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Well it been some time now that I have been home from deployment. And one goal that I had was to keep working out and so far I have been able to manage that. And with my Brother in mind too (Jr.) I keep on this healthy path that I have found and also A good friend, who has been keeping me on my toes also (Boyle).  At times as we continue with everyday life and well some habits are easy to kick while others we struggle around with.For instance it would be way easier for me to go and start drinking beer. and well the gym can be done some other time. But in my case I can't do that then his loss would been in vain. No matter what we do there will always be that person it be yourself or others.

Before Deployment I knew nothing about working out what is this or what is that... Man if you asked me for pointers or help I couldn't. That is why I am very grateful to have SGT Abrams & SGT Cox with us because both of them had a lot of knowledge about working out and eating healthy too. Because of them they gave me the bug to start it off and more than anything right. But now knowing is the start though and when you have guys that are willing to help you with the small goals I had for myself.. Its a good thing That I also had the best room mate. He helped me out and it kinda was a competition thing I had. Its almost like when your kids and and if your brother can do it you can do it even better. We that is what I had but I loved to work out because it helped me stay sable and helped me keep focused on myself and progress. But Like I said If you have others there to help you out to start from some where and then get you to a different level that is nice. Well after my brother Jr passed away I kinda felt like not doing anything anymore and then getting deployed back. For my workout buddy's and friends that was there it really helped me out allot.. kept me on my feet. 

I am excited because even though at times I feel like not working out or I get too " I need more and better RESULTS phase " But I just shake it off and keep on going. It helps when you have a workout partner also. Mine has helped me to keep going and well when I feel like crap at the gym he gets me all excited and ready for another pump again.. On April 13 B BTRY of the 1-148 is going to do their PT test. And this is what my hype is about. Even though I have passed it easily in the past. I know some of the guys during deployment were hitting the gym as much as I was and yea they had some good gains but once they were home all the hardcore gym hitters stopped. And when I asked why did you stop going.... Well this is where all the excuses came in. And when I asked one SGT if he ever got big from the the gym and he said yes the first deployment. But he did not have too much time this deployment. So when April 13 comes around and I see the usual people barely passing theirs like usual and then the ones that can not pass it at all. It will be sad that they did that to themselves knowingly they gave us plenty of time to get ready for it.

Well the fact is that I can actually go and knowingly know how to work out and what is a dumbbell curl or preacher curl just the fact that I understand and have learned more about eating healthy what to eat and how to prepare it is awesome and best of all I can show this to my friends and family.  Ok so now that I understand some still learning though. I am not even close of knowing it all or even say some but I have started to though and that is what counts. That after a stressful year of deployment we worked out and during that learned about how or I should say proper form. But when I go and do this PT test in April I want to demolish it and give it all that I can give. And in the end stand there even if I puked a little. That is one of my Goals for me personally. But today as I stood in front of the window and seen how quickly it went from partly sunny to cloudy and then snowing, blizzard within minutes. I figured that is how I feel at times when I don't work out and I should of. With some of the obstacles that we get in life yes it is hard and stay fit to some but in the end I guess there are no excuses for us not to... right.? 

In the end I am trying to eat the right meals and keep my body under control. Some days are way easier than others but some days I do struggle and get off or side tracked also. But I do not stray to far though but I return and come back. So I am in my Fourth week of my workout plan I found "Wrath's Journey workout" I enjoy this workout even though I have kind of changed it some but hey that is part of working out if it does not go well or you need to tweak it some to help you out on your workout. I try to do the six to seven meals a day plan and if not prepared right then it will not go as planned. But I am still working out on that and hope that I can keep it up with the healthy eating. I need to find more recipes  but healthy ones though. Well enough said for now I guess until I feel that I need to write part II. thanks for all of your help and Inspirations.... Pirolai outABA.jpg

sleep vs. working out

As I was watching show " The Dr.'s" It was kind of interesting subject. There was a person who asked them what is better to wake up an hour early to workout or to sleep in that extra hour. I was kinda surprised by the answer that the Dr. Travis gave. He said "Its better to stay asleep for that extra hour than to go and workout. Your just gonna be tired for the rest of the day." I was really surprised with that. I think they didn't do their research very good or even ask others. Because the days that I wake up early and work out I feel better during the day than the days I stay in bed. I am sure that if you get the hours of sleep suggested then yea you will be tired all day. But what does everybody else think about this?

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