men’s division was divided in three divisions. The short division was won by the mammoth shoulders of Chris Delap. He also went on to win the Overall Novice division. In second was muscular teen Cody Ray Allen. Third was won by Jason Thompson with Anthony Green taking the fourth place. In fifth was well developed Brent Bergstrom. In the medium division, Adam Horting took this class with all his muscle bellies. In second was lean and symmetrical Craig Woodin. In third was Daniel Neff and Sean Linhoff took fourth. The tall division was knocked down by Armah Mitchem. The second place went to Nicholas Ruffin. In third was Brad Kill. The fourth place was won by big guy Brandon Frick. In fifth was lean Joe Bryan and sixth was Charles Henson. In seventh was Gerald Byrne.
Yardley Hall contained all the figure gals for the show. The Beginner Figure division started the stage with the short division had Brenda McNeil’s grace and beauty dominating for first and Michelle Malaponte ultra lean physique taking a close second. In third was Alicia Gottman poise and fourth Alice Nascimento charm. Fifth was taken by graceful Rebecca Moneymaker. The tall division was represented well with Karen Ruff impeccable stage presence and well conditioned physique in first and winning overall beginner figure. In second was graceful Marlene Robinson with Christine Splittgerber’s elegance taking third. The fourth place was awarded to lean and sleek Sheena Shore and poised Melissa Rose took fifth.

The Novice Figure short was stomped by the elegant and darling physique of Shari Engert and in second was graceful Alice Nascimento. In third was Rebecca Moneymaker placing energetic Gina Graham in fourth. The Novice Figure Medium division was won by well conditioned and graceful Jessica Meditz. Brenda McNeil took second and in third was Michelle Mallaponte. The fourth place was won by Alicia Gottman. The fifth place was taken by Lisa Nobles command of the stage and in sixth was Roslyn Hazlitt-Bigsby. The Novice Figure Tall was dominated by Karen Ruff whom also won the overall Novice division. This was a good night for Karen Ruff. In second was Marlene Robinson. In third was Christine Splittgerber and in fourth was Sheena Shore. The fifth place went to well poised LaTrivette Grant and in sixth was Melissa Rose.

Masters 40+ figure battled a pro card for the winner going to the domineering and symmetrical Denise James. The second place went to elegance in Jill Huber with nicely conditioned and charming Jamie Hoffman taking third. In fourth were the lean and muscular Michelle McElroy and graceful Lori Albers in fifth.

The Open Figure division was also battling for a pro card for the overall winner. In the short division, Jill Huber took first with the beautiful Sarah Herring taking the second place. In third was elegant Shelley Oplotnik and in fourth was Rebecca Ray. Fifth was won by Mary Jo Lang. The Open figure Medium division was dominated by elegant and well defined Jamie Hofmann; the dynamite physique of Hazel Rauls in second. In third was the elegant Diane VanDeusen. The fifth place was Elizabeth Young and her excellent stage presence. In the Tall Division Kristina Brunner’s poise and muscular but fit physique took the whole division and won the overall as well. Deb Grays’ excellence on the stage with great symmetry won the second place and Michelle McElroy took third. Jill Huber then went on to win the Kansas Natural Figure with Karen Ruff in second. In third was Jessica Meditz and Lori Albers placed fourth.

The Mens Open Division followed in Yardley hall was also battling for a pro card. The short division started with Kelly Pollman’s great traps and back in first place. Shredded Scott Harrick took second. In third was very lean Jason Vaughan and in fourth was very muscular Danny Taylor. Fifth place was Scott Rowe. The Medium Division was dominated by the first place solid as a rock Joe Wilson whom went on to win the overall for his pro card. In second was lean and diced William Johnson. Third place was muscular Michael Blunt. Vjay Rock Puri’s excellent symmetry and nice quads placed him in fourth and fifth place was muscular Don High. John Brungardt placed sixth and lean Steve Richardson took seventh. The Tall Open Mens Division was lead by Wazir Mbwana, ultra lean physique placing him first. In second was Efrem Williams. Third place was Shawn Pierce and in fourth was lean and cut Michael Morris. Fifth place was Lance Allen. The Natural Kansas concluded the show. The winner dominated from the Novice Division was Chris Delap. In second place was Scott Harrick. Third place was William Johnson and in fourth was Adam Horting. Fifth was Kirk Douglas and in sixth place was Charles Henson. Seventh place was lean and cut Craig Woodin.

Best posers for the show were Corrina Hamill and Scott Harrick from the Polsky Theater. Joe Wilson was voted best poser in Yardley Hall.


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