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Overcoming Obstacles

If you are striving for a goal you are going to run into obstacles that slow down and impede your progress. When this happens even the strongest person can become discouraged. I have encountered my fair share of obstacles throughout my fitness journey and am currently dealing with a nagging injury which is preventing my from performing at my full potential (specifically on squats) in the gym. The important thing is not to QUIT when these obstacles arise. It would be much easier to throw your hands up and say "forget it, I quit" than to persevere and fight past these obstacles. Make a plan on how to overcome the obstacle then put in the work to do so. Even if it takes you longer to accomplish your original goal it is worth the struggle to accomplish that goal and it is even more rewarding when you do accomplish it. So if you are feeling discouraged it's time to take action instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Create a plan, put in the work, and overcome whatever obstacle is in your way! 

Project 600lb Squat

Project 600lb Squat

So this week I realized it’s been close to 10 years since my
strength was at it’s highest which honestly made me mad. In 2004-2005 my best
lifts were:

Squats 585 X 3

Bench 365 X 3

Deadlift 585 X 3 and 600 X 1

I suffered a bad lower back injury that kept me from
squatting and deadlifting for 3 years. Then it took some time to get back in
the groove once I could do squats and deadlifts again. For the past 3 years or
so my lower back hasn’t been an issue at all, but it seems like there is always
some sort of nagging injury that flares up. Every stretch of good training and strength gains seems to be followed
with an injury that holds me back, keeping my strength levels plateaued in the
same range. I was able to complete in my
first meet last November where I hit:

Squats = 452

Bench = 342

Deadlift = 562

But after my meet my left leg and right shoulder started
giving me issues which prevented me from performing squats and bench press (and
other pressing movements), so for the last 3 months I have been training around
these injuries and working in fixing them. These past two weeks of training
have been pretty solid and it looks like I will be able to start adding weight
to the bar again soon. This brings me to today…

Monday 3/24/14

Squats: Worked up to 315 X 5.

This weight felt surprising easy but at this weight I was
just starting to feel a little pressure/strain in my left adductors so I
stopped here. Last week I hit 275 X 5 and the previous week I did 225 X 5, so
my injury is improving at a good rate right now.

Bench Press: Worked up to 225 X 5.

I started to feel a little pressure/strain in my shoulder so
I stopped at this weight. Last week I hit 185 X 5 and the previous week I hit
135 X 5, so like squats things are improving nicely.

Military Press: 95 X 5; 115 X 5; 115 X 5

Lat-Pulldowns 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Tuesday 3/25/14

Deadlifts: 370 X 5; 390 X 5; 410 X 5; 430 X 5

I haven’t done much rep work on deadlifts over the past year
as I have primarily doing submaximal singles. So while 430 lbs wasn’t all that
heavy, I was freaking winded LOL. I’m actually planning to add in a HIIT
session on Saturday’s starting this week so perhaps that will help in this

Front Squats: Worked up to 175 X 5

Floor Press: 5 sets of 5 with 185

(Alternated between Floor Press and Barbell Curls)

Both workouts this week went well especially considering how
crappy things have been feeling; I am feeling positive about my training.

One thing I wanted to note is I have been taking MicroLactin
for the past 3 weeks and it seems like it is helping with my joints. I will
keep taking it and see what I experience.

Tomorrow will be a non-training day where I will simply do
some mobility and myofascial work.

I have entitled this journal “Project 600lb Squat” as that
is my current goal. I honestly will not be satisfied until I surpass my
strength levels from 10 years ago. I hit
a 495lb squat on 11/16/12:
so I don’t think hitting 600 is out of the question, I will just need to put in
the work!

Thanks for reading and following along with my journey. 

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Announcing my new website!

I would like to officially annouce the launch of my new website!!! will feature blogs, articles, and videos all containing science-based information to help you improve your own programs and accomplish your goals. The site will be updated with new content weekly, so stay tuned for additional content!

I am also changing the name of my personal training business from Beast Mode Personal Training to PR-BREAKER COACHING.

All feedback, ideas on how to improve the website, and article/video/blog topic requests are welcome (message me).

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Facebook and Twitter

Like my Facebook page (where I post fitness related things including article rough drafts before they are published):

Also be sure to follow me on Twitter: @derekcharlebois

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14 Weeks Out Training Video and Pics

Check out a video of today's workout and some post-workout pics:

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Follow along with my contest prep journal as I return to the stage!

Follow along as I detail my prep for my first competition in 7 years! Tomorrow marks 14 weeks out!

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I appreciate everyone who I inspire!

I just wanted to say that seeing all the people who add me as someone who inspires them inspires me to keep doing what I am doing and helping as many people as possible!

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Beast Personal Training Fat Loss Special

I decided to offer the same deal for my fat loss programs as my lean mass program: $200 for 12 weeks. It is time to get cut for the summer, so if you are interested in working me send me a PM.

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Beast Personal Training 12-Week Lean Mass Special

I am currently running a special of 12 weeks of lean mass training for $200. I have recently created a new 12-week lean mass training program and am looking forward to seeing how it works for my clients. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to PM me.

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Beast Personal Training

I currently charge: 

  • $200 for a 10-week Lean Mass Gain Program 

  • $200 for a 8-week Fat Loss Program 

  • $500 for a 16-week Contest Prep Program 


All of the programs include a customized workout, diet, supplement regime, and unlimited emails over the duration of the program. We evaluate your progress each week and make any needed changes. Communication is vital and the weekly check-ins ensure you make continuous progress.  

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One of my Client's Progress

 I worked with DBCrusher to help him cut. Now it is time to add some MASS. He is making some unreal gains thus far (only 6 weeks).

After 6 Weeks 

Arms (flexed): + 1/4"
Quads: + 1/2"
Shoulders: 3/4"
Forearms: 1/2"
Weight: +11 lbs



Awesome job thus far DBCrusher!

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Beast Personal Training

I charge $200 for 8 weeks of service ($500 for 12 weeks of pre-contest prep) which includes a customized workout, diet, supplement regime, and unlimited emails over the 8 weeks. We evaluate your progress each week and make any needed changes. If you have any other questions let me know.

P.S.- I am running a special during the month of September of 12 weeks for $200!

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Welcome to the BodyBlogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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