Well, here we go...Again!!

Nothing is more emotional than looking through progress pictures! I am taking my "Before" pics tonight for the 2015 200ktransformation Challenge!! Let me tell you first-hand...it's gonna be GROSS!! Our journey to fitness never ends. Yes, I had a HUGE pit-stop of transformation...Well, I was transforming all right..but in the opposite direction from mid 2013-2014!  I know, I know..it's all been said before and I just may say it again, but its time to regroup!  I'm definitely not perfect.  I only hope that throughout my journey of success and sometimes failure, I am able to help motivate others who may feel they are alone out there.  It's okay to stumble, it's the getting back up that counts.

In a nutshell, as I begin today, I can't help but to reflect on that 2013-2014. Why? Because it's being honest about it that is going to keep me accountable for this transformation.

1. Divorce-painful, yet such a positive event that was needed to help me survive and live life happy.

2. Moved out of long time home with kiddos to a new small apartment-Again, painful..but SOOOO needed to be successful in a new start and a new budget!

3. Small,yet significant, events throughout the year that either blindsided me or hit me straight on that I learned to cope through and succeed.

4. That darned alcohol...Yep.  Somehow through it all I had it in my mind that things were positive and happy in my life now and I could drink again and be just fine.  Who was I kidding?! Still having that isolation problem didn't help any.  I'm still angry I just can't be "one of those people" who can just casually have a drink.  My tolerance level just grows and grows...along with this belly!!  True statement! LOL  This is AND WILL ALWAYS BE (there I said it) something of a challenge...but as I get back in shape, I know..from experience...that it will be on the back burner to a rising self confidence.  For over a year I stayed alcohol free with the beginning of my body transformation...I KNOW I can do this!

5. Got back on day shift at work !  This is a positive thing!  However, the ONE (and only) positive thing of being on evening shift was that I literally woke up and went straight to the gym 4-6days a week before work!  I now work 7am-330pm (Which is AWESOME!!)  But I can't seem to figure out how to fit in my workouts!

**I know I just heard someone say "Just go right after work!"  

That should be easy right?! I have 3 kiddos at home, so my immediate goal is getting home to them. After working all day in a Mental Hospital, it's all I can do not to run to the couch and put my feet up! lol Then the thoughts of making dinner and getting the kids showered and to bed creep in and my night is done...

There!!! It's all out there..shouldn't be any more excuses left, right?!!  My goal is to create a new workout schedule that will fit with my new life.  There are such positive things happening right now in my life.  My children are all happy and healthy.  I'm finally working day shift again!

Participating in the $200,000 Dymatize Transformation Challenge is my opportunity to get back on track and get rid of this Gut! It's frustrating starting back at square one with no stamina and no strength, but it is what it is...Cardio is my way to gain the stamina and confidence to get back in the gym.  Back to my weights and my fave..Deadlifts!!  Sooooo, today I walked 1.68miles.  It may not sound like a lot to you, but it's a great accomplishment to me!!  I'm sore already and it's only been a couple of hours...I'm soooo gonna hurt tomorrow!!  LOL   It's worth it!  Let's do this!!

What a Difference a Year Makes

Well, I did it.  I have actually been out of the gym for a year! Unless there was a day when I had a sudden urge to go, well That quickly faded.  Healthy eating out the window and stress induced laziness.  Yep, it was a poor choice.  It's amazing how quickly the body suffers from lack of exercise.  The very thing that kept me sane throughout these past few years I somehow neglected. The double edge sword attacked....Absolutely zero energy. You get energy by exercising, but zero energy to get my butt out and do something about it!  Days became weeks. Weeks became months....Here I am back at square one.  I can't ignore it any longer.  I worked so hard to make such awesome changes...my body doesn't even know "tone" anymore! Yuck!  That gut? Yep, it's back with a vengeance...

In order to get started I absolutely know it's important to be honest and open, which in turn enables me to hold myself accountable.  Sooooo, here the journey begins, once again.

I always welcome positive constructive criticism.  My goal is to travel this journey in order to better myself as well as help motivate others who may have given up along the way.  To prove that it's never too late. It's sooooo worth it!!

Let's Do This!!

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Time To Kick It Into Gear!

Well, the time is here..I've started new hormone meds to help deal with this so-called menopause...Ahh the luxury of aging! lol

I am also in the beginning stages of dealing with the Big "D" (and I don't mean Dallas) My life is going through major changes and I have let my fitness/health suffer in the past few months...boy does time fly and progress easily lost when dealing with stress.

I will NOT give up.  I kept waiting for a "perfect day" to update progress stats and weight...Today's excuse was gonna be: "I already had my coffee, better wait until tomorrow".

Nope!  I got on that darn scale (Located in the garage) and faced the hard truth. Got out the measuring tape, dusted it off and did the dreadful measurements.  I already knew my gut had grown...the new meds have my boobs growing too!Which wouldn't be so bad if the gut hadn't grown with them!!  LOL

Here's to new beginnings and getting back on track with my journey to a better fit life..Being accountable.. 

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Dymatize Nutrition 2013 $100K Transformation Challenge

The end date of my Challenge is only part of my journey to confidence, better health and fitness.

It has been a pleasure meeting many new friends along the way and benefiting from the Awesome motivation of our Bodygroup!

I did not reach my goals as I anticipated and I will not give any excuses.

I will take this as a learning experience and use it to better understand what I need to do, in my future, to succeed.

I am proud that to this day, I am still alcohol free. As I overcome obstacles, I have noticed that I have replaced my crutch with a love of sweets! This cannot continue! I am fully aware that combining bad foods with working out has a negative effect...My sweet tooth WILL lose! :)

Due to my work hours, my eating several meals a day still suffers. I am right on track with the water though, so HEY that's something! Lol

I had an awesome 12wks at the gym with new limits reached and workouts that pushed these muscles! A special thanks to my friend “Southern Athlete” for taking the time to create a workout that indeed made changes to this body!

I have been soooo excited seeing the changes happening! I am even more excited to experience what's ahead!

Thank you Dymatize for this Awesome opportunity!

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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*42

I woke this morning to see the sun shining bright.  Since we've had dreary weather lately and there is the inevitable future of snow and dreary days...I took my cardio outdoors!  It was a last minute decision as I was also having a difficult time deciding which body part to work out today.  

I ended up going to the River Trail.  Yes, the trail just last year I almost lost my life at. The water was way down today and the river seemed so calm compared to that evening.  

I was continually amazed as the energy I felt today was unbelievable!  The time passed fast and before I knew it I had already finished 3miles!  The stamina I have built up over these months is proving to be beneficial to my well being.

As I finished, I stopped at the exact place where I fell in.  I spent a few moments gathering my thoughts and reminded myself how very thankful I am to be given a second chance at life.  A healthy/fit life.

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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*41

I have been absent from blogging but not absent from the gym...That's a GREAT thing!  I seem to go through phases of not doing enough of "Me" time and just feeling overwhelmed by day to day activities including work/home.

As we are nearing the end of our challenge I am feeling more confident and hopeful of my future.  A future of what?!  The strength to be alchol-free, the strength to put myself first and the commitment to a fit/healthy body.

I have made so many new friends in the fitness community and have proven to myself that even if there may seem to be lapses in support at home, there is always a constant support in the community.  It means a lot.

I am finally starting to see the scale move this week as I am getting a hold of eating properly and often enough.  The clothes are still growing on me and the belt needs yet more holes!  Can you feel the smile?!!

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*34

It's been quite a few days since my last blog.  Day to day life seems to have captured me and held me captive.  I have been dealing with a lot of changes with work lately.  Changes in staff as well.  Although, it seems to be quiet on the "take-down" aspect it is still mentally challenging and leaving me exhausted by the end of the day.

I am enjoying my pass days (Mon/Tues) and have been keeping up with the gym.  I woke up this morning and went to a doctor's appointment.  When I got home, I gave myself a thousand reasons why I should stay home and just "relax" today.  It's sooo dreary outside and we all know that I am extremely effected by lack of sunshine!  Well, just the thought of not going to the gym created anxiety.  I ended up taking my TSN supps, tied up my shoes and headed to the gym!!  Although, I didn't have my normal energy, I had a good workout.  I am soo proud that I didn't give in to my inner self today!

Tonight is our Trick or Treating night here in our town.  I work tomorrow for the 2nd day (who has 2 trick or treat days?!!)  I am not really worried about the candy aspect...except for my Reeses Peanut Butter Cup weakness.  I am looking forward to the walking tonight...but not the cold weather!! Brrrr!

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*26

Slacker:  This is what I felt like this weekend as I took a couple of days off from the gym and let the diet slack a bit.

Result:  Very Hungry ALL the time!  More tired than usual.  Grumpy/Irritable wayyy easier.

Today it was awesome to get back to the gym.  To get back to the routine.  I made it a leg day so I could be excited to start the week.  My weights were increased and I added an extra set due to awesome motivation!  As I sit here and type I can feel my legs tightening up....AHhhhhh...love that feeling!!

I continually have a love/hate relationship with my scale.  I realize that I shouldn't be on it every day..but it calls to me!  Especially after a horrible weekend, I find that I must torture myself to see the damage done...3lbs gain, not as bad as I expected.  My body seems to fluctuate greatly day to day.  As I see the results in the mirror I am not as freaked out by the scale.  My clothes are bagging and I need new underwear/bras!  So, while undressed I feel better, I feel kind of frumpy in my clothes.  I need to get my money tree to grow so I can go on a shopping spree!

I am enjoying my two days off of work, but will definitely be at the gym both days!!  It seems I always end up writing about my diet struggles...but that's just it....It continues to be a struggle!  I realized today, that it seems to revolve around $$..It can be sooo expensive to eat good.  I need to just get some rice and chicken/veggies and make a big pot of it.  Not eating with the clients for dinner is really difficult to get used to after 5yrs!  I only packed a serving of oatmeal and a banana yesterday.  I was starved within the first hour of work even though I ate a couple of hours before.  That left the entire night left with no food and dinner hour at 9pm!  I really have to figure out a way to fix this......

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*24

It's Saturday and my body feels like it needs a down day...I feel good, but need the relaxation for the mind & body.  So I'm drinking my coffee, listening to music and updating stats and catching up on some reading.

My stats?  I'm proud to say I'm doing great!  Not huge decreases, but I know that means I'm doing it right. Of course, I wish it was a fast change..but this body has been out of shape and fat for a very long time! LOL

My goal for this next week is to really concentrate on the diet.  Work has changed the policy for eating with the clients this week so I will not be eating with them any longer.  This is a good thing since the company that provides the food is horrible and has wayyyyy to many carbs.  But I didn't plan very well this week as I didn't pack extra food for work.  I'm not very good at planning, but I've got to change that.

I'm excited for what this next week brings!

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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*22

I was sooo thankful to have my supplements restocked and ready for me this morning!

I could not imagine a workout without my Cardio Igniter!!

I treated myself to Leg Day today...what a blast!  Although, I had my very first experience having to wait on a machine at the end of my workout!  I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack!  I think I have been spoiled all this time never having to share.  I have my music, my zone and no interference...What The?!!  I tried really hard not to look impatient as I did squats while I waited. I was sooooo happy when it was finally my turn!! LOL

I am looking forward to my pillow tonight.  A good night at work combined with a great work out today equals restful sleep....I hope!!

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*19

Today's Workout:


It was upper body...Ick!  Although, this is not my typical favorite day at the gym and it's heartbreaking to be reminded of that gut...I am thankful that I succeeded.  Feeling the pain and burn in those muscles as I finished the reps...I was indeed happy!  My arms are feeling more muscled and strong.  I can actually see the future of me not dreading this workout day so much.

I got to spend the afternoon with a friend today which is pretty much a miracle.  Since I don't get out other than work and the grocery store.  It was nice to have adult girl time.  I also did my season change of hair color...Guess what color?!  Red!  Woot Woot!  It's that time of year I always go darker..well, it's nice to change those gray highlights up a bit! LOL

Finishing the day with pumpkin carving with the kids...Day off was a success!!

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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*16

An intense Leg Day....Need I say more?!

The only negative thing I can say about today's workout is that at the very end of my HIIT on the bike, my phone decided to suddenly shut off and restart...As you know, all of my workouts are music based and I log everything....Sooo sudden silence and everything erased...UGH!!  4minutes left and I almost quit, but decided against it.  Sooo glad I finished!

I had the day off work today so I used the afternoon to rest and relax....much much needed!  I'm spending the evening watching a movie with the kiddos and probably heading to bed early (which is before 2am)

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*15

Pure cardio today...Not sure if I have done that in a while. I started out on the bike with 1minute speed intervals, then stretched.  Ventured downstairs to my little corner and set up two sets of steps...single and double.  Then turned up the music and jammed with the alternate step ups, knee ups and skip ups.  Returned to the upstairs area to finish off with the Elliptical forward and backward with speed intervals.  For a finish...cool down on the treadmill followed by stretching..

Full of sweat and smiles...this workout was awesome!!  Of course, using my Cardio Igniter and XAT-7 gave me that energy needed to succeed....This is the beginning of our 3rd week of the transformation...I am sooooo ready!!!

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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*13

It still amazes me that at 43yrs old I am still SOOOOOO NOT a morning person!!  I guess that going to bed around 2am every morning and getting up for 30minutes at 7am to see the kids off to school sort of messes with the sleep possibilities. But since I am NOT giving up those precious 30minutes in the morning to see the kiddos, I need to just suck it up and get up!!

Since I started this challenge I have to say that although sleepy in the morning, for the most part, I'm actually excited once I realize I'm gonna get up-take my supplements and head to the gym!  I used the last of my Astravar 2.0 sample today along with my Cardio Igniter.  The energy was amazing!

I had just finished my first of 3 sets on the leg press when this guy walks up and says "You done?"  I said "No Sir, but if you want to share we can..I have two more sets".  He apparently thought I couldn't handle any more weights...Ha!!  He was clearly mistaken!  LOL   He didn't want to share and I'm glad he walked elsewhere..I really don't like to be disturbed from my music/weights!

As I get ready to go to bed I am realizing that today is the last day of week 2!  It has gone by sooo fast!  I know the next few weeks will fly by so I better keep up this momentum and kick some A@#!!  

Today's Workout:


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A TSN Lean Lady Transformation Challenger's Thought For The Day*12

Did I just say "No Thank You" to ice cream??!!

That must be the determined "I'm gonna kick some butt" me talkin' !! I love it!!

  I woke up today ready to work out and remembered that Sunday is my rest day...no matter what the week brings.  It's a family, catch up on stuff day.  I started the day waking up suddenly to an alarm set for an appointment..that I was late to!!  After scrambling around, cursing, hopping into my pants....realized the alarm was a reminder for "TOMORROW!!!"  Sheesh!  I hate when that happens!  After settling down and resting for a little while longer...well, the heart actually never stopped racing..lol...I got up and enjoyed a cup of coffee.  These days I don't drink coffee.  It's saved for Sunday rest day, as a treat.

I have caught up on laundry,reading forums,fb, etc.  I can actually say it's a pretty relaxing day (Yes that stuff relaxes me- knowing it's getting done!) I may even read a book...that would be cool!

Did I mention I measured myself too this morning?  I was sooo happy with the results.  It seems some measurements have either stayed the same, gone down or even up a smidge...I'm thinking its the muscle building and I'm not gonna complain a bit!  I actually laid in bed this morning- on my back- and lifted one leg at a time examining them!  I know, crazy, right?!!  I am still trippin' out on the progress I'm making.  The fact that I can see the changes happening is awesome!!  It only motivates me more!!

 This Lean Lady is Rockin' Rest Day!!

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