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I awaken this morning an realized I was at yet another crossroad in my life. The place where better than I use to be but not nearly as good as I want to be intersect. The fresh winds of change began to fill my nostrils with renewed hope, unbelievable possibility, and a new perspective. I began to anticipate, no celebrate the tidal wave of opposite that always comes your way when you press in towards destiny. You either fight for what you want in life until you achieve it, or you back down and wallow in the misery of what could have been.

The greatest power in life is the ability to choose and then act upon that choice. Choices made from a negative mindset are going to yield totally different results than a mindset that is positive. I call it the difference between woe is me or wow is me. So here I stand at the crossroads, washing off the filth of self-imposed limitations, purifying my mind for divine directives, beating the crap out of destructive habits and seeking for effective strategy to conquer external opposition. Fight for it, fight for it, fight for it! Join with me people, you were not designed to sit on the sidelines of life, participate and fight for what you really want before it is to late. 

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Peace, love and blessings to you all

Special shout out

To LeeLee aka Helen Leona and Tyrone

Be blessed :)

It Will Happen

Making the dream a reality is rarely easy, you will often have to dive into the seas of 

Sacrifice as you fight against the currents of adversity. It takes great fortitude and hardcore tenacity to press through when a tidal wave of opposition is about to engulf you. This is the time when you must hold yourself accountable to finish what you have begun. Don’t stop until the job is done!

Tammie-Maria Allen©

 and remember 

Never surrender your personal power!

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Marriage: Committed To The Cause

Marriage: Committed To the Cause

Dang, I should have known it was going to be a rocky relationship from the beginning. There I stood all eager with anticipation, consumed with desire and ready to consummate this arrangement with pure passion and total devotion. The honeymoon period was exciting but short lived and it wasn’t long before I discovered living with the reality of it all wasn’t going to be easy. Yes, I am talking about making the goal, that dream that was conceived in your spirit a reality. No worthy goal will ever become a reality until it becomes the object of your affection. That goal will demand your attention, and scream for your devotion. It will fill your life with purpose, yet often play hard to get. The goal is always intertwined with your destiny so it will continue to seduce you until you either eliminate all other distractions or kiss your dream goodbye and later lament on what could have been.

It only gives you and either or choice there is no middle grown.It is not a marriage of convenience but of commitment. If you decide to make the dream a reality, you will have to contend with opposition, challenges, temporary setbacks, frustrations and periodic bouts of failure. The pain of victory is born in the flames of destiny and the term easy in not in the contract. The rewards are fantastic but you will earn them in the trials known as sacrifice.

The heart of a warrior is born the day you stop running from the challenges and with steadfast determination you decide to fight for the dream despite the odds. I repeat easy is not in the contract. The determination muscle is built, by getting up every time the forces of life knock you down. You will need the heart of a warrior to make the dream a reality. Refuse to quit, never bow to negative influences, cling to hope and have faith.

The only reason you were given the dream is because you can make it a reality. Make it happen!


Tammie-Maria Allen©

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