What's going on right now?

So at the moment i'm in the gym just lifting 3x/week with full body workouts, I do 5mins on the treadmill to warm up. This is my diet - FOOD  CALORIES F C P  P GRAMS         BREAKFAST 614       4x Eggs  252 157 5 89  22.2 50g Just Right  178 7 142 18  4.4 1 cup Skim Milk  105 3 60 41  10.3 Yoghurt  70 2 42 26  6.5 Oil spray  9 9 0 0  0.0         SUBWAY FOOTLONG (avg) 860 860 297 334 206  51         SPAG BOLO 488       50g Pasta  182 7 148 24  6.0 Sauce  306 76 74 138  35.0         NON-TRAINING DAYS        Coffee w/Splenda 36 36 1 20 15  3.6         Totals  1998 559 825 557 0 139         TRAINING DAYS        Whey 240 240 20 24 196  48.0 Coffee w/Splenda 36 36 1 20 15  3.6         Totals  2238 579 849 753  187                 Average Cals  2101      Average Protien  160     

  I have figured out over the last few months that I don't have to be a clean freak (diet wise) and do excessive amounts of cardio. It took me a long time to figure this out but now that I have it sorted I am basically getting my - 1g protein per lb of lbm - Lifting 3x/week - Eating in a deficit  This was the advice of wave_length (
http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=113693871) and it's the best thing I ever came across. I have struggled with my weight for so long and I am finally getting on top of it. I dropped over 7kg in 6 weeks before my holiday for 1 month and now I have been back and in to it for just under 2 weeks and am down over 2kg already. Everything in that post makes sence such as his unessential factors, things that are insignificant toward cutting the fat - - Cardio and fat burners, - Meal timing and meal frequency, - Protein / Carb / Fat distribution throughout the day, - carb / fat ratio, - Sodium intake, - Moderate alcohol intake, - Use of supplements resp. meal replacements, - "Clean" food vs. Junk food (sugar and saturated fat). I don't do cardio, I eat 3 big meals a day for the convenience, I get my 1g protein and the rest of the cals are from anywhere, my sodium intake is a tad high becasue of subway each day and I eat subway each day, even the "bad" ones but it's factored in to my cals. I drink a beer or three here and there or have some wine here n there but at the end of the week on average i'm in a deficit of about 5,000cals. I use an avg of the sub's i'll eat as I just go down the list and eat the next one each day instead of calculating all my cals each day -   FOOD  CALORIES F C P  P GRAMS SUBWAY        All on white w/cheddar + sauce        CHICKEN TERIYAKI 876 876 234 430 188  47 SEAFOOD 840 840 327 354 148  37 CLUB w/dbl meat 856 856 278 328 224  56 ROAST CHICKEN w/dbl meat 902 902 251 318 307  77 MELT 806 806 294 315 174  44 CHICKEN FILLET 874 874 345 331 179  45 STEAK & CHEESE 796 796 242 292 236  59 ITALIAN B.M.T. 930 930 408 306 197  49

I can't wait to see where i'm at in 3 months, I suspect i'll make more progress in the next 3 months that I have ever made in 3 months. The long hard road to being lean is getting closer and closer ;)

Meal plan change...

So i've been back in the gym for a little while now, something like 6 weeks, before that for about a month I was just eating clean but over cals I think. I started at over 100kg, dropped 5kg in water weight, sat around that 95 and went up n down between 94 to 95 and then get the diet correct and now i'm about to crack that 90kg mark! Yay!  So i've been dropping but I think it's to fast so what i'm doing is increasing my cals to this -    
BREAKFAST  I'll pull the whey out on non training days. It's basically a 40p/40c/20f give or take a tad on each, then I will see how I go for the next few weeks and if I keep dropping i'll stick to it. The reason for this change is that i'm dropping weight to fast and as great as that sounds it's better at a slow and steak pace of 1kg/week as I know I can do it but more is to much and why do that and get loose skin that will need surgery... exactly, why, there is no need.   So i'll see how I go, my lifts have increased and I can see the changes in the mirror and i'm loving it ;)   

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New Routine!

So I had a sit down with my mate at the gym the other day and he put togeather this routine for me, we go back a few years and now he is a personal trainer so yea, got this routine sorted for me. Did Mondays routine today, as it is Monday, lol.
Monday - Chest & Arms Bench Press - 3 x 10 Dumb Bell Chest Press - 2 x 10 Incline Dumb Bell Flyers - 2 x 10 Dumbell Curls - 3 x 12 Barbell 21's - 21 x 2 Chest Hammer Curls - 2 x 10 Tricep Pushdowns - 2 x10 Dips - 3 x 20 Inverse Skull Crushers - 2 x 10
Tuesday - 45 minutes cardio
Wednesday - Legs Leg Press - 3 x 10 Squats - 3 x 10 Calf Raises (on leg press) - 4 x 10 Leg Curls - 3 x 10 Leg Extensions - 3 x 10 Deadlifts - 3 x 10 Abs - anything goes just do about 10 sets all up of a few excersies.
Thursday - 45 minutes cardio  & Abs - anything goes just do about 10 sets all up of a few excersies.
Friday - Back & Shoulders Lat Pulldown - 3 x 10 Seated Row - 3 x 10 Bent Over Rows - 3 x10 Shoulder Press - 3 x 10 Dumbell Press Flyers - 3 x 10 Military Press - 3 x 10
Saturday - 45 minute cycle class & Abs - anything goes just do about 10 sets all up of a few excersies.
Sunday - Rest, unless I take saturday as my rest day. So thats it, with abs i'm probaly just gonna do 3 sets of seated raises and 3 sets of decline pushups, normal cruches, russian twists ect... Just get it done, i'll alter session so upper abs a worked on day and lower abs are worked the next session for abs. So thats the workout, i'm looking better and better and have not put on weight and am still loosing after the v diet. Can't wait till I get paid next week though as i'll have money to get all my food instead of my dodgy/half healty diet. Lift Hard or go home!

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What now? Velocity diet is over...

Guess what?!?!?! No velocity diet photos for atleast 3 weeks! Becasue i'm a massive poor bum! LOL!!!!  So the velocity diet is over, and I had $70 for 3 weeks of food until I get paid... Awsome! So I have to improvise, so this is my diet that cost me $65 for 3 weeks lucky I have about 2.5kg of protien powder.
Breakfast 2 eggs 1 cup of oatmeal 1 cup of lite milk
Mid Morning Protien shake
Lunch Tuna sandwich (2 slice of bread)
Mid Afternoon Protien Shake
Dinner 250g pasta 1/2 glass of the pasta sauce that only cost $1.65, lol 1 egg maybe... might be able to get another dozen, lol
Before Bed Protien shake So yea, lol, thats my diet, it's **** house but it's kinda low calories I guess, I get protien and carbs in each meal, good fats and will use xtra virgin olive oil with the eggs to scramble em in the morning also... lol, dodgy diet but what you gonna do if you got like no money left before payday in 16 days, lol. So yea, thats my routine. I'll stick to my current gym routine but will change my legs to deadlifts and squats (after my pt mate show me how to get form correct) and do cardio 2 -3 times a week for 45 minutes. So it's kinda low calories also, so hopefully i'll drop a little bit of fat also. So I get paid on the 15th of August so i'll re-evaluate my 2,500 calories diet cutting plan then but it will probaly be good to use in 3 weeks. Till next time, adios!

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Velocity Diet Week 4 Results

So I was quite keen to weigh in this morning, so the first thing I did was jump on the scale and I got my weight, but before I say what it is I need to note something down, when I first weight myself I did it on the carpet in my room and not on a solid floor, this put the scal out 1kg, I realised this after weighing myself on the hard floor and carpet in my room and I was 1kg lighter on the carpet each time.

So I really started at 105.95kg when I started and this morning I was 97.9kg! Thats a loss of 8.05kg's and thats a crazy 17.71lbs! All done it 28 days! So for week four I lost 2.95kg and thats 6.49lbs! Thats insane... I can really see so many changes in myself in he mirror, and it's awsome!

I didn't get a chance to take pictures but i'll get them taken tommorow morning after I wake up!

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Velocity Diet Day 28

So that it! It's over, I finished the velocity diet and it feels awsome! Now i'm just gonna go on my velocity diet phase off plan to build up a tdiet that will be 2,500 calories over a few days and then the velocity diet is totally over. I doubt I would do another velocity diet any thime soon as it does push it to the limints. As the velocity diet is quite an extreme. Anyhow enough of that, had my last set of shakes today and my fat burners, there where no issues about hunger at all, it was all good. So tomoroow I actually get to find out what I am at, how much weight I dropped in the month.   Finally...

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Velocity Diet Day 27

So it's the 2nd last day and it's over! What a harsh day! Well it was quite good but the workout was hell on earth. I also ran out of flax seeds so today it was just the surge (worked well) and the matrix 5.0, there was no changes I could feel in my hunger but then again that was only 1 day so if there was no flax seeds full stop on the diet i'm sure it would be a different stroy. So this was todays workout, the final workout for my velocity diet - Bench Press - 2 x 10 (27.5kg/25kg) Dumbbell Flyers - 2 x 10 (15kg/12.5kg) Lat Pull-downs - 2 x 10 (50kg/45kg) Cable Rows - 2 x 10 (35kg/30kg) Shoulder Press - 3 x 10 (27.5kg/25kg/22.5kg) Barbell Curls 3 x 10 - (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Tricep Pushdowns - 3 x 10 (45kg/40kg/35kg) Leg Press - 2 x 10 (130kg/120kg) Leg Extensions - 2 x 10 (85kg/80kg) Leg Curls - 3 x 10 (85kg/80kg/75kg) Rotary Calf Machine - 3 x 10 (55kg/60kg/65kg) Knee / Hip Raise On Parallel Bars - 3 x 15 Decline situps - 3 x 15 Todays workout was hell, I rhad a bit of a srenght loss today on some things, and funny enough on other things I was fine. So I upped the weight on the shoulder press by another 2.5kg on each set and I felt that one, but I can fell that my shoulders are bigger and harder now. I added 10kg onto the 1st set of the leg press, doing it correct now and pushing with legs and not lower back, was a bitch but it got done with a nicve burn in the end. Upped the leg curls by 5kg also, damn that was a killer but got done in the end. My abs killed on both the knee raisers and the decline situps, felt awsome though. On the bench, chest press was for 10 and then on set 2 it was for 9 and I could only get it as high as the bottom hooks on the bench, I was so pissed off. For the last few session I have had to do a few reps and then rest the bar and a few more and now I did 10 right through and then I **** up on the last rep, anyhow, 5 second rest and I pump out the last rep. If I can do this now i'm sure I can up the weight on the next session as i'll be all full of proper carbs :) Also, on my dumbell flyers, holy ****! Last session I forgot to do them after the chest so my chest had a rest before they were done. So thats why I upped the weight, I did the same weight and got it done but damn! It was heavy and just keeping it in my hand and holding it was damn tough, but the harder you push compared to light reps and more of the the better I say. So thats it, killer workout, wanted to make it the best one yet as it was the last and it was by far the best. Last day tommorow and the results come in on Sunday along with the final photos and then they will be developed shortly after that. Let me tell you about the cravings also, they are totaly gone. Lets try to define this first, as I want people to know what i'm talking about. I don't know any science of this but this is the way I see it, when your depressed a chemical gets released (I think) and thats what caused the depress feeling that you can't stop naturally unless you get mentally better or use drugs. Now when I get a craving I think it's the same thing, there is something biological reacting in my body and it's like a drug addiction, you have a feeling of addiction and need for this item in your body. Now that i've explained that i'll tell you what happened today when I was a t a work function with all the free beer and waiters comming around with heaps of awsome looking snacks! I see the food, I like the smell as you do if it's cooked well, I like the look of it as it looks great. I say no each time, this one waiter kept trying to get my to have some each time she came around, trying to sell it to me that it's good food, why wont you eat it, everyone else is! lol... Now when the food is offered there is no body reaction for the food, i'm just neutral, it's a dull feeling of nothing... That what has happened to my cravings compared to looking at somwething and "needing it"... It ****ing rocks so much! Boo Ya!!!! Hell yea! It's great :D  Last day tommorow! Yay!

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Velocity Diet Day 26

So thats day 26 over... 26 are down and I have 2 to go, almost there! Today was great, had all my fish oil caps, all my shakes, all my fat burners and today I didn't do my walks to and from work as my mate wanted to goto the gym on my off day so I decided to go and we did alot of boxing, wer did about three or four rounds of pad up and punches right out and quite a few rounds of upercuts into the pads. Used the boxing bags also quite a bit and generally it was an awsome session, got some decline situps in also. Damn there very hard and really work your abs! So thats about it, great day and a killer cardio workout from all the boxing, oh yea, I had about 10 minutes power walking at about 7km/h at the start of the gym session to warm up. Tommorow apparently I finish work at 3:30pm and not 4pm as there is so work do where there will be drinks and food, but **** that, **** up my perfect diet thats almost complete just for a work do, hell now. I'll stay for about an hour, have my shake and surge before the gym, wat eva happenes I guess. But in the end no food or booze and then off the the gym at about 5pm'ish... That me done for today, cya!

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Velocity Diet Day 25

So thats day 25 over, 3 days to go! Almost there! Can't wait to start easting real food! So today was weights day, here is my routine - Bench Press - 2 x 10 (27.5kg/25kg) Dumbbell Flyers - 2 x 10 (15kg/12.5kg) Lat Pull-downs - 2 x 10 (50kg/45kg) Cable Rows - 2 x 10 (35kg/30kg) Shoulder Press - 3 x 10 (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Barbell Curls 3 x 10 - (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Tricep Pushdowns - 3 x 10 (45kg/40kg/35kg) Leg Press - 2 x 10 (120kg/120kg) Leg Extensions - 2 x 10 (85kg/80kg) Leg Curls - 3 x 10 (80kg/75kg/75kg) Rotary Calf Machine - 3 x 10 (55kg/60kg/65kg) Weighted rope crunches - 3 x 15 (2 pins/4 pins/6 pins) So todays workout was good, felt it quite well today. My my bench press, I got it done but had to do a few reps and then rest a few seconds on both sets as I could really fell it having less energy but considering I went all the way upto the 2nd last weights session before I suffered a significante loss in energy thats awsome! Dumbell flyers got done but they were heavy as **** basically! Got it done in the end. With my leg press, I have been able to add on so much weight becasue I was cheating so much the whol time and didn't realise it... I was basically pushing with my lower back and my quads, I gripped the handles on the bottom this time and only pushed with my quads and **** it was tough so I did 120kg, 2 sets ofr 10 each. I should be able to do 130kg for one of the sets next workout though. Rest was good, added a bit more weight to the rotary calf machine so it was a bit tougher but I got it done in the end. All my fat burners and shakes went down. Got my surge in and it gave my usual pump like normal. No hunger issues today at all, got my shakes down at regular intervals so all was sweet. 3 days to go, can't wait! Cya!

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Velocity Diet Day 24

So it's over again, damn it goes quick, alot quicker that before. It's good to be working again as time goes quite quick at my new job. Anyhow, today was good. No issues with hunger until I went over 3 hours without one and then my body reminded me to get food into it, big time! But thats expected, no hunger at all latley as long as my shakes have been 2 - 3 hours apart.

Took all my fat burners, flax and fish oil caps. I look thinner in the mirror also, all the shakes went down, finally starting to get bored with the shakes but hey i've been doing it for 24 days now. I ordered a tub of ON's rocky road the other day also, as i'll be out of matrix 5.0, only have about 3 days worth for my phase off and I need like 7 days worth plus it's the protien powder i'll use normally post workout so that should arrive tommorow if it's not at home waiting for mw today.

Today was cardio day but like I said before i'm just walking at a fast pace to and from work everyday instead this week, that about 30 - 40 minutes each way. I did that today and will do it every other day this week. Scale is down a little and i'm lighter at the end of the day compared to before also so thats a good sign so I kinda plateaued for a week and now i'm dropping again, so thats awsome :)

Thats it, weight again tommorow, should be a good workout!

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Velocity Diet Day 23

So day 23 is basically over now, so that leaves 5 more days. Today was workout day so here is my workout - Bench Press - 2 x 10 (27.5kg/25kg) Dumbbell Flyers - 2 x 10 (15kg/12.5kg/) Lat Pull-downs - 2 x 10 (50kg/45kg) Cable Rows - 2 x 10 (35kg/30kg) Shoulder Press - 3 x 10 (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Barbell Curls 3 x 10 - (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Tricep Pushdowns - 3 x 10 (45kg/40kg/35kg) Leg Press - 2 x 10 (160kg/150kg) Leg Extensions - 2 x 10 (85kg/80kg) Leg Curls - 3 x 10 (80kg/75kg/70kg) Rotary Calf Machine - 3 x 10 (50kg/55kg/65kg) Knee / Hip Raise On Parallel Bars - 3 x 15 So thats todays workout, everything went very well. I upped my dumbell flyers another 2.5kg on each set and I tried to up the leg press another 10kg but after one rep knew I couldn't do any highers o I settled for 160kg for 10. No hunger today, all the shakes went down well, so did the fat burners and the surge gave me a pump like usual. So that leaves me with 5 days until it's over, awsome!

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Velocity Diet Day 22

So day 22 is over basically, that leaves me with 6 more day to go! Yay! So today I had all my shakes, flax, fish oil and fat burners. I am basically immune to hunger now, nothing else to really say. Cardio was just walking into the city and back home, just going to do light cardio this week to see if that affects my results at all, walk to and from work every day. Cya tommorow...

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Velocity Diet Week 3 Results

So thats week three over and I have done my offical weigh in, it was at 99.85kg/219.67lbs... That is 400g (or a tad under one pound) higher that last weeks official weigh in. Like I said in my previous posts I am not that fussed at all, as I can see that I have lost fat this week, I have more veins I can see that I couldn't see before and then comes with fat loss and not muscle loss... But I will be making some changes this week in regards to cardio, I will not being doing my moderate intensity cardio with the gym equipment this week. I will do cardio twice a day in the form of walking to work and walking back from work. This will make up two lots of 40 minutes, normal paced walking. I want to experiment to see if my excessive cardio has hindered my fat loss results for some reason. Looks like it is true what is said, the first two weeks your body chews right threw the water weight asap and then the fat but as soon as you hit week three it suddenly stops, this has been the case for alot of people including me. But then again I have seen losses in the mirror so it might be that I have put on a bit of muscle and that stuffed up the scale reading... Anyhow, thats week 3 over and I only have 6.5 day left now and thats awsome! Can't wait to get on my normal cutting plan.

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Velocity Diet Day 21

So day 20 is over, today was quite good. The day started with me getting up late as it's the weekend so I got a chance to sleep in, so after that nice snooze I had my first shake and went to the gym, started with 10 minutes on the cross trainer at lvl 8 @ about 75rpm. I had like no energy at all, it does make a massive difference if you do am or pm cardio I guess, sa you havebeen eating all day so you can go harder. So once that was up  I did 10 minutes on the bike at 90rpm @ lvl 8 and then finished with 10 minutes on the treadmill power walking at 7km/h... So it was not the best cardio ever but it was still 30 minutes getting my hear rate up there. Had my solid meal for the week today also, as it is Saturday. So I got a sirloin steak, ~200g after the fat was cut off and a egg omolette with a few eggs with chopped up ham, onion, mushroom, a bit of low fat cheese, paprika and tomato. Taste so good! And damn sirloin steak is good also, never had it before I don't think. So thats really about it, I had my other shakes for the day, took my fat burners and fish oil pills. Only get 1 serving of fat burners in as I usually take both twice a day but it was to late when I remembered and I don't really wanna be up till 4am and take them now, lol. So tommorow I weight in... I honestly don't know what results I will get as I think I really did over do it today with the refeed meal so it might affect the results but then again it is a good refeed meal to spike my metabolism for the last week on the diet and then back to normal with my 2,500 calorie 40/40/20 plan. So yea, that's about it. Hope tommorow shows some good results but anyhow I have got improved lifts and I can see new veins and fat dropping this week so I know i've lost fat regardless of what that evil ****ing scale will say :) Adios!

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Velocity Diet Day 20

So thats day 20 over! Thats so awsome as that means, number one, I get my solid meal tommorow and I know after another week of shakes it's gonna taste like the best thing in the world and number two, I have 8 days left! Hell yea! Today was awsome also! Had all my shakes, flax, fat burners, no issues there at all, no issues with my hunger also... Had my surge in a different way today, I had the first scoop about 15 minutes before lifting and the second scoop I was sipping on during my workout so that way I had got pumped before and maintained it. Was alot better also. So this is todays workout - Bench Press - 2 x 10 (27.5kg/25kg) Dumbbell Flyers - 2 x 10 (12.5kg/10kg) Lat Pull-downs - 2 x 10 (50kg/45kg) Cable Rows - 2 x 10 (35kg/30kg) Shoulder Press - 3 x 10 (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Barbell Curls - 3 x 10 (25kg/22.5kg/20kg) Tricep Pushdowns - 3 x 10 (45kg/40kg/35kg) Leg Press - 2 x 10 (160kg/150kg) Leg Extensions - 2 x 10 (85kg/80kg) Leg Curls - 3 x 10 (80kg/75kg/70kg) Rotary Calf Machine - 3 x 10 (4kg/5kg/6kg) Weighted rope crunches - 3 x 15 (2 pins/4 pins/6 pins) Broomstick twists - 3 x 30 Vacuums - 1 x 10 So above it todays workout, maintained the same weight with the bench press. First set was ok, got to rep number five in set two and that when I had issues, could not go further, had to do one rep, rest the bar, do two more reps, rest the bar and do two more reps and rest the bar. It was the same weight as last session and then with the dumbell flyers I used the same weight and it was easier than last time... This is really wierd. What I think i'm gonna do is use this machine from now:
http://www.fitnesschoice.com.au/shop/img/shop/Chest%20Press%20Machine-Model%20SBP100G-400.jpg Well the machine is like that, except it's like you are lifting a barbell, not a smith machine barbell, but the handles will come down to the mid lelve of my chest and I don't have to worrk about dropping the bar on my chest/nect, lol... Would not be fun. So i'll do that and add 20kg (44lbs) as thats what the bar weight is. Added, 2.5kg to each shoulder press also, bit more challenging but I go it done. Burns the hell your of your shoulders! Same with the bicep curls, I went up 5kg by accident last session so I went to the proper weight this time, 25kg x 10 for the start, and now it's getting tough! Tougher but i'm still lifting it and thats awsome, as I know i'm gonna build muscle if I keep pushing the limits and making myself lift that little bit heavier every few sessions... Leg press went up another 10kg on each set, this is getting stupid now. I go up like 10kg each session and I fell I can go heavier again. 160kg is 352lbs so thats nuts! I really should start to squat, I will get my mate who personal trainers at my gym to show me proper form on squats and deadlifts and I don't wanna squat unless i'm using proper form. Extra 5kg on the leg extensions also, this was tough! last few reps on the two sets really pushed the limits, got it done but had a killer burn at the end of it! It's good! I accidently put it on 85kg and not 80kg like last time and I still got it done so thats great! Upp it in a little big again though... I added 5kg extra to the leg curls also, man it burned so much at the end of the sets so much it was not funny, had to try twice to get the last reps in but I got it. Getting really heavy with these machine now! Another was the rotary calf machine, upped it by 5kg on each of the sets and you can really fell it, burnt like hell, had to walk and stretch it off... I have noticed extra size on my calfs though, so it's working :) And last was the abs, weighted rope crunches where changed around so it was 2 pins from the bottom for 15, then 4 pins for 15 and then 6 pins for 15... Instead of the other way around and I made it heavier by upping it with an extra pin. I asked a pt in the gym, he said each slab of weight is 5kg so i'll figure out what i'm lifting on this one on Monday. So thats it for the workout, was a awsome workout and I was in the gym for ages, but it's peak time in the gym and I have a massive full body workout so that makes sence... I jumped on the phoes for my new job today after 4 days training, I work for a gsas company in perth and for every person that calls and I get them to sign up onto a direct debit plan so they automatically get their bill paid from a credit card or bank account I get $1 in the form of a coles myer vocuher, and I did so many today. Atleast 10, maybe 15, i'll get my daily stats the next morning, so tommorow. This is not much but thats about $10 - $15 on my first day, so i a month I could be doing about $30  a day. After a month when I get the bonus thats like $500 or more and those coles myer vouchers i'll get are for the biggest chain of shops so i'll basically have heaps of voucher cash, more that what I would spend on food for free, so i'll be able to buy better and more expensive meat ect... Ontop of that i'll have my regular pay so I can buy more supplements and other stuff so this rocks! Thats about it! Solid meal tommorow! Can't wait! Train hard! Or go home!

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