Left the site

I probably should have wrote this a week or so ago, but I have left the site due to personal reasons.  My Son and I are still working out hard on the Wendler 5/3/1 and all is good in my world.

I already miss the communication with all of my cyber workout friends on here and do wish you all the best in your fitness and personal goals. Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and laughs, I surely do appreciate them. I will keep in contact via email.

I hope to see you all again one day, on this side or the other.

Take care and keep giving it your best.

"It's only good enough, if it's the BEST you can possibly do."

Back at it...and holding the reins

Slept horrible last night, I think it was after being away from the coffee for a few days of sickness and back at it yesterday was maybe a bit too much?  Up with the alarm at 5 and felt a whole lot better, coffee, protein, pb toast, some reading and off to the gym for deload. Warmed up with light squats and light benches and some stretching.

Once I got started I felt even better and had to MAKE myself do ONLY what I had written down.

Squat: 165x5/ 225x5/ 265x5 (slow and deep)

Goblet squat: 90x10,10,10

SLDL: 95x12,12,12

Leg ext: 70x15,15,15

Bench: 105x5/ 130x5/ 155x5 (slow with a 2 sec pause at bottom)

Incline: 95x10,10,10

Pec Deck: 70x10,10,10

Well, I didn't have leg ext or pec deck written down, but couldn't help myself and neither was too hard. I felt like it was a decent workout without being too taxing.

You don't know how bad you felt until you start too feel good again.

Wishing you all a great Wednesday. Have a purpose for the day.

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Forced Deload

I guess my last deload week wasn't what the iron gods had in mind, so this deload week was actually going to be a DELOAD.

Was sick all weekend and got progressively worse on Sunday, sinuses, chest and just pretty much felt like dog toffee warmed over. Monday morning I gave up, called the doctor and went in and got a shot and some strong antibiotics and spent the rest of the day either sleeping or laying around. Came back to work today but no workout yet this week, I am planning to get back at it tomorrow and get some basics done for the rest of the week and hopefully I will feel good to start Wave 3 of this workout come next Monday.

Proud of two of my daughters and son in law for running the OKC Memorial half marathon this weekend...#inspiring...but not enough to make me run it :)

Wishing you all a great day.

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Sick workout

Many times the word "sick" is referred to as awesome or spectacular, today it is just referred to as sick. After not sleeping much for the last two nights,(even with a half a bottle of Nyquil on Wednesday night), because of a head and chest cold issue and missing Thursdays work, I was just hoping to get something done today in combining my Thursday and Friday work for the Wendler routine.

Up at 5:30 and just dragging as we headed to the gym. Warmed up with goblets, bent rows and some shoulder work before some stretching. Then on to the work.

Deadlift:135x5/ 225x5/ 265x5/ 300x3/ 335x6 (blah)

Standing military press: 110x5/ 125x3/ 140x7


Bent rows: 135x15,15,15

Seated military press: 55x15,15,15


My head was cleared up after I finished but I felt totally wiped out afterward. Hopefully this junk will leave me alone by Monday.

Next week...DELOAD...right now that sounds good.

Wishing you all a super weekend.

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Wendler 5/3/1 chest workout

The bench press has always been a struggle for me, a lift that I have not progressed much on over the years.  Part of the problem has been shoulder injuries and elbow pain, but in the last few years I have been happy with the progress and try to pay close attention to the signs my body gives me to back off of something or stop an exercise altogether. However when I look back to my first year of college lifting, I was struggling with 135 for 3 sets of 10...looks good when you see the whole picture.

We were up at the usual time and off to the gym. Warming up with the usual goblet squats,(which I grabbed the 90 pounder for today), bent rows, light benches, stretching and the WORK.

Bench: 190x5/ 215x3/ 240x8(1 more than a few weeks ago)

Incline bench: 135x12,12,12,10,10 (short rests between sets for this and everything else to follow)

Inc. flye: 40x8,8,8,8 (a little right shoulder discomfort here) No more of these for a while.

Weighted incline sit-up: +45x12,12  +25x12

15 minutes of cardio on the tready and call it DONE.

It's going to be a beautiful day, may get out of here around noon to go look at some houses.

Make a difference today...in yourself and in the life of someone else.


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Wendler-Wave 2-Week 3

Had a great weekend, went to see my SIL high school baseball team play Friday evening and visited with them. Saturday was pretty much a do nothing, lazy sort of day until that evening when we went to play basketball for a few hours. Two things I find out when running for that long...#1 my hearts still in pretty good shape,(because I live through it)  #2 the old body just don't bounce back like it used to. It'd still the best way to get cardio for me.

The boy and I up at 5 and headed out to the gym, warmed up with the goblet squats, rows, pulldowns and plenty of light squats, then the stretching and more stretching.

Here's the WORK.

Squat: 315x5/ 365x3/ 405x6

Olympic style squat: 225x10/ 235x11,10,10,10

SLDL: 125x 9,8,8,8

Calf raise: 235x10,10,10,10,10

HLR: 4x12

Huffing and puffing and sweating buckets...life is good.

Wishing you all a happy Monday.

MAKE it a great day.

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Deadlift Day

A bit of oversleeping this morning led to a rush around the house to get out and get to the gym...I hat when that happens. Decided before I left that I would only do the deadlifts and no assistance work, once I started however I couldn't stop.

Warmed up with a few sets each of goblet squats, bent rows, pulldowns and deadlifts before a good amount of stretching, Then the work.

Deadlift: 245x3/ 280x3/ 315x10

BB bent row: 225x12,11,11,10,10---135x21(for fun)

Wide grip pulldown: 210x10/ 220x10/ 230x10/ 240x9---160x26(again..for fun)

Cable crunch: 3x15-20

After the late start, I was more than happy with the way the workout turned out and it made the start of the day just that much better.


On another note, my boy is still at it and progressing very quickly, he deadlifted 195 for 15 this morning.

Wishing you all a fantastic day...MAKE it happen today.


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Chest Work

A beautiful spring morning here in Ok, temps to be in the mid 70's today...perfect. Rolled out of the rack @ 5 and the normal routine before heading out to the gym.

Not a whole lot changes with my gym mornings, including the same type of warm-up and stretching routine before I get to the work sets.

Bench: 185x3/ 205x3/ 230x8

Incline db press: 5x10-12

Incline db flye: 5x12-15

Rope jumping and treadmill for cardio and call it DONE.

Still have the slight pain with the left shoulder and right elbow while doing the pressing work...all a part of maturing I guess...hahaha.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."  T.S Eliot


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Wave 2--Week 2--LEGS

It was a bit of a wild weekend, with most of the day Saturday spent not too far away from the house as the NWS and local media were predicting dangerous storms for our area. Though it was well West of us, the folks in Woodward took a pounding all afternoon and into the night with 6 people losing their life as a resutlt of the deadly tornados.

This morning we were up at 5, with a solid 5 hours sleep. Chugged down some coffee and protein and off to the gym.

Warmed up as usual with plenty of goblet squats and light bar squats, some bent rows and plenty of stretching.

Squat: 290x3/ 335x3/ 385x8 (no weekend basketball def made these feel better...not great, just better)

Olympic style squat: 225 (5 sets of 10-12)

SLDL: 4x12

Calf raise: 4x10-12

HLR's: 3x12

No cardio today as my legs were smoked.

Wishing you all a beautiful Monday, I will be covered up at work,(with work), for most of the day.


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Wendler-Wave 2--Week 1-complete

Holy smokes was my back sore this morning. I felt every exercise I did yesterday, from the good mornings for the lower back all the way up to the base of my neck and every where in between....I like it :)

Had my boy back this morning, and actually watched him get his workout done after work yesterday. He is doing well and he says he can feel the difference the workouts are making.

Up @ 5 and to the pit we go for shoulders and arms. Warmed up with light db shoulder exercises of all kinds, some bent rows, light curls and tri work and of course...goblet squats.

Standing military press: 95x5/ 110x5/ 125x11 (thats 2 more than I got the first wave with that weight)

seated db press: 3x12

db side raise: 3x10

Bent over lateral raise: 3x10

Curls: 3x10

Lying db ext: 3x12

Jump rope/ stretch and call it a week.

We're supposed to have a massive outbreak of tornados Saturday afternoon and evening,(sure hope not), but that may mean no basketball cardio that night.

Wishing you all a super day and weekend.

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Wendler-Wave 2- week 1-Deadlift

Up early this morning, hit the coffee and protein and my son came out and said he didn't get much sleep and had a  horrible headache, "I'll get the workout in tonight" he said.

So like Butch w/o Sundance, Batman w/o Robin, Green Hornet w/o Kado, eggs w/o bacon, so it was in the gym this morning w/o my boy.

After warm-up with light goblet squats, rows, deads, pulldowns and shoulder work it was on to some full body stretching before the work.

Deadlift: 230x5/ 265x5/ 300x13 (whew)

BB bent rows: 5x10

Wide grip pulldowns: 5x10-12

Good mornings: 3x10

Cable crunch: 3x12

No cardio this morning.

Workout felt great!

Remember, it's only good enough if it's the BEST you can possibly do, and that goes for EVERYTHING.

Have a great day.


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Wendler--Wave 2--week 1--Chest

Up @ 5 and the normal routine before hitting the gym. Warmed up with light benches, flyes, rows and of course some goblet squats before the stretching.

Bench: 175x5/ 200x5/ 220x10

Incline DB press: 5x10-15

DB flat flye: 3x12

Pec Deck: 3x10-15

Weighted incline situps: +25 3x12

Jump rope


I have been staying much, much cleaner on the food intake for the last week and a half and with the added rope jumping and basketball I am looking to lean out in the next month or two.

Wishing you all a super Tuesday, make it count for good today...whatever you do.

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Wendler--Wave 2-- Week 1

Had a great weekend with all of the kids and grandkid at the house, played another 2 hours of basketball Saturday night, which is great cardio but led to the lower back and knees feeling the effects still today.

Up @ 5 coffee and out the door, warmed up with several sets of light squats, goblet squats, bent rows, light shoulder work and plenty of stretching before the work.

Squat: 270x5/ 315x5/ 355x8 (the last set felt HEAVY)

Olympic squat: 225 5x10

SLDL 115 5x10

Calf raise: 3x10

Jump some rope and it's a wrap for Monday.

Have a great week!!

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Back Day--Deload

GOOOOD MORNING!! It's a great day to be alive.

Up @ 5 and off to the gym with my boy right behind me, he's not much for this deload week either and says "when are we going back to lifting heavier"?  Thata boy, yeah next week we get back to the real thing.

After 2 sets of bb thrusters with 100, some light rows, light deads and plenty of stretching it was time to get after it. Every rep on every exercise done very slow.

Deadlifts: 135x5/ 185x5/ 205x5

BB rows: 4x12 (done with a 2 second squeeze at the top of the movement)

Wide grip pulldowns: 4x15 pause at the upper chest

Good mornings: 3x12

HLR's 3x12

Mega dose of rope jumping to end the workout.

Off of work tomorrow and the gym is closed for Good Friday, so we will do Fridays workout at home.

Looking forward to the weekend with ALL of the family here, wishing you all a fantastic Easter weekend.




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Rest Day and randomality

I love rest day...I get to sleep in :)...eat a big breakfast at home...get fired up about my next workout, and know that rest is all a part of the plan.

My Son, Son-in-law and two of my 3 daughters are all in training for the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon on April 29th...very proud and impressed at even their training thus far.

I am thankful and look forward to the positivity we here at bb.com get to throw back and forth to each other, many of you I feel like I know and others I'm glad I don't hahahaha

I'm also thankful for this little guy, who makes me :) everytime I see him, and I know Liss will love his Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers shirt.

Wishing you all the bestest of days.




 Already trying to climb up on the treadmill. 



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