Weight Loss Journey - The end; a new beginning

I know a lot of people aren't going to read this and I thank the few who may read part, or all of this post. Regardless, I have decided that I want to create this post for the few whom may read this and appreciate it and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams to weight loss success and physique transformation. The Journey... 10 weeks ago, I remember stepping on the scales at 7:30am in the morning, just after breakfast. My weight was 108.95kg, just bridging on 109kg. I was not shocked by this weight, nor was I cheerful about being this size; at the time I quite honestly though that I was not that heavy (being 182cm) but nonetheless was determined to make a difference and change! So what happened, you may ask? Well, 10 weeks ago, Saturday Morning 7:30am was the start of a 10 week body transformation challenge held by my gym. I had enrolled in the challenge determined to change my lifestyle forever and at the end of it, be proud that I have accomplished something that many aspire to achieve; a new and improved physique. The challenge was very simple:- >You were given a diet plan >You were to report to a trainer each week to report your weight (to be held accountable) >Each week, should your body start to plateau, diet adjustments will be made >List of supplements that you will benefit from >Lose as much weight in 10 weeks as possible to win over $2, 500 in prizes I was very excited, not for the prize, but for the challenge! It may sound dull, but the prize wasn't the achievement at the end of the 10 weeks, the prize was knowing that at the end of 10 weeks I will be proud of what I've accomplished and hopefully show others what can be achieved with sheer discipline and a good diet basis! Anyway, back on track. For most of the weeks, I was hitting good achievements, but I wasn't hitting landmarks in any way, shape or form. I was determined to work out hard, which, for the first 5 weeks, I thought I was doing, but I soon realized that I was actually NOT doing as well as I hoped. The first 5-6 weeks I had a workout partner who assisted me with heavy lifts and we would workout for quite long periods in the gym. We would hit every muscle fibre in the areas we would train and work every exercise; which I soon realized was a bad idea! I also realized soon after that most of the time spent in the gym was spent talking and the focus was not 100% on results in the gym but all on "what are we doing on the weekend". I didn't realize this during the training period, but when I became out of action due to an injury. I was unable to train, or walk, for a few days during week 6, due to a haetoma that had grown pretty significantly and was painful moving around. However, it was good that I had this injury, as it gave me reason to look back at my results for the previous 6 weeks and how I've come. At this time, my weight was still over 100KG and I was wondering where I went wrong! This is the time I discovered www.bodybuilding.com! I browsed through this site quite a bit and found a few things interesting, i.e. articles on others' weight loss journeys, fitness routines, mixing workout splits etc. Then I came across Kris Gethin, whom took my greatest interest. His weight loss journey was remarkable! I spent all night browsing through his video guide and absorbing all his knowledge like a sponge. It was at this point where I heard him say some very important Key Points:- >I like to use music to help me push through the heavy sets - it also stops people from walking up to you in the gym and talking to you about various things i.e. "that looks dangerous" or "Your form is wrong" >If you have a workout partner, make sure they're as determine as you to reach your goal! Find someone with a similar goal or who has already achieved their goal >You don't want a workout partner who is chatty and would rather spend the workout talking about the latest goss or whatever >When you workout, your focus should be 100% on the workout, if you only give about 50% then expect half the results that you want to achieve >I see people in the gym training when I get there and they're still training when I leave, overworking-out actually lessens your progress and your results will be harder to come by. You don't need to attack the muscle in every possible way - you only need 40 minutes - 1 hour working out All these facts float around in the back of my mind every time I think about going to the gym and they're definitely prominent when I'm working out. Anyway, the week after my injury, my workout partner took 4 weeks off training to go and have a booze-binge party and be a completely lazy sod. I took this opportunity to train harder than I ever have before and make every second in the gym count! I spent every waking minute thinking about the gym and how hard I wanted to attack it and every night I would go to bed either extremely exhausted from a good workout or extremely keen to hit gym first thing the next morning. During the next 4 weeks, I saw significant changes in my weight and amazing changes in my physique. Between the weeks 6-8 I lost quite a bit of weight and dropped below 100kg! This was the most motivating point in the entire challenge as I aspired to weigh less than 100KG for years! The weeks leading up to week 10, I was steadily dropping 1-2kg a week while my strength improved. In the last 3 weeks, I applied a technique known as the DTP (Dramatic Training Principle) where the reps pyramid from 50 reps to 10 reps and would look like this:- 50 reps - Lightest weight 40 reps - Light weight 30 reps - Medium weight 20 reps - Heavy weight 10 reps - Heaviest weight Then you pyramid back up 10, 20, 30 etc. This is to target slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres and give a wide range of muscle stimulation while your cardiovascular system is taxed heavily to keep up with the rep-range. I decided to incorporate super sets on days with workout splits - doing one chest isolate movement and one lat isolate movement for e.g. - this definitely fatigued me quickly while working out! Anyway, the last week was probably the most challenging as I was starting to carb deplete meals 3-6 only eating oats and pasta for meals 1 & 2 and then carb deplete for the second meal in the final 4 days - this definitely taxed my energy deposits and I was completely wrecked after every exercise. However, I pushed through with everything I had and for the final weigh in, which was today, 7 hours 14 minutes ago (from the time of writing this) I weighed in at 91.70kg resulting in a weight loss of 17.25kg Starting weight: 108.95KG // 239.70LBS Final weight: 91.70KG // 201.75LBS Difference: 17.25KG // 37.95LBS I really wanted to write more on this journey - about all my challenges I faced, how I managed to stay on track when all seemed hopeless, how I stayed eating healthy when I ran out of cash & food etc. However, I am really lost for words right now and would like to say one more thing. "Many adversities stand in the way of a dream. The strong take the adversities and turn them into milestones of accomplishment" - Chadwick Jones This is the quote that I wrote during the 10 weeks to help me overcome the challenges I faced and I hope you do too. I have not concluded my physique transformation just now - I am going to try and gain some muscle mass and continue to lower my body-fat percentage and I hope you are well on track. I wish you the best of luck on your journey - whatever it may be and I hope you find a way to overcome and find a way to inspire when the time comes! Thanks! Chad