Words from the Ero-Senin

"Where ever someone is thinking of you that is a place to call home" "A person is able to grow up when there able to overcome hardship, protection is important but there are some things a person must learn on there own."

Philosophy to think about...

I was 15 when I started to see things for what they were. I read and kept quiet my whole life up to that point. It wasnt until I was reading about philosophy is when I stated to speak and never shut up. It was aristotle that got me going but its my time on this planet interacting with people that keeps me going. "Its when you begin to be true to yourself is when you start to see the truth in others." Its only recently I began writing my own philosophy and realized that taking a philosophy class in college is useless. Philosophy is an opinion from someones perspective. Quotes in philosophy are stepping stones that when taking the correct way advance ones view on the world. By advance I mean becoming constructive and balanced. Balance brings peace, peace brings control over ones self, control is not chaos, chaos brings stress. Advance ones self to overcome stress.  

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Body Fat Measure Up!

****ght after I put in my height, weight and age into the Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor I then hold the monitor with both hands for about 10 seconds. Cool its says Im 14 percent body fat! Yea me! Hmmmm the man trying to sell me health insurance is right maybe I should buy my own fat analyzer? I know Ill purchase the (Brand and Model pending) scale at Sams club for $28. ****ght time to create a setting based on my age and height, ok. Now I am going to ste on the scale... Hmm 194 lbs must of gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks, Meh anything is possible. Ok body fat is.... 24.6% WTH! I know Im gonna go to the scale at work its an old school weighted scale. Ok accroding to this Im 191! ****ght Im confused! By the eye of Odis what is going on around here? I need some help folks. Which analyzer is correct the handheld or the digital scale? Both work on the same principal (Extremely low amount of electricty sent throughout your body from one hand or foot to the other. I like the handheld more only because I have fat only around the spare tire area and a littl on the chest. Also it said I was 14% BF after I ate a hotdog and a hamberger. the scale was done first thing in the morning! Hmmmm right now this is my only health problem at the moment everything else is just hard work. Any suggestions?

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Green tea good for you in more ways then we care to think about but love to talk about to others. Helps you lose weight through thermogenisis raising the body's temprature burning calories faster which inturn increases metabolism. Green tea is also chalk full of antoxidentants that take out free radicals that are harm full to all your body's many many cells. Those are just two I can think of off the top of my head. Ok now Down to brass taxes people... How in Zeus' beard does a person consume 4-6 cups of green tea a day? Hmmm... you could take a half gallon of green tea with you to work in a jug and drink that instead of water? No ...or yes up to you. I have an idea and yes its gonna sound nutty! How about everything you make with water you make with green tea!? Having a cup of RAMEN eh? ADD SOME GREEN TEA! Cup of coffee not strong enough instead of plain ol' water ADD SOME GREEN TEA! The one simple recipe Im proud to call my first was steel cut oats and GREEN TEA WATER made in the microwave. Shoot all this caffine will get your happy ass up in the morning, midday, evening or night. Now this is just one approch to conveint consuming of GREEN TEA. When I first heard of the benifits and wanted to go extreme I used to take potent GREEN TEA pills before and after every meal. I stopped that and started to drink it for one good reason, GREEN TEA pills are pricy, well the good ones any way. In conclusion if you decied to add GREEN TEA to your diet just remember if you can add water your can ADD GREEN TEA! Practical Philosophy = Opinions with Results

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Hi there my name is Steven and I am by no means a licensed or certified anything. Everything you read that I post is from personal experience through trial and error. I am a realist to the extreme if you live by a philosophy it better have realistic results or it not worth the person who said it. Pratical philosophy - Opinions with Results!

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