So.... I am VERY VERY VERY excited today! Why? Because i can go to the effin gym and go hard thats why!!!!! Two weeks ago, today, i started getting the exertional migraines, and i havent felt like myself ever since. In that time, i got into a car accident and my hip went all screwy as well. Its just been a rough couple of weeks between my migraines coming full throttle everytime i exercise or have sex... THAT SUCKS BAD! Then, on top of the fact, the car accident, that made the headaches worse and also put my hip out of commision for a week or so also. But everything seems to feel back to normal as of now ***knock on wood***

I used to be the type to hurt myself and still push it in the gym like nothing happened but seriously for what? One thing ive learned through experience is that its okay to rest and take care of yourself. I know that i work harder than or at least just as hard as anybody in the gym and in the kitchen as well. So, im not worried about it in the sense of losing my muscle or adding fat. I've actually lost 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks and my abs look better than they did before so i'll take that. Its not like im a hard gainer, i'm a hard loser at this point lol. So, moral of my story is that i am excited, im going back to the gym today and hopefully its 3 hours of being a non stop Manimal! Legs and Shoulders here i come. I still am going to the doctors on friday to see whats good with my hip because its been a long time issue that shouldve been resolved years and years ago anyway. One thing i am making sure i do going forward, and i'd advise anyone to do as well..... take care of yourself before anything else. If something doesnt feel right, check it out. Im not saying to be a puss bag, but sometimes, if you let things go for a long time, it will be way worst than if you checked it out at the beginning. Hopefully i dont get any issues today **Fingers crossed**.

Week 6 20 Rep Squats

So... I BANGED IT OUT, AND COULD'VE GOT MORE! It felt great to bang out those 20 reps of 260 on Parellel Squats... Only thing is that because of that, tomorrow, i have to attempt 265 for 20 reps. Thats fine. Only thing though was, after i finished the set, i all of a sudden got the worst headache of all time and got nauseas like i was gonna puke!!! It didnt deter me from finishing my shoulders and arms workout but still... i like to feel like a million bucks during my workouts... not like that... either way. I banged it out. I'm not sure about the migraine... any feedback of why maybe i got this wretched headache? and a way to prevent it? Let me know! Thanks!

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Week 6 - 20 Rep Squats

So yea... 260 for 20 on Full Squats didnt happen unfortunately.. i dont know what the deal was. I think maybe i was a little tired and my workout team said they felt a little burnt out as well. Originally i told them we could take a week break in the month of May. That break never happened because we couldnt get out of the gym lol. Obviously, I knew the break would be beneficial but its weird to not be in the gym, you guys know how it is. So, i went to the gym on Tuesday and then i took the rest of the week off. I feel refreshed, now today its time to go Ham...{H.A.M. (Hard As a Motherf*cker)} So today we will see what that 260 for 20 looks like. This is week 6 so there is only this week, week 7, and week 8 left in this program. Hopefully i can get to my goal of 275 for 20 good parellell reps by the end of this month. One step at a time, and we should be fine. Let me know if you guys have tried the 20 rep Squats program and how it helped you! OR.. if you havent, feel free to ask me any questions if you are thinking maybe you want to try it!  

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Week 4 - 20 Rep Squats

Its Thirsty Thursday and im thirsty for the squat rack!! Great news guys... i banged out the 20 reps of 255, all reps parallel or deeper! It hurt but it was worth it. Now, today, i attempt 260 for 20 reps. I hope i can get someone to try this routine because it is giving me trememdous strenth gains and my legs and hip strength/flexibility is at an all time high! Hopefully, when i comeplete this program in 4 more weeks i can get out 285-295 for 20 reps. I started, like i said at 225 for 20 and that was about a month ago so unless i hit a plateau, i should be good... all i can do is keep working hard.... we'll see how this goes today!

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20 Rep Squats

I shouldve been blogging this from the beginning, but i guess better late than never right?! So... 20 rep squats + 2x a week (Tuesday and Thursday) = Torture in the best way possible. I wont lie to you... this program is hard. Its damn near nerv racking. I started out doing 225 for 20 reps. That was so hard i didnt know what to think, but the next time i put on 230 and i got it for 20 reps.... i'm on week 4 currently and i am doing this for 8 weeks. Today is Tuesday May 24th, i will be doing 255lbs for an attempt of 20 reps. The scary part about the program is that its a double edged sword. You are scared of dropping down parallel and not getting back up during your reps. That sucks to squat down and be stuck. So you would think you want to bang out the 20 reps like a warrior right?!? Yeah that sounds cool and you feel like a million bucks when you finish it... but then comes the harsh reality that as hard as that was for you... now, you have to add on 5 more pounds next time you do this routine. I felt great when i banged out 250 for 20 reps.... but then it settled into my head that i have to do this in 2 days with 255 now that i completed it... So now, today i have to attempt this. I will pump myself up all day and see how this goes... the only way im not finishing this... is if my ass wont get back up. BANG OUT OR BUST MENTALITY is what you NEED for this program. Wish me luck... i'll reblog post-workout.

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