Rebounding from near fatality car wreck to my driver door....BAM!

Went for a 6 mile jog and body is craving nutrition! I'm on a official campaign to live pain free and get some mass back ;-)

My main focus is to help ectomorphs gain strength first with good nutrition, the weight will come

in growth spurts and just let it happen! 

First 10k and 2nd place finish in my age group of 50-55

Stayton 10k.JPG

On Saturday April 27 at 9am the starting gun fired and the Santiam River Run was underway with police escorts. The hilly terrain was an intimidating factor as most of my training was flat. I completed my run without stopping for rest in 58:42.28

My next scheduled run is May 4th and much anticipated in my first 10k trail run!

-Marty / ISSA Personal Trainer / ProMera Sports Rep 

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My first 10k run and how I trained for it at age 52

As a ISSA Personal Trainer the fitness picture is viewed with a wide angle lens with weight resistance, nutrition, cardio, flexibility, and positive state of mind are congruent for overall success.

My introduction to a two mile cardio test was a fail. My time was rated poor and I decided that I was going to make a difference and schedule cardio training. My old belief was the circuit training for one hour was good cardio approach because my heart would be pounding and I was sweating like a champ. But the truth is that my endurance was "rated" poor in a two mile time/distance test.

Please talk to your doctor if you have health concerns for starting a fitness program to challenge yourself. I saw my doctor and took the GXT or Graded Exercise Test for a cardiac stress results and to quantify my maximal functional capacity. I was happy to find out that my heart health was good with no limitations.

To prevent shin splints or pulled muscles that will demotivate your goals, make sure you see a running store like Foot Locker and get fitted for a jogging shoe. This is very important and ask questions about your foot fall. Is your walking stance pronated or supinated, running shoes need to be fitted for you. Once you understand what works best for you, then make educated investments in your athletic equipment.

1st session Saturday Morning: Walk to your one mile mark from your sidewalk out side your home and note the time to walk the one mile. Then jog a little back home if you can, if not just walk back and note your total time for the 2 mile distance.

2nd session Wednesday Morning: Do the same pace/profile and arrive 5 seconds earlier to the one mile mark, and ditto at the finish to shave 10 seconds off the total 2 mile distance.

3rd session on Saturday and shave 10 seconds off last time.

4th session on Wednesday and shave 10 seconds off last time.

Repeat until you can complete the 2 miles under 20 minutes or 19:59.

Now you need to make a 1.5 mile destination marker and work your jog/walk program for 3 miles for a time under 30 minutes or 29:59.

Now you are ready for your first 5k fun run for a local event. Google 5k runs for your area and show up Pre-hydrated at least one hour before the race. Stick to your pace and kick it out for the finish...You have just started my program to train for you next cardio endurance goal. A year later you will be ready for a 10k run with a time under 1 hour.  

Enjoy Cardio! 


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ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer study in Progress

I have been contemplating getting PT certified for about a year. Thinking of my future goals in the fitness world making progress over 50 is the theme...

Progress is defined as accomplishing short term goals to pave the way for success. Staying fit, living healthy, and invested in helping others. As I get older I find personal enrichment staying active with others.

I have also decided to continue with being a represenitive on with Promera Sports nutrition.

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CADC1 test is passed!

This test has been brutal to prepare for and the exam was 3.5 hours long. That in itself is an accomplishment. My score was 190 out of 250 questions. I passed by 20 questions as 170 is the minimal score to pass. I missed my goal of 80% or better but I'm estatic the test is now behind me!

What I have learned is far more than the curriculum to provide a service for the public. But how to achieve a career change and set higher goals...Thank you God! (without faith none of this was possible)

Now back to bodybuilding! :D

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Life at 50

A week before 50 was something I was thinking about. I continued to make fitness challenges for something to reflect on and motivation. I guess if anything has changed since turning 50 is the awarness of maintaining my youthfulness through fitness. My younger friends and family are reminded of "staying fit to be active". I did some push-ups with my 60# nephew on my back, oh yean, they were clappers and Knuckle stance push ups. I was having fun be active, and active to stay fit. Enough of fitness preaching... I went up to Mt.Hood Medows ski resort for my first snowboarding adventure on black friday, a day before 50. I purchase a K2 snowboard and Sims accessorys for under 300 bucks. Great package deal! That day was 3 hours of boarding, one hour lunch, and one more hour on the snowboard. At the start of the day I was falling down 10-12 times per bunny hill run. At the end of the day it was 1-3 times per run. Eight days later on 12-4-2010 I went with a group of friends to Mt.Hodoo resort for another day on the "Easy Rider" bunny hill. I'm enjoying life, and using caution on the snowboard. I used to ski from 1978-1995. The fall 1996 was the end of my sking. Without lifting weights, riding bikes, recent jogging challenges, and general rehab work on the left leg. I would not be where I am today living life to the fullest. Eat healthy,workout hard, and rest well, and cross your fingers you never have major surgery. If you do, don't dispair but persevere. My life now is a contuious rehab project to stay strong! I hope to post similar activities in the next decade...

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Summer weather is finally here

Outdoor fitness routines is a nice change of scenery. I have been hitting my DL routine on the patio with a lifting platform. I started the Coan/Philli 10 week program. My DL is at 275 x 3 currently and should be up to 340 again...I also have dedicated a bench program to get back up to 225. I'm jogging 3 miles in just over 30 minutes. Ms.Kizzy is a young lady now and will be One year old on July 5th. She is a great asset to our family and brings smiles most of the time...Been thinking about (missing) Dad since I was over at the beach on Fathers Day and watched the fishing charters come and go. It has been 2 years since Ive been out and look forward to deep sea fishing again. I did get the oportunity to enjoy a day of crabbing and got 2 Dungeness and 5 rock crab of good size. I'm on vacation this week and spreading my time around. Our kitchen is under remodel construction and have been working on counter tops this week. Like lifting, I'm satisfied with making progress as progress is being made. (?) Yep, I said

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Winter brings on the motivation

I have been raising Ms Kizzy, now a four month old German Sheperd. She has greatly helped me with the loss of my father. Since the rainy season has come to the great NW, I've been lifting the weights several times a week. Even on some park walks I take a db of 25# for walking curls, press, and shrugs.
Summer swimming lessons Swimming at 10 weeks old.

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1:55 AM

Dad passed on to the spiritual journey in peace and was surrounded with love ones this morning. We miss him and are thankful that he is no longer suffering. We have recieved spiritual gifts. Godbless all of those who have sent prayers and positive thoughts our way. Life is good and we are strong! And now for the next chapter of life...

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340 push ups in 30 minutes

I have been hitting the barbell weights at home twice a week. I do the chins and pull ups at work. My endurance in the chest and tri's is back to where I was last spring. This current PR is going to be 400 by Christmas! Already thinking about New Year's goals... Nevertheless, I'm focused on staying healthy and keep the bodyfat down while trying to increase body weight to 205 pounds. Dad is scheduled for a trechiotomy in four days/next thursday. So I'll be visiting him prior to the surgery. College class finished today! No more reading priority before wo's... :)

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July: College, wo, cardio, and work

I am fortunate to play ping pong, hit the cable machine, dips and chins at work. I'm starting to do more intensity with the dead lift program. Nutrition is good, body weight/composition, is balancing out with less fat (190-187#) Still dealing with a sick father that is doing better but still has compromised health and maybe 25% recovered...all prayers or positive thoughts are welcome. Today is a great day to be alive and active, preparing to exercise the mind, body, and soul...Fourth of July weekend will be spent jet sking, fishing, and family time at Detroit Resiviour. My homework is done!

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Green lights to go!

No stress, no strain or pain. No illness to slow me down. I'm back in the saddle again. Base line stats on 30 minute push ups is holding at 220 in 30 minutes. My goal is to get back up over 300 again. Body weight is 187 and 35" waist. I'm not happy with being fat and my nutrition will be more dedicated to use what I eat and not store the excess. Yep, losing the fat is harder than gaining. And for a hard gainer it really seems weird to be speaking such words.

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April Review (not good)

I have been dealing with environmental stress which probably lead to me catching pneumonia. I have spent several extended weekends with my Dad in hospital. My dad is recovering from intestianl surgery and it has been six months now with multiple surgeries.  Progress for April can not be measured in kilos or milimeters but only in showing compassion for family members. We have received a multitude of support from extended friends. Thus a smile is brought to my dad's face because of those responses on the internet. It brings comfort in knowing and seeing his response of the love felt. I am off medical leave from work on 4-8-09 and will be getting back in the game of lifting when my headaches from coughing are gone? I still wonder where I picked up the my hometown or out of town contact :(  

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February Review

Well the beat goes on...Weight is 194-196 and my energy has been spuratic. Supplements are working and diet is always checked for carbs and dairy fat. I have been avoiding cheese and whole milk. Sweet potatoes, veggies, and multi grain breads for carbs. Meats have been beef, fish, chicken all baked. The 10 week DL program is getting very difficult and only 2 weeks to go. 345# x 2 reps to date for PR. Next program for growth challenge is chest and squats!

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January 09 review

Training: DL program is in the 4th week completed, with two lifts @ 330 pounds. Chalk and lifting belt for sub maxiamal lifts and forearm strength needs improvement. The grip on second rep was weaking and chest/shoulders was locked out with a concerted effort. Other body part routines on Non DL day are taxing elbows(pushing) and Knees(extensions) so I have increased rest days between body part routines. I want to complete 6 more weeks of DL's at 110% effort with no injury or strains to interupt the 10 week program! Notice week 5 is a deload week with much less poundage. So I seem to be on track with progress!<strong />
Week 5 Deadlift (80%): 3x3 @ 290 lbs Speed deadlift (65%): 3x3 @ 235 lbs (120 sec rest b/w sets) Power shrugs (60% of current): 3x5 @ 190 lbs Stiff-leg deadlift: 3x5 Bent over row: 3x5 Underhand (reverse) grip lat pulldown: 3x5 Arched back good morning: 3x5 3x3 @ 290 lbs 3x3 @ 235 lbs (120 sec rest b/w sets) 3x5 @ 190 lbs : 3x5: 3x5: 3x5: 3x5Since editing typo in this post all hell has broke loose with the edit function. Text was deleted due to computer graphics with giant size fonts that was unintellieable so I deleted the screwed up system. Oh well I'll repost at another time.

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