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Customer Feedback

Great customer service

I would like to thank you guys for the quick responses every time and you
professionalism. By far the best customer service department i ever came
across. You guys are great and im looking forward to doing business with
you again. Thanks a lot again for great customer service.


A customer for life

 tell you, you guys have impressed me!  It has been a long time since  

I have seen customer service like this. Not only did I recieve my  

order in days before I anticipated it, the workout bag I got was of  

good quality. Now a follow up email with recommendations to the  

products I ordered. Simply amazing you have won my complete loyalty in  

my purchases for now on! 



Doug Jenkins 

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Amazing feedback

Amazing!!! I have been a customer with you guys for a while but usually buy my supplements through, with that said, I have been taken much better care of with you guys then them. I think your prices are pretty comparable but what I now notice is the better price in shipping and I really like the touch of 10% off I was offered just to get me to order again. You guys are really there for the customers and not just to make money. Thank you for that. You guys will be my place to go for my supplements from now on. Thanks again... 


Satisfied Military Spouse 

Lucy M . 

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Take that GNC

This is the first time I have placed an order with you as I usually order 

from Pro Source and GNC.  I just wanted to let you know that so far your 

service has exceeded these two by far.  You will definitely be my first 

choice from now on. 



Regina Carroll 

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Going above and beyond

Many online retailers simply sell fitness and wellness products. goes the extra mile by educating customers so that they are able to find the right product for their fitness needs.  I visit your website frequently for training tips, supplement recommendations and motivation.  Thank you for being different. 



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Another happy customer

The SuperPump worked out great!

Also, Ryan, I have been a very satisfied customer after each order. However, I was especially impressed with my recent order. Sometimes I call and other times I order online, but my last order was placed over the phone with All-Star Amanda. I already put in some positive feedback for her, but she really was incredibly patient and helpful, and her recommendations led me to try some new products. I have been very happy with the advice and the products she recommended, and she was even kind enough to follow up and thank me for the kinds words.

I would now like to continue ordering through her over the phone. Is that possible?


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Another happy customer

  I wish more companies realized the importance, as you do, of customer care.  I received creatine product from you were the safety seal wasn't present.  I called customer service, they were very prompt and courteous, sent me a return label while I was on the phone with the represenative and sent me out the replacement product.  But, the thing that really impressed me with you company was the "hand written" note I received in the mail the day after I got the replacement product.  More companies today should practice that type of customer service - that was AWESOME.  That kind act, made me a customer for life of 


Many Thanks, 

Kevin Mayes 

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Great customer service


My name is Trevor Hogue, and I just got done with an Instant message session with one of your agents Turbo T.J. I just wanted to let you know that he did an excelent job and went above and beyond to help me out with my order. I couldent have had a better shopping experience. And I will be sure to recoment to my friends.

Thank you & God bless


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Happy father to be

I have had a wonderful experience in my last two orders. You have me as a customer for life. Your web page is great and I find it a great resource for someone who has not been working out for a while. So far I have tried 5 or 6 of your products and have had great results with no side effects.  9 weeks ago I started P90X and added  your supplements to enhance my work out. I have saved 200.00 easy vs. GNC and lost 16 -20 pounds of fat adding 6-8 pounds of muscle. I am one pound from being under 200lbs for the first time in 4 years and feel great. A former college football player and someone who has had 5 knee surgery's, I am running around like a kind again and I am playing in a flag football league for the first time in like 8 years. 


Sorry for the long email but, I believe that your company has had a direct impact on my success and in my life change. I am not looking compete or blow up like the hulk, but my daughter will be born in May of this year and when she meets her daddy for the first time, and hears story's about what kind of football player he was she will not look up and see someone 30 pounds over weight with a beer belly but someone who looks like he just came off the field and can be proud of her daddy. 


I could not have achieve all of my goals, without your web sites advice and affordable products! You all do a great job and you hear about it. I would say that I tell people about your website at least once a day in conversation (As my friend told me about you guys). Your word of mouth marketing is very strong as I have built my business the same way.  Good luck and thanks for being one of the good guys in the business! Thanks -Tim Medlin 

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To everyone at

I have to once again commend you on the excellent service. You guys really set an example for the rest of the world what service should be given to clients. Everytime I receive this awesome service, At first I thought it's a once off, you guys probably just had a good day and everone's in good spirits. But yet again, I receive the best service I have ever received.

Thank you, again!!!
Derick Bus

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Great feedback

Hello Ryan! 


First of all, I would just like to say how much I appreciate doing business with you.  This is the second product I've ordered from you.  In both instances I recieved confirmation emails, tracking information, and the products were shipped very quickly.  I'm glad to see there are still businesses out there that work hard for customers.  As far as the Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250, I absoutely love it.  I noticed and felt results from the first time I took it.  The reviews on your website were very accurate of this product. I would also like to mention that having members review products and give feedback to everyone is extremely helpful when shopping for supplements. I most likely would not have tried the Gaspari had it not been for the many good reviews I saw from the members of your website.  Thank you for the inquiry. I will be back when I need some refills! :D 


Jerome Toler 

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This Is The Best Site I Have Ever Done Business With!

I have to say this is the best site I have ever done business with! You cant beat the bottom line prices,easy ordering,and not to mention the shipping...low cost ground shipping and my products arrived at my door in less than 48 hours! GOOD JOB I will definately be a returning customer!

<strong />


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Great Feedback



My name is Chris and I'm taking the time to send this email in regards to Jimmy who helped me with a few ordering issues at the beginning of this month and was kind enough to take extra time and answer a few supplement questions I had. I also appreciated the fact that he didn't come off as a "salesman" but rather give me straight up advice on products he know would work for me regardless of brand and advertisement pitch. Working flight customer service when I was in the Air Force, I know what it can be like to have to really dig in and help someone resolve different issues and answer questions without coping an attitude which he did, so I really appreciate that. 

Thanks again Jimmy and the rest of the BB staff, I strong encourage you guys to do what you have to to keep BB the way it is by offering a wide selection of good product at low cost prices and keeping the staff up to date on new info and products that come out. 

Best regards, 



Proud member "DHFX"

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Fulfilling Personalized Service!

I am writing to advise you of my experiences with thus far. I have used many other supplement websites, and supplement mega-stores. Needless to say, once I began using your website store, all membership cards were destroyed and all other websites were removed from my favorites. The prices are great, the service is second to none, the quality of the product received is better than directly from the manufacturer.

Whenever I order, I receive e-mails advising me of the status of my order and then a follow-up to ensure that the order was received and I was happy with it. In an environment where companies view customers as a number, you stand out with your personalized service. You have made a customer for life and thank you for fulfilling my supplement needs in such outstanding fashion. Have a great day.

- Alex

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Super Job

BA BAM!!! Ordered yesterday and when I got back from walking my siberian on the bay this morning,(A.M.), my order was waiting for me at the door. TY!! That was lightening fast and I didn't pay extra for special fast delivery. SUPER job on BB's job for customer service. You guys must have a web cam on us and knew we NEEDED the products!! HAHA...Thanks again for GREAT service and have a great day.

Mark from Virginia Beach

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