2012 IFBB New York Pro - Prejudging & Results [Videos]

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/2012-IFBB-New-York-Pro-Prejudging-Results-Videos.jpgWith a record-breaking 109 competitors in six divisions, the 2012 New York Pro promised to be one for the ages. It didn’t disappoint, as Cedric McMillan, Kevin English, Candice Keene, India Paulino, Mark Anthony Wingson and Julianna Malacarne all came away with wins in their respective divisions at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center on Saturday night.

Check out the prejuding & placings for the competitors!


Mens open

1. Cedric McMillan*

2. Johnnie Jackson

3. Steve Kuclo

4. Juan Morel

5. Jonathan Delarosa

6. Vaughan Ettienne

7. Tomáš Bureš

8. Mohammed Touri

9. Jeff Long

10. Sean Allan

11. Wendell Floyd

Kevin English, winner of -212lbs

-212lbs Top 3 Comparisons


1. Kevin English*

2. Sami al Haddad

3. Jose Raymond

4. Marco Rivera

5. Guy Cisternino

6. Mboya Edwards

7. Raul Carrasco

8. Nathan DeTracy

9. Milton Holloway

10. Panexca Pierre

11. Luis Santiago

12. Luis Santa

13. Naor Ziv


Cedric McMillan, Winner of Mens open

2nd, Johnnie Jackson

3rd, Steve Kuclo

Women's Figure

1. Candice Keene*

2. Heather Dees

3. Ava Cowan

4. Monica Specking

5. Candice John

6. Andrea Cantone

7. Aleisha Hart

8. Tara Scotti

9. Allison Frahn

10. Mona Muresan

11. Angela Mraz

12. Jacqueline Hoppe

13. Caroline Hernandez

14. Maria Luisa Baeza-Diaz

15. Melisa Brooke Erickson

16. Angelica Nebbia

16. Eleni Plakitsi

16. Elizabeth Maurice

16. Ginette Delhaes

16. Katherynne Ramirez

16. Laura Tolonen

16. Leah Berti

16. Melanie Becker De Palma

16. Patrice Vignola

16. Ryan Hays-Althoff

16. Thea Erichsen

16. Tiffany Archer

16. Yolando Sauri

Women's Bikini

1. India Paulino*

2. Jaime Baird

3. Yeshaira Robles

4. Abigail Burrows

5. Diana Graham

6. Taylor Matheny

7. Tawna Eubanks

8. Jessica Arevalo

9. Juliana Daniell

10. Talia Terese

11. Kristy Robbins

12. Heather Nappi

13. Bernadett Matassa

14. Kristal Martin

15. Skye Taylor

16. Cecile Palacios

16. Janet Harding

16. Melinda Janiszweski

Women's Physique

1. Juliana Malacarne

2. Teresita Morales

3. Penpraghai Tiangngok

4. Ayanna Carroll

5. Joele Smith

6. Jennifer Smythe

7. Melissa DiBernardo

8. Carrie Simmons

9. Jennifer Hernandez

10. Stacy Simons-McDowell

11. Jane Santos

12. Jillian Reville

13. Marilena Echohawk

14. Karen Gatto

15. Cassandra Floyd

16. Aurélia Grožajová

16. Dana Linn Bailey

16. Dayana Cadeau

16. Debbie Barrable-Leung

16. Heather Grace

16. Laura Boisacq

16. Louise Rogers

16. Maria Allegro

16. Marina Lopez

16. Michelle Blank

16. Nathalie Falk

16. Petra Měrtl

16. Rose Anne Duvigneaud

16. Tammy Patnode

Men's Physique

1. Mark Anthony Wingson

2. Colin Humphrey

3. Eddie Baird

4. Angelo Morasca

5. Anthony Scotti

6. Douglas Peaney

7. Ryan Hughes

8. Matthew Acton

9. Craig Capurso

10. Angel Cordero


5 Things To Remember While Buying Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric acid has several advantages over some crucial body organs. Studies have found it enhancing the performance of heart, brain, liver and kidney. It was discovered in the year 1988 and the discoverers were awarded with noble prize for medicine that year. Nitric acid supplements can enhance blood-clotting power in body. It also makes the transmission of message between nerves faster. It widens the diameter of blood vessels and ensures smoother blood flow with low pressure. Now several nitric oxide supplements are available in market. In this brief article, we will discuss about points that will make your purchase of nitric oxide supplements easier.

For More on 5 Things To Remember While Buying Nitric Oxide Supplements
-- http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/5-things-to-remember-while-buying-nitric-oxide-supplements/

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“Fire In The Belly”: Motivation For 2012

The New Year is almost here, and you have yet to write out your 2012 New Years’ resolutions. If you’re ready to get in shape this year, then it’s time to really visualize what you want to accomplish. Something as simple as “Getting in shape” just won’t cut it, because you’ve probably have that nonspecific goal for years, right? It’s time to break things down further, and really visualize and put the pen to paper as to what you’d like to achieve with your physique this year.

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/fire-in-the-belly-motivation-for-2012/ --

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Bodybuilding & Fitness Friends

Do you know someone who is a total fanatic about hitting the weights, knocking out cardio, training very hard in the gym, living healthy, and looking their best? Well, the holiday season is upon us and this is a great time of year to let them know exactly how much they mean to you. Here are some holiday gift ideas that will help them to move closer to reaching their health & fitness goals, and allow you to check them off your holiday shopping lists!

Workout Equipment

Check out their home gym and see what they have, and what they’re missing. Keep a Sports Authority or JCPenney’s catalog sitting around, and ask them for advice on what equipment you should buy for yourself. Ask them which pieces they have, and which they wish they owned. If they train at a commercial gym, you may discover they would sure enjoy a new back brace or pair of workout gloves, or perhaps some shoes, to complement their workout. Check out their shoes sitting by the door and text the number to yourself, and find the perfect present!


Look in the cabinet of your friend and see what protein power he or she frequently uses. If you have a smart phone, use it to scan the barcode or just take a clear picture of the product to ensure you purchase the right item. Pick up a new flavor if you really want to spice things up for your very fit friend!

Gift Cards

Why not let your musclebound friend pick out his or her own present with a gift card to their favorite nutritional store. There are supplement shops in every city. When in doubt, you can rest assured that your very hard-training friend likes to eat. So a gift card to the grocery store will also suffice!

Gym Memberships

If you know what gym your buddy attends, you can always present him or her with an extra 6 months or year of the gym! Or perhaps tack on some à la carte sessions with a personal trainer. If your friend has been lagging in the motivation department lately, schedule him or her a date with a trainer guaranteed to deliver some new drive in the gym!

Tanning, Massage & Makeover

Everybody lifts to look good and feel good, and there is nothing like a quick tan, a massage, or a makeover to alleviate soreness, bring out muscle detail, or just have your friend looking better than ever. A $100 gift card to a full-service salon can often deliver all three, and that can’t be beat!

Image courtesy of http://christmasstockimages.com/, http://christmasstockimages.com/free/ideas_concepts/slides/festive_gifts.htm

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/holiday-gift-ideas-for-your-bodybuilding-fitness-friends/ via http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com

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7 Unspoken Rules To Proper Gym Etiquette

The gym will be a much better place if everyone just simply did what mama said; play nice. There are injuries that people get that could've so easily been avoided had they simply observed some basic gym etiquette. All it takes is just a bit of care if no for yourself, then for the person working out next to you. Here are some of the basic instructions of etiquette while using the gym.

1. Shave Your Armpits

I have listed this as the number one gym etiquette that should be developed. I honesty get really disturbed and grossed out when the person working out next to me has armpit hair that's long enough to be held in a pony! Foe the sake of the peace of heart of the many who are like me, just take an extra 5 minutes and shave your armpits before hitting the gym.

2. Return Everything Where It Was As Soon As You're Done With It

You got your weights nicely arranged on the rack. It's only polite for you to return it on the same rack for the sake of the other people who want to use them. Imagine if you had to go around the gym picking up the stuff you need from the floor just because the person who used it before you is a lazy bum. This will also reduce the number of injuries gotten when you hurt a toe on a weight left on the floor or trip and break a bone.

3. Be Aware of Your Environment

You need to know that the gym isn't as spacious as your living room. Equipment is put close to each other so that you don't end up walking from one end to the other half the time you're in the gym. By constantly knowing your environment, you will always be aware of how far the other person is. This means that you won't go around flinging your hands and feet carelessly because you may end up hurting the other person as well as yourself.

4. Share Your Toys

Don't be mean by hogging the machine all to yourself. If you want to use a machine that bad, buy yourself one! Allow others to use the machine during your rest breaks.

5. Always Clean Up After Your Mess

I'm sure you don't like it when you use a machine that's slippery and it's because it's been greased. Wipe out all traces of your sweat and saliva from every place you touch. Don't leave even the slightest bit of your DNA!

6. Only Pick Emergency Calls on Your Mobile

It is so annoying when someone is busy on the treadmill and is at the same time screaming into their hands free device for what seems to be ages. Put your phone on silent mode and after you're done with your workout, call back whoever was trying to reach you.

7. Be Clean

Shower after you're done working out. Wash your gym clothes and shoes every time you use them.


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Five Keys To Faster Recovery

You get in the gym, you kick butt in there, and then you get out of there. The schedule can be tough and your life can be busy, but you always manage to find the time and energy to make it to the gym your 4 or 5 days each week to get the job done.

Training is only part of the battle, as you probably already know. A diet rich in solid carbohydrate sources, 300+ grams of protein daily, and all of your essential fatty acids are also necessary, along with plenty of fiber and water. The third leg of the bodybuilding “stool” would have to be recovery. This is the time when we actually GROW. You train in the gym, giving you stimulation to grow, and you feed your body a the kitchen table to have the nutrients to grow. But it is in the recovery phase, the other hours of week, which you make gains. Let’s look at a few tips for making your recovery occur faster each week.

You should be getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night. If your schedule will allow it and your body will take it, 8.0 to 8.5 hours of sleep each night is even better. A quick nap of 45 minutes in the mid-day is also highly useful for adding new muscle mass.

The low-fat nature of whey protein powder ensures it is able to be completely digested and delivering amino acids to the muscle groups in less than an hour. While steak and other fat-laden proteins are useful for long-term protein release, use whey at least twice each day to give those muscle fibers the amino acids they need, as fast as possible!

Supplements such as Mesobolin can give your body added fuel for recovery, in addition to greater training intensity in the gym. Do your research, see what works, and keep a journal to record the recovery results you observed when using a product.

It’s not wise to stretch too much BEFORE a workout, as you will sacrifice the structural integrity and balance which is required for some of your heavier compound lifts. However, following a tough day of training legs, back or chest, a quick stretch every 60 minutes can break up lactic acid deposits and ensure your muscles are sore for a far shorter period!

If you are deficient in any way in terms of vitamins or minerals, then new muscle will have a hard time growing, and you’ll be sore longer and longer following each workout. Plan ahead, and take vitamins at the same time each day.

Simple adjustments to your lifestyle such as these will allow your central nervous system to recovery faster, as well as deliver quicker recovery of the individual muscle groups. Stay consistent in your training and diet, follow these tips, and you’ll see great bodybuilding success!

Source: http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/five-keys-to-faster-recovery/ | pmXfit

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2011 Arnold Classic Europe Results and Highlights

Madrid, Spain was the site for the 1st annual Arnold Classic Europe, and the men’s pro bodybuilding contest did not disappoint.

Dexter Jackson and Victor Martinez were very close after prejudging, and the major talk was how Dexter just might win another contest over Victor Martinez, who has not won an IFBB contest since 2007. However, Victor looked just as impressive, and in the end, Victor took the contest of Dexter Jackson. Here are the results and highlights from the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe.

1. Victor Martinez

2. Dexter Jackson

3. Ronny Rockel

4. Toney Freeman

5. Flex Lewis

6. Hidetada Yamagishi

7. Robert Piotrkowicz

8. Michael Kefalianos

9. Edward Nunn

10. Alfonso Del Rio Valencia

11. Sergey Shelesov

12. Martin Kjellstrom

13. Clarence De Vis

14. Zaher Moukahal

15. Alvin Small

(T) 16. Antonio Morales

(T) 16. Gian Enrico Pica

(T) 16. Carlos Ruiz Asensio

In the Arnold Classic Europe Pro Fitness Results, Tanji Johnson won over a powerful Bethany Cisterino. Here are the results.

1. Tanji Johnson

2. Bethany Cisterino

3. Regaine Da Silva

4. Myriam Capes

5. Tina Durkin

6. Mindi O’Brien

7. Diana Monteiro

8. Kayde Puckett

[Source: 2011 Arnold Classic Europe Results and Highlights | http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/2011-arnold-classic-europe-results-and-highlights/]

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Everything You Ought To Know About Trap Workouts

Q: What can I do to build up my traps? Are shrugs my only option?

A: Traps are that one muscle group that either comes easily because you have always had posture issues and overuse them in exercises you shouldn’t, or are difficult to develop because you don’t have posture issues and isolate everything around them correctly.

For a man, the latter is death because being devoid of traps means you still look incomplete and a bit like a pencil-neck Since you’re asking, I have to assume that you’ve only tried shrugs and have not had very good luck. But shrugs are, by far, your best training tool for good traps.

Deadlifts and upright rows are also equally good and help develop upper, mid and lower traps, and may offer you better luck. But first a suggestion for you: instead of doing traditional shrugs, try doing hex shrugs. It’s a straight short bar with what looks like a hexagram in the center,with handles on the outer edges of the hex formation. You stand inside the hex, grab the handles after having loaded the bar, and lift ask your gym owner if they can get one or you can find one online.

They’re our favorite tool for rocking trap training and will do you wonders. It helps you from rolling your shoulders forward and is an honest “form” helper. Just keep your core tight and pull up and down. Hold at the top and keep your arms straight. Upright rows aren’t advisable if you have any shoulder issues, but great if you don’t. Hold bar close to your body and center of gravity, and draw your core inward as you lift, keeping elbows in as much as possible. Lift to your chin. The most important part of the deadlift is the part where you lift and slowly hold an droll your shoulders back.

In our opinion, these will always be the best ally for traps.


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ATTN: Pro Bodybuilding Fans (Olympia Rules Change)

Last night a meeting of promoters, officials, and judges met to vote on important policy changes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini. As a result of that meeting there will be a huge shake-up in the bodybuilding world. As of next year only the winners of pro shows will qualify to compete in the Olympia. That includes all divisions, and the only exceptions to this new rule are the Olympia and the Arnold Classic in which the top three qualify.

The new rules begin JANUARY 1st for all IFBB contests...

So for the contests up until then, the old rules still apply - top three in each contest. After January 1st, the only person that will qualify for the Olympia is the winner.

Personally, having the top 12-15 competitors on stage on each division is what the Olympia should be.

Having 23-29 competitors on stage is way too much. Obviously, some of them did not deserve to be up there, even if they did place 3rd or 4th on some contests.

Now, IF there are not enough competitors that are qualified to compete in the Olympia, the IFBB will reserve the right to issue special invites to the top competitors in the division (2nd places, etc) to make up for that.

This way, the best of the best are on that stage!


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Mr. Olympia 2011 Results and Highlights

There is a new Mr. Olympia. Phil Heath narrowly edged out four-time champ Jay Cutler to take home the title.

The 2011 Mr. Olympia event started September 15th and concluded September 18th. It featured the best bodybuilders in the world.

This year, the competitors were in fabulous Las Vegas for a chance to earn bodybuilding glory.

Here are the results of the Mr. Olympia 2011 competition:

1. Phil Heath 
2. Jay Cutler 
3. Kai Greene 
4. Victor Martinez 
5. Dennis Wolf 
6. Dexter Jackson 
7. Toney Freeman 
8. Brandon Curry 
9. Ronny Rockel 
10. Hidetada Yamagishi 
11. Shawn Rhoden 
12. Edward Nunn 
13. Johnnie Jackson 
14. Marius Dohne 
15. Craig Richardson 
16 (T). Ben White 
16 (T). Evgeny Mishin 
16 (T). Frank McGrath 
16 (T). Marc LaVoie 
16 (T). Marcus Haley 
16 (T). Michael Kefalianos 
16 (T). Robert Piotrkowicz 
16 (T). Robert Burneika 
16 (T). Troy Alves

Jay Cutler's loss can be considered an upset. He was the two-time defending champion and had won four of the last five, with Dexter Jackson taking home the crown in 2008.

Kevin English successfully defended his 202 showdown title, and has now won the event three consecutive years.

Iris Kyle successfully defended her Ms. Olympia crown. It is her fifth straight title and sixth overall.

There were no surprises in the Fitness Olympia competition, as Adela Garcia completed a three-peat, and won her fifth title in the last six years.

Nicole Nagrani won her first ever Bikini Olympia title, knocking off 2010 champion Sonia Gonzales among a field of other competitors.

Mr. Olympia 2011 - 202 Posedown [VIDEO]

Mr. Olympia 2011 - Jay Cutler vs. Phil Heath in Final Pose [VIDEO]

Mr. Olympia 2011 - Jay Cutler congratulates Phil Heath on Mr. Olympia 2011 victory! [VIDEO]

Quick Results for Mr. Olympia / Ms. Olympia 2011:

Men's Events

    Mr. Olympia - Phil Heath 202 Showdown - Kevin English

Women's Events
    Ms. Olympia - Iris Kyle Fitness Olympia - Adela Garcia Figure Olympia - Nicole Watkins Bikini Olympia - Nicole Nagrani


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Interval Training on Treadmill; Best Workouts To Burn Fat

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/One of the most effective methods for losing fat is the use of interval training. It is popular because it allows athletes to train at a high heart for a period of time greater than their body would normally allow. Our muscles fail (
or cramp up) during prolonged intense cardiovascular training due to lactic acid build up in the muscle groups. We stop training at this point, which allows our heart rate to drop. This, in turn, pretty much defeats the purpose of cardio. No elevated heart rate equates to no elevated metabolism and no fat burning.

Interval training defeats this common limitation by allowing the user to reduce intensity of training in regular intervals, giving the muscles time to rest. However, since the heart continues to beat at an elevated rate for some time after the conclusion of a tough period of cardio, the desired fat burning process continues! Commonly, the user will train at a very fast rate for 1 minute, then at a very slow rate for 1 minute. Then, he will continue this repeating process for 18 to 25 minutes. At the conclusion, he will have experienced the full allotted time of elevated heart rate – without the muscle failure which would have occurred long before then.

Determining the correct level of intensity (
speed and incline) to be used on treadmill interval training can be tricky. Too little intensity, and you run the risk of just plain wasting your time. On the other hand, if that intensity is too great, you will run the risk of burning up valuable muscle – instead of stored body fat – which will completely contradict your original goal of losing fat so that your muscles would look better.

First, let’s take a look at your goals. If you want to get ripped and aren’t concerned with losing muscle, then high speed cardio for prolonged periods of time will suffice. If you’ve watched the DVD's of some of the top bodybuilders in the world, you are probably aware of the fact that most of them train exactly the opposite. They will put their treadmill on a very slow setting, then spend an hour or so engaged in moderate walking. Their bodies are enabled with certain chemicals which allow this to be enough for them to get ripped. You, on the other hand, are probably not so lucky.

Your best solution to shedding fat will be interval training on the treadmill, combined with weight training and intelligent dieting. The best time of day to conduct your training will be immediately upon rising in the morning. This will ensure that your body is getting its energy from stored fat, and not the sugars that sit in your stomach from your breakfast or your big glass of V8 juice. You can enjoy all the calories you want AFTER completing your morning cardio, but it should be nothing but ECA, Crystal Lite, and/or your black morning coffee before hopping upon the treadmill.

Here's a video tip on Interval Training Using a Treadmill:

The equipment you use should be the highest quality treadmill that you can afford. Remember, you will only be purchasing one of these, so you’d better get a good one. If a treadmill is uncomfortable, you probably aren’t going to use it. So make the investment to a nice one which will last for years, instead of opting for a series of lower quality workout machines that will break quickly, or just plain feel uncomfortable. Or, just use the nice one at the commercial gym you attend!

Incline can be important for targeting various muscle groups of the legs. The greater the incline, the more muscle groups such as the glutes will be targeted. Many machines will have detailed images on their screens which will illustrate specifically which muscles of the lower body are being targeted greater. However, the cumulative effect to all muscle groups is also something that cannot be ignored. If you’re doing interval training on the treadmill, you’re hitting the entire lower body.

Speed & time are also important factors to consider. Moving between 1.5 (
slow setting) and 4.5 (
fast setting) every 60 seconds is a great way to maintain a very high heart rate for an extended period of time, while at the same time giving your lungs and leg muscles the time they need to recover every 2 minutes. Feel free to play with the timing, but use the 1.5 to 4.5 rule as a baseline. You’ll find your own comfortable settings – but don’t let them become TOO comfortable!http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Variation is always a key to success! Many treadmills will include numerous interval training settings which will instantly bump up every 1, 2, or 3 minutes, depending upon what timing you desire. Higher end treadmills will allow you to program your own incline and speed settings on a “per minute” basis, which will essentially allow you to program a series of ebbs & flows, rises and falls, to best match your desired levels of intensity (
speed and incline).


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Does Fat Turn Into Muscle?

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/does-fat-turn-into-muscle-the-reality-of-strength-training/The simple answer to the question “
http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/does-fat-turn-into-muscle-the-reality-of-strength-training/?” is no – but the reality is that to most lifters who simultaneously lose muscle while gaining fat, the chemistry doesn’t matter. What they see is what they believe, and that is the exact combination that an abandonment of strict dieting principles & ignoring training will lead to this exact scenario. Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

First, let’s examine the muscle building process. Muscles don’t grow IN the gym. They grow at home while we are recovering from our tough workouts. They grow at night while we sleep, as the glands in our brains release very small amounts of growth hormones at regular intervals. We tear small holes in our muscle fibers as we train, and they recover when we sleep. They use amino acids in our bloodstream (obtained from the foods we eat) to repair these broken muscle fibers. This is a regular process that occurs even if we don’t lift weights, as the fibers repair and return to their normal size. However, going above and beyond the normal wear and tear they face on a daily basis, we can really cause them to grow by making them move heavy weights.

The perfect environment for muscle growth, therefore, can be fairly easy to define. First, you will need to have a bloodstream rich in amino acids. This is obtained by consuming a lot of high protein foods, consuming at least 30 grams of protein every 3 hours throughout the day. Sugars can be used to shuttle the amino acids to our muscle fibers faster, but the process remains the same perpetually. You give your muscles the protein they need to repair. You also give them the time. This comes from sleep, rest, and generally taking it easy in your off time. In other words, you’re not shaking what the Good Lord gave you in the club until 2 am every night – you need that time to heal and grow!

Stress can be a major factor in fat appearing to turn into muscle. Whenever you have a tough workout, a bad day at work, or a fight with your significant other, your body releases an abundance of cortisol, a stress hormone. This leads to a tendency of the body to store fat (hence the appearance of fat gains) and fights the growth of muscle.

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/does-fat-turn-into-muscle-the-reality-of-strength-training/Most people whose fat appears to be turning into muscle are actually engaged in a dual approach (both negative, by the way) to their bodies. They will go from eating well and training frequently, to doing neither on a regular basis. Let’s face it, completing 22 sets on a tough leg day is impossible if you haven’t eaten correctly. At the same time, eating religiously can be very tough if you’re not training. Your appetite just won’t be there, and your muscles will not be craving protein as per usual. This is why people who usually ‘take a break’ from training will abandon their diet and training practices almost simultaneously – and will then appear to lose muscle and gain fat at the same time as well.

Some caveats do exist. There are limitations to how much muscle you can gain. As you get closer to your “ceiling”, or natural potential for muscle gain and low body fat levels, your gains will slow. You may even reach a plateau, a point where progress halts. If muscle building is the goal, then you need to train hard and eat correctly, giving yourself adequate rest in the meantime. If fat burning is the goal, the same tenets apply, with the only differences being an increase in cardiovascular exercise plus perhaps a reduction in overall caloric intake.

It’s both an art and a science. You must train using the fundamental rules of muscle building science. But your approach to stimulating muscle groups and the daily caloric intake variety is also an art. Embrace both your creative and logical sides!

Can you do both at once? This is a question that many lifters have asked. When you first begin lifting weights, you will most certainly get leaner while building muscle. These are known as beginner’s gains, and they are absolutely, without a doubt, highly effective and very real. However, over time, as your body adapts to training and your muscular levels rise while fat levels drop, there will come a time when you are not able to do both nearly as easily. At that point,

http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/does-fat-turn-into-muscle-the-reality-of-strength-training/Natural vs. Chemically assisted lifters will encounter different angles. Yes, those who use steroids will recovery faster, train harder, grow more muscle, and get leaner all the while. They are certainly exceptions to this discussion, it should be noted.

The answer to the question “
http://pmxfit.primalmuscle.com/does-fat-turn-into-muscle-the-reality-of-strength-training/?” is No. But the reality is that the visible signs of both usually accompany one another. So while the perception is scientifically untrue, it’s a reality that most lifters accept as a truth.


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What Is Your Favorite Music to Motivate Your Training?

http://www.bodybuildingtoday.com/bodybuilding/what-is-your-favorite-music-to-motivate-your-training/ For most of us, getting to the gym is the toughest part of bodybuilding. Once you're there, you can usually find the motivation to train for new personal bests and reach new limits. However, now and then you may find yourself sitting on a bench, staring into space, looking for the motivation you need to start moving. For many people, music provides that motivation.

Selecting a device

If you train at home, you're in luck. All you need is a boom box in the garage or weight room, and you have all the music you need. You can play it at any volume (provided the neighbors don't call the police) and you get to choose the style. If you train at a gym, a small mp3 player will suffice. While I-pods or other advanced devices might be tempting, be careful. Your mp3 player will be subjected to rigors of heavy, swinging weights and bouncing on cardio. It will be left in gym bags, dropped, and perhaps face the risk of being stolen from your car or gym locker. For these reasons, it's often a good idea to purchase a cheaper mp3 player and designate its use "for gym only". 1-gig mp3 players can hold twenty albums' worth, and still only cost $35 to $40. Find one on eBay, and you might spend even less, but you'd probably prefer to buy locally. Save the receipts on everything, and you can return items that can't keep up with your training style. When it comes to earpieces, the standard 'ear bud' headphones are great. A cheap pair will run you $7 to $10 and will last for months.

Selecting the tunes

For most, a nice mix of new and older favorites helps motivate us in the gym. Many rock fans will reserve a heavy metal record for certain days - certain songs for certain lifts, etc. For cardio, techno or dance music provides a nice steady beat at very much the same tempo at which you will be pumping those thighs on the elliptical or stair-stepper machine. Find your style, and load up the mp3 player. Keep it fresh to keep yourself motivated in new ways, or keep your favorites if you know what works for you.


When wearing headphones, you are at a disadvantage in both social and safety matters. If you're outside jogging, you may not hear a horn blowing a warning to you from an oncoming car. If you're sitting on a bench, you may not hear another lifter asking to work in on your bench, and you may come off rude or selfish. Be sure to keep your eyes open, even if your ears are in their own little world. Being safe and courteous are just as important as being focused and motivated in the gym.

Dane Fletcher is the world's most prolific bodybuilding and fitness expert and is currently the executive editor for BodybuildingToday.com If you are looking for more http://www.bodybuildingtoday.com/ or information on weight training, or supplementation, please visit http://www.bodybuildingtoday.com/, the bodybuilding and fitness authority site with hundreds of articles available FREE to help you meet your goals.

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6 Benefits of Having a Good Gym Partner

http://www.bodybuildingtoday.com/bodybuilding/6-benefits-of-having-a-good-gym-partner/ The same way you don't meet someone for the first time and marry them the following day, is exactly the same way you don't just randomly ask any guy in the gym to be your gym partner. There is more involved to it than just the two of huffing and puffing together as you workout. A gym partner is the equivalent of having your own personal trainer as well your own personal trainee. This is because, your partner will watch you workout and correct you when you are wrong, and vise versa. So here are some of the qualities that you look for in a gym partner.

  • Think Goals and Ambitions

This is the one thing that you both must have in common if you are to work in perfect synchrony. Placing a gainer and a cutter together is asking for trouble. A cutter needs to concentrate on weights and cardio while a gainer needs to exercise a bit less intensely than they used to. Mix those two up and the gainer is likely to drag down the cutter because of his lower work out intensity. Before you can even inquire what someone else's goal is, you must have yours clearly defined.

  • Think Skill Level

The both of you must be at the same or a least almost the same technical and skill level. How can your gym partner check on your technique if he doesn't know how perfectly done curls look like? Yet again, the one that is less skilled will end up dragging down the one with higher skill along with him.

  • Think Availability

Just the same way you cannot marry someone who is already marred, is the same way you can't have a gym partner who is taken by someone else. If they are available in terms of commitment, they also need to be available for the workouts at a time that is also convenient for him or her.

  • Think Consistency and Punctuality

Believe me the last kind of drama you want is getting a gym partner who will call you an hour later than you were to start working out, only to tell you that they won't be going to the gym on that day.

  • Think Common Interest

Imagine that you are afraid of hospital and needles; now imagine having a medical doctor of a surgeon as your gym partner. He then rumbles on and on and on about the many freak accidents that happened on that day and vividly describes how some patients looked like! You will be shocked and appalled and I highly doubt whether the two of you will hang out to grab a bite after hitting the gym.

  • Think Gender

it is normally advisable to stick to your gender when looking for a gym partner. Hormones run high when working out and things might get complicated when your gym partner is from the other gender, unless of cause you want to work out with your big brother who hit the gym some months before you did.

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Did You Know? ... Tart Cherry Juice May Be A Natural Solution For Insomnia


Drinking tart cherry juice daily could help reduce the severity of insomnia and time spent awake after going to sleep, according to a new study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food1.

A team of University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester and VA Center of Canandaigua researchers conducted a pilot study on the sleep habits of 15 older adults. The adults drank 8 ounces of tart cherry juice beverage (CheriBundi www.cheribundi.com) in the morning and evening for 2 weeks, and a comparable matched juice drink, with no tart cherry juice, for another 2 week period. There were significant reductions in reported insomnia severity and the adults saved about 17 minutes of wake time after going to sleep, on average, when drinking cherry juice daily, compared to when they were drinking the juice drink.

Ongoing sleep issues plague more than 40 million adults and another 20 million experience occasional sleep disruptions, putting their health and wellbeing at risk, and leaving many Americans on a quest for sleep solutions, according to the National Institutes of Health. Americans spend more than $84 million on over-the-counter sleep aids each year2.

The researchers suspect tart cherries' natural benefits could be due in part to their relatively high content of melatonin - a natural antioxidant in cherries with established ability to help moderate the body's sleep-wake cycle. Produced naturally by the body in small amounts, melatonin plays a role in inducing sleepiness at night and wakefulness during the day.

Russel J. Reiter, Ph.D, a biomedical scientist at the University of Texas Health Science Center and one of the world's leading authorities on melatonin, says while melatonin supplement pills have been heavily promoted as a sleep aid, foods such as cherries - available year-round as dried, frozen and juice - may be a better alternative for boosting the body's own supply of melatonin. "When consumed regularly, tart cherries may help regulate the body's natural sleep cycle and increase sleep efficiency, including decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep," says Reiter. "And, because cherries are so rich in other antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, you get other important health benefits."

The Power of Red

Not only is melatonin linked to sleep, but research suggests melatonin can be a powerful antioxidant, helping reduce age-related inflammation and fighting free radicals in the body. Beyond melatonin, cherries are packed with other powerful antioxidant compounds, including anthocyanins - the compounds responsible for cherries' bright red color. A growing body of science indicates that cherries may help reduce inflammation, aid muscle recovery and reduce risk factors of age-related conditions.

The Cherry Marketing Institute (
CMI) is an organization funded by North American tart cherry growers and processors. CMI's mission is to increase the demand for tart cherries through promotion, market expansion, product development and research.


1. Pigeon WR, Carr M, Gorman C, Perlis ML. Effects of tart cherry juice beverage on the sleep of older adults with insomnia: a pilot study. Journal of Medicinal Food. 2010;13:579-583. 2. Hossain JL, Shapiro CM. The prevalence, cost implications, and management of sleep disorders: an overview. Sleep and Breathing. 2002;6:85-102.

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