Been hitting the gym extra hard lately....

My work shirts are starting to run small!! =) my t shirts use to have sleeves, had to cut them so that my arms could breath when I'm working out lol. Maybe i just can't wash clothes  and everything shrunk hahaha. Happy I'm gaining some size pissed that i gotta buy new clothes though LOL! Good stuff!!!!

very very motivated!

So not only am i motivated to go extra hard in the gym this afternoon due to it being the weekend.... but NOW i have a set date for my trip to South beach, Miami in July and i want to go out there with a amazing looking body. So here it goes. Time to give 150 percent! Have a good day people.

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So lately I've been doing a lot of barbell exercises like bench press and squats and a little bit of dead lifts. On occasion i would finish my workouts using machines and dumbbells. So this past week a friend of mine urged me to use dumbbells the majority of my workout as far as pressing goes and i must say... i have not been this sore in a LONG time. It feels great. Not in pain or anything but it feels like my exercise was more effective. Doing dumbbell press to failure is awesome. For one (to me) it prepares you to lift heavier weights on the bar bell and for two its a lot safer doing it to failure (without a spotter) Im looking forward to my gym day today! 

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its time to eat!

one thing i hate about working the graveyard shift is i NEVER know whens the right time to eat certain meals. I.E. breakfast oppose to dinner. sure when you wake up you should eat breakfast right?... but i just feels weird cause i get off work at 7am, wake up around 2:30-3pm and it feels weird eating breakfast so i eat lunch lol. some times ill grab breakfast before i get off work at 7am but then that would be concidered dinner right!? lol. Ill be happy when I'm sleeping and waking up with the normal people in the world.

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Other peoples opinion?

Seems like some of the people i know have more to say on my appearance and how id love to look than i do. lol. kinda funny. since I've been training my butt off a couple female friends of mines felt that their 02. cents were needed in telling me that my body was fine how it is. lol. I told them both that its nice that they feel that way lol. 

Ultimately, its YOUR decision on how you want your body to look. Others may say your fine how you are, you don't need to lose any more weight or your big enough, probably because they wish they had that drive that you have or you might not be spending enough time with them... (i think thats my lady friends problems) lol. But long paragraph short don't let ANYBODY deter you from you dreams. I intend on  getting bigger and stronger and thats whats going to happen!;)

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my favorite gym workout

I think that I've fallen in love with doing squats. Im almost obsessed with them wanting to do it in every exercise lol which would probably be a bad idea for my knees. But i love this exercise. that would be my first choice. 

Ive also started to like doing seated military press and i really like the results in my arms and shoulders from that exercise. I used to be a bench press junkie before i started going to my gym, thats ALL i would do lol.  Im loving the routine i have going on now. hopefully 6 months from now ill see some big improvements. 

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Eating right?

So I don't know about you but eating healthy is HARD! lol. I hear a lot of things about how eating the wrong stuff can actually slow down your muscle building or what-not. When i talk about eating the wrong things this is what i mean. At least twice a week i get the urge to buy something like a snickers or a reese's cup to keep me up while I'm working the graveyard shift. When your at work do you ever get that urge? A friend of mine told me to bring things healthier to snack on, and thats all good but i like snickers and reese's! lol. So what I'm really wondering is how bad does this candy or junk food really hinder you. Ive even heard people say that suuuure you can eat junk food as long as your not doing it excessively. As I'm typing this blog, its 2:47 am and i want to go pick up a snicker! lol. I guess ill go warm up dinner! Happy eatings.

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