New Supplements

I received my new supplements last week and I have been loving them!  Because I feel so new to this whole process I opted for what looked to be the beginners stack with Optimun Nutrition.  It was a double chocolate whey protein powder, fruit fusion essential amin.o. energy mix, a bottle of efa's and a bottle of multi-vitamins for women.

My hands down favorite is the protein powder.  I have tried one or two other brands in the past but this by far has been my favorite!!  I have been using the protein drink immediately after every workout.  I have heard that taking in protein within 30 minutes of working out is the most effective way to start replenishing your muscles.  My new favorite meal is also made with this powder.  I take 1/2 cup of plain low-fat greek yogurt and mix in one scoop of the powder.  This makes a great mid-morning snack, especially when I am at my desk working!

Transformation Challenge Day 5

Well, today is day 5 of my new journey and while I am still very excited about this process and committed to my new program, the bumps in the road are starting to rise up.

Yesterday, the cravings for my number 1 addiction began to hit; carbs.  I love me a whole heaping helping of any carb.  My old motto (no joking) used to be "no carb left behind!"

I think there are two things going on with my body.  The first is a bit of detox, since Monday night my diet has changed dramaticaly.  I have started eating every two to three hours and eating very clean simple proteins and veggies.  I have cut out excess sugar and processed junk food.  I find it interesting that at least for a time, our bodies can be so poisoined by the processed foods we put into it that it craves the very thing that was making us sick!  The second is simply my emotional eating that is no longer satisfied with a bag of doritos or cheesy popcorn or any other type of mindless munching.

This carb cycling eating program is going to be tough but nothing worth achieving is easy!

I am finding today that it is starting to become necessary to reach just that much deeper, below the surface to discover why I am committed to being a part of this transformation process.  There has to be reasons stronger than my emotional eating or my serious carb cravings!  For now, I am focused on how strong my new weight lifting program is making me feel and how proud I am of myself for fitting in a few double cardio sessions.

I talked to my mom last night and she just found out that she may have diabetes.  This disease is very prevelant in my family, as is heart disease (my dad had a heart attack before he was even 55).  Of course I desire to complete my 100 mile ultra marathon, and to run by my best friends side at Boston but beyond race records, and what I hope will be some great abs (:  I am reaching for a healthier, stronger, more passionate, vibrant life!!

So, Day your worst.  I am stronger than my cravings and I know that I can see this thru, all the way to the end and beyond!

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Transformation Challenge Day 3

Day 3 of my Transformation Challenge and I am feeling great! Having so much energy and excitment that is fueld by this challenge right now! I just orderd my Optimun Nutrition supplement stack and can't wait for it to get here! Today held a bit of temptation as I had to make and bag 200 snack packs of popcorn for the kids in our school. This popcorn smells amazing but I know it is full of un-necessary sodium, saturated fat and needless carb calories! Sticking with my pre-made meals and eating every two hours has definitly been a big change for me but one that has helped tremendously when it comes to fighting off the urge to mow through a giant bag of popcorn! Workouts have been great and I am starting to feel sore (something that has not happened in a looong time) I feel like my focus at the gym has greatly increased and I am already starting to reap the rewards of a good weight lifting program.

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