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 For me, its not about the weight. Its not even about the sport. Its not about telling everyone how great I am. Its not about the medals or plaques. Its not about money, and its not about recognition. I do it for human kind. If I advance in anyway then someone else must advance further to beat me. And this makes me part of the life cycle as small as it may be. Achievements will be remembered as achievements, not as Gold medals, world records, Super Bowl champs, NBA champs or a great dunk. 1000 years from now we will all be forgotten. We will live on as a brief recollection in a bar room discussion……even if once president of the United States. But as long as the worlds pioneers continue to lay the foundation in the form of athletics and education, body and mind, the great achievements will live on in the form of the of human kinds existence until we cease to exist at all. I show people how to dream then achieve. I show kids how to plan then execute. I show human advancement and hope to the maintenance of human kind. All through this little thing called sports.

God bless the people who are doubted their entire life, then show them they have achieved by silencing them with a simple gesture. Quite folks, that young kid has turned into a master of his craft, and the master is at work…………..


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