More than the physical

When it comes to health and exercise, we live in a society that unfortunately, makes the primary focus on the exterior. The pressure to look good on the outside is worse then it has ever been. Everywhere we look we see magazine ads, commericals, celebrities, are all focused on the outside. Nevermind if they are nice people or not, they look good, so it's ok. They must be healthy on the inside to right? You would think so, since what meets the eye looks so good.

Sadly enough, gyms are packed with people who only want to either, get skinnier, bulk up, or are there just to socialize. The overall effect that exercise has on us, is a huge missing link in our society. The focus is clearly intended to be appearance and appearance only. The other positive effect it has on us, is ignored and actually creates a negative atmosphere, with the focus solely on the outside. Exercise can improve how we live our daily lives so much. It can make us feel like we can conquer the world, if we are open to the idea that, there is more to it than aesthetics.

Yes, we all want to look good, I would lying if I said we didn't. I know i do. But I also want to reep all of the benefits from it as well. Exercise can improve our mentality. It can switch our thoughts, from negative, to a positive. It can boost our clarity, we think sharper, more clear. It revives us, energizes us, our bodies become to thrive on it! It helps us feel better about ourselves, as an entire being, not just what meets the eye. We gain the confidence to do anything, no obstacle is to much for us to overcome.

Our professional and personal relationships also benefit from it as well. We become better people, because we feel confident. We lose our insecurities, and we realize what we are physically capable of, which transfers over to what we are professionally, mentally, emotionally and personally capable of. We begin to see, that we deserve more than we have, we can gain more, we are worth more.

It boosts self esteem to a level that we didn't know even existed. We start to lose the bad demons that once brought us down. We begin to eliminate the company that told us we couldn't do it. We re-evaluate the people in our lives, and weed the ones out that don't want to see us succeed, in anything we do. We start to perform better on the job, leading us to better opportunities. All of these things are the effects of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Along with the health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and  cholesterol, and decreasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. But the media and famous people world doesn't want us to celebrate that. It's all about what size our jeans are.

We are supposed to do this for overall health and well being. We are supposed to do it to be better people, with stronger minds, as well as bodies. It should give us the discipline to control our diet and everything else that potentially could destroy us. We all need to turn the focus inward, leave the ego trip behind, lose the vanity reason for doing this. Be more intuned with what's happening to you as you begin your transformation. All of this can be life changing, and if change isn't what you are seeking, the least that will come out of it, is you will overall be a healthy person, body, mind, soul, and spirit.

We are the pilots in our lives

Thanks to the mass media, marketing and advertising companies in the USA, we as Americans are always depending on someone else to find the solution to our problems, Some look to tv characters for advice on how to get fit, eat right and stay thin. Others order pre packaged foods, because they can't cook and portion control food themselves. It is alarmingly disgusting to see how many Americans dont' realize you are the pilot in your life. No one else is flying the plane! Whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape, tone up, compete, whatever our poison, you have the power to do it! Not the celebraties, not the athletes, no one in the world can make it happen for you, except you! So many times, I hear people whine about how they want to eat right but don't have time, or don't know how, or some other lame excuse. So, when the see the commercials for the latest miracle pill, or celebrity diet, they rush out and buy it! Thinking to themselves, this is going to be so easy, look how it worked for the Oscar award winning actress! Seriously now, get a grip. We all know famous people, or anyone in the spotlight, have trainers, personal chefs to aid them in staying slim. What gets me so fired up, is that we all have the abilities to do it ourselves. We don't need to depend on people telling us what to eat, or how much, take this pill, drink this juice! It's ridiculous! If we all just stepped back, and looked at it from a deeper level. an understanding of how much power we have as individuals will seep thru. No one needs to be told what to do by someone else. Everyone can learn to cook, eat healthy and exercise. It comes down to self control and self discipline. Someone you never met, but just because you see them on tv, and they seem like and honest, nice person says, hey, eat like me and you can look like this, doesn't mean you listen! You don't know them, they don't care about you and never will. When you buy whatever they are selling, that's money in there pockets, and that's all they care about. We need to take more pride in ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. We are poisoned everyday, but the media, selling us nonsense, convincing us that we are weak, and we can't do it on our own, just for a money ploy. That's all we are to them, is a money ploy. Please have more respect for yourself, and take more pride in your health and body, to know not to buy into it. You are in deed capable of doing it on your own. It takes time, it takes some getting used to, it takes hard work and discipline. But, it can be done, by none other than the pilot with the controllers.

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