Last Day To Sign Up: 2014 Transformation Challenge - $100,000 In Prizes!

Today is the last day to register for the 2014 $100,000 Transformation Challenge on and BodySpace.  If you're still on the fence - don't hesitate, sign up now - you've got everything to gain and only fat to lose!

#100KReasons #BestSelf

Need to Change your Sex on BodySpace?

TIP: If for some reason your gender as shown on BodySpace is incorrect, you can switch it here:

This issue affects only a few people, but the fix is simple (and painless).  ;)

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2013 Cellucor ''Strong to the Cor'' 6-Week Challenge

You know you look good, but we want you to look great! We want to see who can go from simply fit to really ripped in just six weeks. On June 17, all Challengers will embark on this journey together. Thanks to your coaches — TEAM and Cellucor athletes Craig Capurso and Karina Baymiller — everyone will get the tools, motivation, and support they need to get Strong to the Cor.

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2013 BSN Summer Shred Challenge

It's the final week to enter the 2013 BSN Summer Shred Challenge, so don't delay - it's your chance to not only get fit for the beach this summer, but also to win some incredible prizes!

2013 BSN Summer Shred Challenge

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50 Cent 'Formula 50' Transformation Challenge

Signups still available through the end of the month.

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2013 $100,000 Transformation Challenge

Let go of the weight that has kept you down, held you back, and tired you out. Or build the kind of strength that silences doubt once and for all. Give us 12 weeks, and you may not recognize who comes out the other side. Some become inspired. Some become driven. Some become invincible. Who will you become?

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2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search

Want to be the new face of BodySpace next year?  Then join the 2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search to compete for your chance to represent the BodySpace community!

Registration ends this Halloween (31 Oct 2012).

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New 'My Dashboard' & Profile Updates

We are excited to announce the availability of several new features within BodySpace.  As of yesterday, users now have an all-new My Dashboard page.  In addition to this new page, we have also released key updates to a user's profile page and made significant updates to the navigation within BodySpace. The new My Dashboard has a fresh new look and provides all new functionality including an increased emphasis on setting, measuring progress towards, and achieving goals.  As you can see from the screen shots below, the user will be able to quickly see their progress towards their weight goal, see how many days are remaining until their goal expires and see how much weight they need to gain or lose in order to reach their goal.  The user will also receive encouragement to set a goal if they haven't set one yet, or be reminded to set a new goal if their current goal is expired.
BodySpace Updates

BodySpace Updates This new page also includes an updated progress photo module, enhanced charts, a view into your latest BodyStat measurements including the change since the last update and workout tracker summary data with a quick link into the workout tracker.  The new My Dashboard page will also now utilize the new 'What My Friends Are Up To' information so users will have a consistent experience with member updates when looking at the BodySpace main page, a user's profile page or their own Dashboard page. Lastly, this release also includes several updates to the navigation within BodySpace.  Four new pages have been added to support adjusting the navigation to make items more logically organized and easier for our users to find. Thanks,

David McLean

Community Product Owner

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New Mobile Workout Tracker

After months of development, and a strong desire to help improve our customers lives, we are pleased to announce the much anticipated Mobile Workout Tracker! Our customers can now conveniently track their workouts from any location at any time!

From their mobile phone, customers now have the ability to:

  • Track from a Workout Log

  • Track from a Template

  • Build a Workout as they go

Mobile Workout Tracker

Mobile Workout Tracker

Mobile Workout Tracker

Mobile Workout Tracker

Coming Soon:

  • Build A Custom Exercise

  • Delete a Workout Log

  • Delete a Workout Template

  • High Charts

  • One Rep Max

  • Previous Workout Stats

  • Set Types

  • Search for AKA (Also Known As) from the Exercise Database

  • Liking

  • Commenting

  • Facebook Integration

With a new site feature we are sure to have bugs, errors, and opportunities for improvement. We will be working to resolve them as quickly as possible, but if you see something wrong, broken, or just have a suggestion please use the contact link below:

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Photo Uploading: Planned Maintenance

Today (Wednesday, September 5, 2012) photo uploading will be largely offline for a good part of the day. This is to do some backend maintenance work on the photo uploader and related tools. This can also affect the ability to edit progress, profile, and/or gallery photos.

We appreciate your patience while these features are offline.

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Version 1.77 of the Android App

Version 1.77 of the Android App Released!

What's New In This Update:

  • Updated Exercise Guides to include additional exercise types

  • Dynamic list loading so long lists load automatically

  • Users can now close the application, after logging out, using the back button, like other Android applications

  • Updated image quality and loading speed in photo galleries

  • Made several updates for better performance and stability

  • Ability to access the Store from directly within the App

Give it a whirl:

Scan This QR Code


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New Workout Tracker, v1.1 is pleased to announce the "new" BodySpace Workout Tracker!

At, our mission is to provide the best tools to help our customers reach their health, fitness and appearance goals.

The new release also includes the following features:

  • FEATURE: Save a Workout as a Template

  • FEATURE: Save Another User's Template as Your Own

  • FEATURE: Track a Workout (Workout Log)

  • FEATURE: Delete a Set

  • FEATURE: Delete a Workout Template

  • FEATURE: Delete a Workout Log

To access your new Workout Tracker, please visit:

With a new site feature, we are sure to have a few bugs, errors, and opprotunities for improvement. We will, of course, be working to resolve them as quickly as possible, but if you see something amiss, or just have a suggestion, please contact us using our feedback form:

Thank you!

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Update on the New Workout Tracker

The New Workout Tracker 1.0 has been out for a few days now, and we've received some great feedback from you on how to make it even better -- and we're listening!

On June 12th, we'll be deploying version 1.1 of the New Workout Tracker, which will have the following highly requested fixes/features:

  • Ability to delete a set, a workout log and a workout template

  • Navigation concerns resolved

  • A note to customers letting them know that the ability to create custom exercises is coming soon

The ability to create a custom exercise is also highly requested, but that will not be available until version 1.2 (coming soon!)...

Over the next 2 weeks, please continue to submit your feedback on the New Workout Tracker here:

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Latest Improvements Announcement

We are happy today to announce two (2) major feature improvements as well as some bug fixes.  


First, the updated news feed system that went live yesterday in BodySpace provides an enriched view of what users are up to throughout the community including pictures, preview text for various items and contextual links that take you directly to the action the user performed and paves the way for us to add more new items to these updates in the future.

Below is a sample comparison of what the news feed section looked like previously vs. what it now looks like today:






Some items to note:

  1. This updated news feed will only appear on the BodySpace main page and on every user's profile page.

  2. My Dashboard, BodyGroups and the mobile applications will continue to use the existing system and user interface.  As a result, the two systems will look slightly different until such a time as My Dashboard and BodyGroups have the new system incorporated into them.

  3. New Feed Items - we have added an updated news feed item to so show when two or more users are now friends (this will only appear in the new system).

  4. We have removed several feed items including 'Joined a School network', 'Left a Gym or School Network' and 'Left a BodyGroup.'  These items will not appear in the new system, however they will still appear on the My Dashboard and BodyGroup pages.  Please note:  Only the news feed item for the above have been removed.  The actual feature is unchanged.

  5. The updated system is new.  Data from the current system was not be moved into the new system.  As a result, some user's that had data in the "What 'username' is up to" section may be empty, depending on when their last update was made.  The engine that works behind the scenes has been collecting data since the end of March to help make as smooth a transition as possible from the current system to the new system.


In addition to this release, several bug fixes have been made to BodyBlogs to help reduce and hopefully eliminate the occurrence of users receiving an error when they try to post a blog, or have BodyBlogs application act like they are not logged in. 

There were bug fixes made to the core of BodySpace as well including issues where certain users were getting the dreaded "Oops" message when trying to get to their profile page.


Secondly, this afternoon (May 16, 2012) marks the launch of the new and improved Workout Tracker!

As a result, the existing Workout Tracker (WT) will be unavailable and we expect the downtime to last between 2-6 hours. Workout Tracker users will be redirected to a downtime page (see example image below).   All other areas of the site, including BodySpace, will remain available and unaffected.

The new Workout features the following benefits for you:

  • Ability to Track A Workout

  • Ability to Track A Workout from a Template

  • Ability to Build a Workout with personal details tips and notes

  • View and edit your complete and incomplete Workout Logs

  • View  Workout Templates

  • Existing workouts will be migrated so no data will be lost

The New WT also features a fantastic exercise finder, you can now:

  • Filter/search exercises based on the name of the exercise

  • Filter based on the muscle you would like to work

  • Filter based on how the exercise is rated

  • Filter based on the equipment you plan to use.

You can also:

  • Add additional sets for an exercise

  • Input ranges not only for strength but also for your cardio, stretching, and plyo exercises

  • Edit your existing workouts

    • Too tired to finish entering your workout details? You can go back and finish incomplete workouts at a later date

  • Add or remove exercises from a Workout

  • Watch videos on how to do your exercise of choice or use your use unfamiliar equipment

  • View your success overview page and have a snapshot of what you’ve accomplished, including your total weight lifted for all tracked workouts

If you experience any issues with these new features, please submit a feedback report here:

Thank you all for your patience while we continue to upgrade the BodySpace user experience!  :) 

5/17 UPDATE: The new Workout Tracker is taking longer to deploy than anticipated, but will be out today! Thanks again for your patience.

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Resolved: ''Oops! Looks like we encountered a problem'' errors

After last night's maintenance work, we're happy to announce that the "Oops! Looks like we encountered a problem" error messages have been fixed for many users.  We tested this fix on all the recent reports from users who have had trouble accessing their BodySpace profiles, and we were able to get to all of them.

If you're still having issues reaching your profile today, please leave a comment for our developers with details.  Thanks.

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