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Arnold Expo - Allmax

from Roger Lockridge via Allmax Nutrition

Make sure you check out the Allmax Booth (#1001-1007) this weekend if you're at the Arnold Expo. They will have several stars meeting fans and handing out samples including current Mr. Physique Olympia Mark Anthony Wingson, reigning Arnold Figure Champion Candice Keene, Bikini Olympia competitor Stacey Alexander, MMA athlete Felice Herrig, and many more as well as BBCom Forum Rep xStevenx who will be doing a special Forum promo at the show. 

Tons of samples, info, and the launch of a new pre-workout are even more reasons to check the Allmax crew out in Columbus this weekend. For more information, to to  .  

Rock Star Bikini Finalists and Details

from Roger Lockridge via Rock Star Bikini

The party that kicks off the Arnold Weekend is the Rock Star Bikini event on Thursday night. This year will have an added bonus of the fitness pole dancing championships to kick off the night. Arnold himself will even be in the house so you know this is going to be a huge event. The 12 Finalists are listed below.

Alaina Ravens

Alexis Young

Amanda Fils Aime

Arlene Oliva

Jayme Lail

Jessica Workman

Lauren Tapp

Maizee Demske

Samantha Hasting

Taylor Perry

Sandy Lyles

Je Williams Writer Roger Lockridge is one of the celebrity judges (lucky guy) who will be in attendance for the event. For more information about Thursday's festivities, go to 

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Generation Iron At the Arnold

from Roger Lockridge via Generation Iron

Have you gotten the chance to see Generation Iron yet? Whether you haven't and want to or if you want to see it again, you get your chance this weekend in Columbus at the Studio Movie Grill - Arena Grand Theater on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is the last chance to see GI before it goes to DVD and Blu-Ray. For more information including show times, and an opportunity to be a part of a Q & A with director Vlad Yudin and cast members from the film, go to the website below. 

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Arnold Expo - Infinite Labs/Blade Nutrition

from Roger Lockridge via Infinite Labs

Booth 1425 at the Arnold Sports Festival will host a supplement company launching a new line and a Mr. Olympia winner!

Infinite Labs will be previewing their new Blade Nutrition line and 2008 Mr. Olympia and 4 Time Arnold Classic Champion Dexter Jackson will be in the house to meet fans, talk bodybuilding, and share news about his upcoming sports nutrition products featuring Pre-Workout 1.0! For more information, go to or .

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Gaspari to Sponsor Arnold Amateur

from Roger Lockridge via Gaspari Nutrition

“I am very excited to once again be the title sponsor of the Arnold Amateur. Bodybuilding was the stepping stone to my success in business and giving back by being a sponsor gives me great gratification. To further this commitment I am also offering full year endorsement contacts to the overall winners as well. Helping the Amateurs pursue their dreams of being champions is what it's all about and I love being a part of it,” said CEO Rich Gaspari.

The Arnold Amateur is expected to have around 800 competitors from around the world competing in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini. For more information go to .

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Arnold Expo - INBalance

from Roger Lockridge via INBalance

INBalance, a provider of doctor-formulated, alternative food bar and supplement solutions designed to help those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, will showcase its INBar at the Arnold Sports Festival this month (Booth 1930). Engineered to help consumers, including those diagnosed with Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, better manage their weight by minimizing blood sugar spikes and controlling hunger the right way, INBar is made with real, natural foods. Available nationwide, the bars are free of dangerous chemicals and artificial sweeteners and offer balanced, whole food nutrients that will fill consumers up for hours. INBalance recognizes the importance of natural products and providing a healthy snack to help individuals reach their weight-loss and glucose-management goals. The INBar comes in four flavor varieties, including strawberry banana, chocolate mint, chocolate fudge and chocolate cherry, with additional flavors scheduled to be introduced later this year.

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Arnold Expo -

from Roger Lockridge via

In case you missed the link, has announced the lineup and plans for one of the most popular booths at the Arnold Expo and the 2014 edition will be no different. Check out what is in store for you by going to the address below.

Jamie Eason, Mike O'Hearn, and Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson headline an all star group of celebrities and fitness personalities. There are sure to be surprises in store as well so make sure when you get to the Expo that you check out the booth first. 

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Arnold Expo - Magnum

from Roger Lockridge via Magnum Nutraceuticals

Team Magnum has a lot in store for visitors at the Arnold Expo. 

UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis, Bodybuilding Legend Mike O'Hearn and IFBB Bikini Champion Justine Munro will be there to meet and greet with you. While you're there, take advantage of their sales that include 35-60% sales and deals on stacks. 

Purchase anything from their booth and become a VIP which means you can go right to the front of the line to meet your favorite Team Magnum stars. For more info about Magnum go to .

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Arnold Expo - Musclepharm

by Roger Lockridge via Musclepharm

The crew at MP aren't going to show their entire hand yet but here is a peek at what they do have planned this year at Booth 819 during the Arnold Expo.

Appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger By the way, in case you missed it, check out the upcoming Arnold Blueprint Trailer here.

Featured Athlete - CT Fletcher - ISYMFS

Featured Athlete - Laron Landry - Pro Football Safety

Other Members of Team MP

Plus samples of Arnold Series, MP, and FitMiss products.

Swag and more surprises throughout the weekend.

Go to for more information. 

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Arnold Expo - iSatori

from Roger Lockridge via iSatori

Supplement company iSatori has announced their plans for the 2014 Arnold Expo.

They will be in Booth 1311 and will have the following guests ready to meet and talk to fans who visit.

Marc "The Machine" Lobliner

Vince "The Swole Nerd" Garza

Chris "Beastmode" Jones

David Sandler. iSatori Director of Science

Jerry Ward from Bio3 Training

Stephen Adele, CEO, Author of "Diets Suck". 

and more.

The Arnold Expo takes place in the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Friday February 28 through Sunday March 2. For more information go to  or .

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