Let's do this!

IMG_0302.JPGIMG_0303.JPGWell this is me... A brief back groun on how I got here and why I have begun resistance training and lifting. Back in 2006 I was 149lb... unhappy, unconfident and puffy to say the least. I used weightwatchers to drop a considerable amount of weight and within a year reached 116lb. I was definately skinny fat. Over the last 3 years my weight has fluctuated and my shape has changed. When I got to 116lb I did no exercise what so ever, I was very unfit and was scared of the gym. I have turned this around and now reguarly run 5 and 10k races, regularly spin or do normal cardio work outs, this weekend I am cycling 60 miles for charity. I have been resistance training on and off with "baby weights" which didnt make too much difference but have toned me slightly. Since January however I have upped my weights and now do assisted pull ups and dips as well as other weight lifting exercises and I am gradually increasing my weights as I get stronger and more confident.

As of today I am 128lb with a body fat of 31.8% according to hand held monitors. I want to loose around 6lb, get to 25% body fat as an initial goal but mainly tone and increase strength, so today I downloaded a body fit plan, I also have some fat burning circuits in mind... exercise wise I am all set, nutrition is a little harder, I am trying to make consious decisions. I quite weightwatchers last week as it no longer meets my needs, I havent been following the plan religiously and consequently have fluctuated with the same 2lb for around a year... so now I am going it alone and will be relying on these forums and my blog for support and logging my progress. I will post a weeks menu including the little naughty treats such as haribo and cup cakes that I have had and recorded. I am open to tips, observations and critisisms...

For me the journey begins now.