Share the Wealth

For this post I felt compelled to write about a few individuals in particular who I have been in contact with for the past few months. And in these past few months how they have been so giving and motivational in the way they offer me their advice and share their knowledge with me.
These people are all seasoned physically and are considered to be "experienced" trainers. Nick, Luke, Ray. These guys rock. In the brief encounters I've had with these guys throughout my training, they have graciously poured their knowledge into my intellect.
Nick is a trainer at 24 who is a good guy. Always helping his clients [all women] and he offered me some key tips to use during my training, including supplementation and how to protect my injured spine. On or off the clock he shares his knowledge that I never took the time to study. That's what I call a great guy and I feel fortunate to have his insight.
Luke works at the Performance Nutrition shop that I frequent for my supplementation, which I am new to. He's just riddled with endless knowledge. This guy gets it all and understands all his stuff. While I am purchasing quite pricy products that may require his input, he still goes on with lengthy recommendations for my body type and my goals. He's always engaged and really seems to be looking out for my well-being. I appreciate that greatly.
Ray is this older guy at the gym that I've run into on a few occasions now. We met first when he noticed that my form was off on triceps push-downs and offered me some sage advice. That advice has shown AWESOME results in my triceps now that I have them fully engaged in the exercise, thanks to his insight. This guy is awesome- a true health enthusiast. When he's at the gym, he's there to do work. Yet he still takes the time to help me out and give me pointers. These pointers are what make the difference in my workouts and protect my spine from further injury.
Chad is another guy who helped me with some basic stuff regarding grip and pull-up form.
In all, these guys all shared one thing in common: Being humble.

Most of these guys could have just brushed my questions off and let me sink or swim. But instead they all cared enough to give me their input in a respectful manner. Whether at work, busy with clients, or busy with working out, they took the time to help a guy learning the ropes out. And I truly thank them for that.
To me knowledge is Gold. Being able to learn from those who have already done the work is a gift and I am always looking to better myself from those wiser than me.
Thank you guys for helping me out in my quest for a better lifestyle and sharing your wealth. My success will be because of guys like you.



So I originally thought that I would blog every day on what I did that was health related when I first started on this site. I was going to have a report of every day i.e. weights, food, cardio. However, being as this is my last semester of school I don't have a lot of time to spend doing that. 

In addition to the lack of time, it feels a lot better to just let my workouts happen. Like when I go to workout and finish; that should be it. I shouldn't constantly be thinking about results 24/7 otherwise I'd probably go crazy. 

What I've noticed is that my new healthy lifestyle has slowly, but surely become imbedded into my daily life. It's becoming "the norm" and I don't need to think about it as much any more. It just happens naturally...and that's how I want it to be.

I feel so much better than I did a month ago. God knows that's true. I've been out of back pain for 3 weeks now. The only pain I experience in that region or any other region on my body comes from being sore after workouts :p ...which is a good thing.

I have a month until finals and I will officially be done with college. :D After that, I intend to spend a GREAT deal of my time on my health and overall fitness. I'm really excited about that. I will hopefully have a job by then that will give me a schedule to make a routine around. I'm excited about that too.

1 month down. Another to go. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement and motivation! LET'S GO! 


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Two days until I take update photos after 2 weeks of consistent nutrition, exercising, and supplementation!!
This is HUGE motivation for me to keep working hard and stay optimistic!



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NOW...only 51 to go!! :)

Pretty damn exhausted from the week, but I finished strong.
My lower back has definitely been getting a workout in these workouts, primarily this last one I just did. I really hope that my back will restore itself well over the weekend, especially since I have a 2 rest days.

Really happy with the results that are already showing! But I'm not going to upload a progress photo until the end of next week. A little motivation never hurts :)

NAP TIME never sounded so good x)

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Rest Day

So I am sore as hell today. Like I was almost unable to get out of bed for work. So bad. And on top of that, this girl got me sick yesterday. She decided to come to school sick so she wouldn't miss anymore nice for her.

So I took a 4-hour nap and have been chugging water and vitamin C.

I stretched, did some oblique crunches and jack-knife situps, and too some protein.

I think the stretching relieved a lot of pain that I was having.

I looked at tomorrow's routine for Biceps/Back/Abs.

Doesn't look like I'll be in for fun to say the least.

I also took note of the cholesterol levels on the whey protein I purchased.

WAY (no pun intended) TOO HIGH! All in the 20 percentiles with one at 26!%!

I need to spend more on higher quality whey protein isolate. Nearly 0% for the isolates.

In all, I am still highly motivated...but cannot wait for this weekend's 2-day rest lol

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Day 2

Damn. That's all I have to say about today. I shot my wad this morning and left my body sore as I've ever experience. The only reason why I'm recovering so well is because of the supplements, thank God.

The workout took 1 hr 40 min in total, which accounts for rest period and me trying to figure out how to do these new exercises. Hopefully next week I can reduce my time since I'll be more acclimated to the exercises.

It was originally supposed to be a shoulders/LEGS/abs workout since I am imitating the routine of another BodyBuilding member who is already quite developed. However, I was so shot after doing shoulders that after I got to the barbell squats....I was like hell no. So I skipped legs and did abs somewhat. I'll do legs tomorrow on my rest day instead.

From now on I may not do a 3-day split as that requires a lot of time in the gym per session.

A 4-day split would probably suit my schedule and development better. I will need to tweak this routine over time to match my body and its needs.

I just hope that I remain safe throughout these workout days so that my spine doesn't start hurting and stop my fitness. And that I recover quickly during my days of rest :/


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First Day

I'll keep it brief since I've exhausted my body to the point that I'm reluctant to type any further. Today was my first real day of bodybuilding. I got my ass kicked in the gym...not gonna lie. But I know..that I will be able to sustain this lifestyle long-term because I can already feel the benefits. Yeah, I felt a little uneasy about starting over again and attempting to do workouts I've never done. However, I was so intrigued while I was doing the workouts, trying to feel exactly where in my muscles there were strain and how to concentrate on it. I feel wiped out, especially since I was mimicking the routine of an already-seasoned bodybuilder. I know it's a good thing and I don't expect to look muscular tomorrow morning or even a week from now. I can't help but wonder where I will be a month from now, half a year from now, a year...

For the first time ever, I felt myself being anxious, excited for next week to come around so I could try and beat today's performance. But that will have to wait until next week. Until now, I will work on my other body parts and prepare for tomorrow's battle. Let's Go!


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