Day one on the road to 100k and a transformation!!

Taking one out of  DJenksLL's playbook,... going to post daily.. so keep watching for em. If there fails to be a day that I post all have permission to publicly humiliate me... tar and feather even. 

Got my workout in this morning. 

New program and I like it. I was dripping sweat. Doing the 12-Week Cutting the Fat plan on the "Find a Plan" link

Freehand Jump Squat 2 x15  Dumbbell Lunges 3 x 10 Dumbbell Step Ups 3 x 10 Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift 3 x 10  Lying Leg Curl 3 x 10 Leg Extensions 3 x 10 Leg Press 3 x 10 Standing Calf Raises 3 x10 Stair Master 15 min 41 secs... I have never done that machine before was suppos to go for 20 minutes..didnt make it... Thought it was funny watching people hang on the rails... yeah.. i was hanging on myself.. That machine puts a whooping on you. lol 

I slipped, oops... sick, stress. life

So this week was a complete wash. I hate that I hardly did anything. I can't take total blame. I did get to the gym Monday morning. Three sets into I felt like I was going to faint, puke and had an axe in my head all at once. It goes without saying that I didnt finish that day. Tuesday was the same. 

Then the stress sat in like a boulder. Have some issues that are getting worked out at my job. The type of issues where you cant sleep, its all you think about, you wonder if your company is where you wanna be.. Ya I know in these times that I am lucky to have the job that I have and that thousands would love to have it. But that doesnt stop you from being human.

So this week has been a waste. Not only did the crud keep me from eating a couple days when I was feeling better I didnt go right back to it.

 I see the advantages now though. I miss eating healthy. I had some fast food yesterday and when I was finished gorging myself I was miserable and continued to be miserable. I could still feel it hours later. So ya. Its baby steps. Just one week at a time. So what if my 12 week transformation takes 13 or even 20.

I still feel better than I have in a long time. Still no smoking and it been over month now. I feel stronger, think i look better.

I am loving this. Just keep improving. Life is good.

Thanks to all you for your support. :) Have a great weekend.  

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Body By Design-2.5 weeks in and loving the results

So today is wednsday and I am officially 2.5 weeks into the BBD program and I am seeing results. My jeans fit a little looser, my belt needs pulled a little tighter. I was flexing in the mirror last night and saw definition in places that used to overshadow the sun. :)

I have to say that this has become a routine. I know it will continue to intergrate itself more and more but I feel good about how well its going. Weekends are still the hardest, with kids, wifey, parties, and all that but hey we only live once. :)

New progress pics coming up in the next couple of days....

Wonder how long it will be till I get to be one of those dudes who posts picks and the only thing covering my junk is my hand?? LMBO hahahahahaha..

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GGRRRR....Tomorrow's the test for Bicep Tendonitis

So tomorrow is chest day. Not sure how that is going to work out for me. Bought a tendon band on Amazon, and of course it hasnt even shipped yet. Some vendors suck!! My arm hasnt hurt me since the day I posted about it but thats the norm on that stupid annoying pain. It hurts the day I lift with those motions then is gone the next day. So lighter weight, higher reps tomorrow. Hope the pain stays away. If not that will put me out of commision on those exercises for awhile. Not really wanting that obviously. Just weird how pushing motion exercises is the only ones that irritate it. Well wish me luck in the AM... so not looking forward to a lame workout if it turns out to be painfully. GRRRRR!

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