Week one complete

I am happy to say I made it through week one. I was hoping to have a strict routine..that did not happen. But I did make lunches and snacked on Apple's when hungry. Main thing is I stayed away from bread and junk food. No need to add extra chubiness when I'm not even hungry lol. Oh and I got main jars. Going to use those four good storage

The beginning

Today is just the very beginning to a new life. I understand that as I right this my current thoughts will change as my understanding and knowledge increases. As of today, my first goal was to begin eating more frequently. Since my college and career began, time for meals went out the window. I was always trying to get the 'fast' food adn eat on the go. When time did not allow that Iwould go without eating. Pretty much no breakfast, a big lunch, and than a long break with one huge eal at midnight. As can be seen, eating and diet are my nemisis at teh moment. So today I have ensured to take time and eat. I had 3 eggs for breakfast, grapefruit for a mini meal, followed by steamed rice with chicken...

This is only the beginning. Now to actually get the game started..woohoo

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