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Debbie Martinez
120 Lbs.
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Debbie Martinez


March 16/08
Hi everyone! Im pretty new at this. But I wanted to write about this new fat burning supplement called Lipo 6 That I just started today. I heard some trainers at my gym talking about it and it sounded pretty good. So I bought it. I took 2 capsels on an empty stomach it said before breakfast but i actually took it approximately 2 hours after breakfast and headed to the gym. I did 30 mins of cardio and 5 min cool down so far im not feeling any spike of crazy energy but that doesn't necessarily mean its not working lol The manager at GNC said that they get a lot of positive feed back on  Lipo 6 soi am looking foward to seeing results!  If any of you reading this has tried his fat burning supplement before I would like some feedback on it or advice. and I'll keep you all posted on what its doing for me! Have a good day!

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